New to HeadFi - Westone 4
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New Head-Fier
May 23, 2011
Hello Everyone,
I am new to the head-fi. I have been lurking around and reading all of your guys opinions and reviews of things. I went from iPod headphones to Westone 4s, and it's a huge jump in SQ. I use to have Shure E3Cs and they sounded great, but they lacked a lot of bass. This isn't the case of Westones. I have a question about the care. I am a bit anal since I've never dropped so much money on headphones. Is it possible for ear wax to get inside the headphones or is there some sort of screen that will prevent that? The first time I used it I was worried since ear wax was inside the Comply foam part, and I am worried of after prolong use that ear wax will eventually build up inside the Westones where even the wax pick won't be able to grab?
Thanks a lot everyone!

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