1. pjyi

    UE 500 vs. vsonic gr06

    I purchased my ue 500 about a month ago for the price i paid i thought the SQ was superb however, i HATE their flat cable and it makes a weird sound whenever i turn my head so i am planning on returning these now here is my question: i heard a lot of good reviews on vsonic gr06 i was...
  2. k923

    t-Jays four style headphone?

    Are there any other headphones that have the same style as the t-Jays?   Angled Nozzle. Other portion of earphone sits in ear and is semi flat. Has iPhone controls.   I really didn't like the short cord on the t-Jays.  I have tried apple earpods and bose triports and they are both...
  3. OSULeprechaun

    Looking for best in ear headphones for under $150

    Ok, so I just joined Head-Fi and I just started getting more into an audiophile.  Anyway,  I'm looking a pair of in-ear headphones for under $150 to replace my Klipsch Image S4i II's which, when I plug them in to any 3.5 mm jack, don't want to touch the left side of the jack so the audio is...
  4. edgargonzalez17

    [HELP] VSONIC GR06 one side more louder than the other

    Hi all,    a few days ago, i put my headphones on and notice that one side is significantly louder than the other, i bought them on january, what can i do? can it be fixed? its really annoying :/
  5. Justlog

    New pair of phones.

    Hey everyone. Now, before everyone jumps on me with the"Go to IEM comparison" I have already done so and didn't came up with nothing yet. I would like a pair of IEM with decent isolation, nice durability(will be used outside of the house as well as in the house) I listen to a bunch of...
  6. nkatkamwar

    Got my new GR06 (in india)..4 days..still burning. It doesnt sound as reviewed on headfi (joker)

    I got my new Gr06 this week..   Stiill burning.. may be 30 hrs till now.. it doesnt sound as reviewed..   My  SM pl11 + Fiio E6 sound better (pl11 are year old)..   I am unhappy...   Guyz do you think the sound will change? and when?     There was a fusion song..in...
  7. Fabie37

    Lendmeurears is giving out a deal

    http://www.lendmeurears.com/index.php?cPath=22 get Gr02 bass + Gr06 =103 get Gr07 bass + Gr06 = 255 get Gr07 MKII + Gr06 = 255 tell me what you guys think :P
  8. lukazas

    Need some help choosing IEMs

    Hello there, so long story short, all my life I used stock mobile phone earbuds that you get then you buy a new phone, but one day friend of mine borrowed me some great IEMs, cant remember their name, but i was blown away by quality and clarity, so i decided to buy one for my self. I have read a...
  9. -sandro-

    Looking for gym IEMs

    Hello, I've been using the SoundMagic e30 at the gym while working out...they're amazing especially because of over the ear style but today the left speaker stopped working! they lasted only 4 months and before I had another pair I used at home that died within a year...so the build quality is...
  10. DrewK

    Need help finding a new pair of earphones similiar to V-sonic GR-06

    I currently own a V-Sonic GR-06. Need some suggestions on some IEMs that are similar to GR-06 but higher end? Or any IEMs with a SLIGHTLY stronger bass while retaining the clarity.
  11. 1

    Problem with Vsonic GR06.

    I've purchased the Vsonic GR06's in May 2012, since then I already had to use the warranty that came with it because of a driver issue. Now after a year of use I've got the same problem again, the driver on the right side doesn't work when I insert it. Also when I tap it hard on the bottom of...
  12. inza

    MY GR06 broke, what now?

    Hi, my beloved GR06 broke today after about one year of frequent use. I found out about them here so I thought I'd come back here and ask for advice. The sound in the left earpiece is really really weak. I can only hear it if I listen to only the left earpieace. Is there an easy, qucik way to...
  13. Davesbeard

    VSonic GR06 - Available in the UK?

    Hi guys,   So my trusty every-day Soundmagic E10's have just died and I'm in need of a replacement.   I've been seeing glowing reviews of the Vsonic GR06s and am pretty set on purchasing these as a replacement. Problem being that I can't find them for sale anywhere in the UK. Frogbeats...
  14. zelly

    New in-ear earbuds under 100$

    Currently own Klipsch image s4 and only reraly get the sound I want and that is when I have them 100% fitted and not moving my head. The bass is amazing then and I still hear the the clear vocals and all details in the songs. However they doesnt sit very well in my ears and when they fall a...
  15. yarin153

    fake vsonic?? realy important!

    two weeks ago i orderd the vsonic GR02 AND GR06 from lendmeurears from ebay and the box came was very weird one  like so :    so was the gr02 in some parts such the soft plastic that can be ripped off very easily and the long paper with the vsonic logo that is diferrent from the other...
  16. Itskewl42

    close competition

    Im looking at iems $50-100 and have had quite a hard time deciding. Im looking at Creative aurvana 3 $60 Vsonic GR06 $90 RHA MA600 $80
  17. Cu Chulainn

    Fischer Audio Eterna

    Hey,   After my VSonic GR06s died on me, I've decided to replace them with the Eternas, but £50 discouts from RRP on Amazon and advancedmp3players.co.uk has made me wonder if there are any fakes floating around. If indeed there are fakes, how would I identify them?   Cheers!
  18. Zenbun

    How cheap foam tips compare to comply / olives?

    I hope this is the right place to post this.   Did anyone ever try these? How do they compare with Comply's or Shure's foam tips?   http://www.ebay.com/itm/BLACK-Earbud-replacement-noise-cancellation-memory-foam-tips-Size-Meduim-6pcs-/181525243413?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a43bf6615
  19. xMastodonx

    Looking for In-Ear Monitors under $300

    I'm pretty new to high end iems so i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I know that there are different iems for different sound tastes but the thing is that I pretty much listen to all genres (excluding pop). Thanks
  20. Midgetguy

    Penon IEMs

    I'm sure someone out there has reviewed these, but I can't seem to find any. Can anyone tell me what they think of the Penon IEMs? I've just been wondering about that for a while and was hoping someone would clear it up. I'm not buying anything from Penon right now so perhaps some impressions...
  21. orelv

    best over the ear for around 80$

    I had hd448 that got broken :\ I currently have in ear vsonic gr07 and I like the sound but I still have lack of bass, especialy the low range. on ebay the shipping for my country is around 40$ for most of the items. so my budget is around 100$ and I would like to get recommendation for 60...
  22. B

    Comply TX for GR06 and VSD1 - what size should I buy? 100/200/300/400?

    Hi, I'm planning on Comply Foam Tips for My VSD1, GR06, and also for the pistons if its fit to... what size should I buy? tx100/tx200/tx300/tx400? (I'm looking for someone who has these)   Thanks!
  23. lightng

    Vsonic GR06 extremely disappointed

    Hi everyone,   Just want to first point out that i am by no means an audiophile nor do i have extensive knowledge of audio in itself but I would like to believe that I can atleast distinguish between a quality product and one that isn't.   I recently purchased the Vsonic GR06 from...
  24. Itskewl42

    vsonic GR06 short review

    Sound clarity is very good Bass is substantial but not as much as i would like. Very punchy. Good build quality. Simple design. Very comfortable Comes with velvet pouch, s, m, and l single phlange tips, comply tips, medium sized dual phlange tips. Will post full review in a few days when i have...
  25. yakirbu

    Vsonic GR06 - after few months, one side is significantly lower than the other

    Hey, Bought my GR06 on Ebay few months ago for 65$, After burning them they were great, couldn't be more pleased... Until one week ago one side became suddenly quiet while the other one plays just fine. Since I've never (ever) tried to mess with earphones neither opening them, I'm really not...