1. ezmacaroni

    Need help picking all-round set of <$200 IEMs for a variety of music

    I've done a bit of research on this site, but I am still relatively new and want to make an educated next purchase. I am looking for suggestions for a pair of IEMs that sound good, with decent bass and as flat a response as possible with decent soundstage. I will mostly be using an iPhone or...
  2. stimpy

    Broken jacks on ER6i

    Hello, my first post. I have 2 pairs of Etymotics ER6i that have broken jacks. I am only getting one channel on each pair. They both lasted about 2-3 months due too having the ET6i straight plug snagging on the inside of my pocket. I listen to my Otterbox encased iPod for around 10 hours a...
  3. antikryst

    Looking for a new IEM. $300-$500 budget.

    was a mainly using IEMs before (shure e3c, e4c) then i moved to cans (shure srh840, 940). suddenly missed IEMs and i dont have my old ones anymore.   got a pair of westone UM1s yesterday and they are just meh.    i listen to all types of music but more of light...
  4. squallkiercosa

    Do you buy used IEMs?

    I was wondering, what do you think about used IEMs? and in case you bought something already, how was your experience? Not going far from the subject, how long last your IEMs normally?  
  5. xyyz

    i need some help tweaking my HD598's or figuring out if they're defective

    alright, first of all, I don't have "golden ears."  so now that's out of the way, I need some helping figuring out what you do with my HD598's. here's a little sound profile: for headphones, i own a set of ATH-AD700's, HD-280's.  i also have a set of Shure e3c's and  UE Triplefi 10's. ...
  6. warpdriver

    Nuforce IEM

    I didn't see any talk of the new Nuforce headset IEM (with mic) Jason of Nuforce claims it will beat the Shure SE210 for half the price Any takers?
  7. trose49

    New Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro Review

    New Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro Review Just picked up the new UE 5 pro's. One Word! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!! I purchased them at my local Guitar Center which offers a special clear (transparent headphone) instead of the black or white available online. This week...
  8. bpeng

    Shure EC3

    I'm helping a friend sell a Shure EC3 and I wanted to do a little research on this. It appears it is no longer being made. Anyone know the price when new? Regarding the performance/quality of the EC3, is this still considered a high-quality IEM or has it been far surpassed by now?   Mike
  9. ZJamaican

    Shure e2c VS Shure e3c

  10. keiron99

    Shure e3 gone quiet in one ear

    I have a pair of Shure e3 earbuds for use with my Ipod. They're several years old and I must say I haven't used them for about 6 months. I've got them out to take on summer hols with me and unfortunately the left earpiece has gone quiet. seemingly across the whole frequency spectrum. There's no...
  11. jonnio

    Looking for a "Jack of all trades"

    Looking for some help from the experts here -- I think I have narrowed it down to a couple of options, but I am not sure that there is one headphone that can do all I want it to.  Actually, I am sure there isn't, but I am not sure which one I should start with.   My listening habbits...
  12. purplestallion

    Looking for something very specific....and not finding it.

    I'm looking for something very specific and can't seem to find it.  The microphone/button on my Klipsch s2m went out and I'm looking for a replacement, but I'm kind of picky.  Unlike most on here, I'm not necessarily looking for the absolute best sound.  The Klipsch certainly didn't give it to...
  13. nickd75

    Recommendations: something like Ety HF5 but bassier?

    Hey guys, been a while since I've posted here...   I've been through a handful of IEMS: Shure E3c, E4/ SCL4 (x3), and now Etymotic hf5s. I was a pretty big fan of the Shures, but all the E4/ SCL4s broke; by the third pair I got fed up and switched to the Etys 18 months ago. The sound is...
  14. BmWr75

    On-ear portables to replace Shure e5c in-ear monitors??

    I travel a lot for work and have used Shure e5C in-ear monitors for years with my iPod loaded with lossless files.  Used Shure E3s before that.   Am thinking I'd like to switch to an on-ear, rugged, portable HP.  Have been reading a lot about the Beyer DT 1350s and Senn HD-251 II.  Are there...
  15. luoo1984

    Fake headphone Black List

    (Extract from a Chinese postgraduate student's interim report ) Some very interesting point of view about earphone market Apple earphone , include all the three generation Confusing with the real levle : 2/5 , can be seen through , just need carefully fake one's also can have a factory...
  16. ItsJono

    Looking for new IEM: Can I get some good IEM's for under $50 USD?

    Hey guys,   Haven't been here in awhile. I got a new cell phone and basically it has a new and big storage size so i'm getting back into listening to more music. I know that most of you are probably shuddering at the fact I listen to my music on a non-dedicated device :P but hey! Portability...
  17. djestouff

    Looking for great passive isolation <$100

    Hi all, my Shure E3Cs finally crapped out on me so I'm looking for some replacements.  I would like something with good passive isolation and build quality.    I will be using them without an amplifier, mostly with an iPhone and laptop.  I don't think I want to continue with Shure because...
  18. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Shure SE215

    My very first pair of IEM is Shure E3c and I actually still own it (and in perfect working condition too). It was a short tech news section on CNN back in 2004 that introduced me to the E3c and the world of IEM. For a poor colleague student back then, it is quite a leap forward in sonic...
  19. sinafl

    Bose Headphones

    I am considering on buying the Bose Headphones. I mainly listen to rock and rap. The only problem is that I hear there are better headphones for this price. I looked at the shure e3c but I dont like earbuds. Is there anything that looks as good as the Bose and is better?
  20. mps83

    Where can i purchase triple flange eartips for my Monster Turbines in the UK?

    Bought some Monster Turbines last month, unfortunately i was taking the eartip off to clean it and it just snapped, and they are by far the best fitting tips for my ears. The Turbines came with 2 pairs of triple flange tips, i need the smaller of the 2 pairs. Does anyone know where i can source...
  21. mannn

    Shure IEM - not working properly... help!

    i have a pair of Shure E3c from a few years ago, which i use once or twice every week for the last 1.5 yrs.  I have always stored it in the case that came with it. I was using it last week which everything was fine... today when i took it out.. i noticed that the left channel doesn't have any...
  22. mephiska

    Can these CK10's be saved?!? Help please!

    So after gushing over the famed durability of my CK10's, murphy's law struck and my dog got ahold of them.  Pulled them right off the nightstand while I was watching TV with the wife in bed.   He has a taste for foam eartips, so far this is the third set of IEMs that he's eaten.  First was...
  23. Chris_Himself

    Etymotic ER6/ER6i owners

    Dude. These things rock. They play everything well just like an accurate neutral earphone would. If this is close to the ER4, I wouldn't mind splurging for those in due time.   Not as good of a midrange as the Shure E3C's I had, but those had really bad rolled off treble and the fit without...
  24. sa_ill

    Foam tips for RE262s?

    I recently received my RE262s and I wont say I am totally impressed with them. Having upgraded from shure E3Cs, the RE262s actually sound very very similar to the E3Cs.   I dont know why this is, but maybe the double flanges dont suit me. They dont give me a good seal and I always find...
  25. DarkChewby

    New to HeadFi - Westone 4

    Hello Everyone,   I am new to the head-fi. I have been lurking around and reading all of your guys opinions and reviews of things. I went from iPod headphones to Westone 4s, and it's a huge jump in SQ. I use to have Shure E3Cs and they sounded great, but they lacked a lot of bass. This isn't...