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Feb 19, 2008
(Extract from a Chinese postgraduate student's interim report )

Some very interesting point of view about earphone market

Apple earphone , include all the three generation
Confusing with the real levle : 2/5 , can be seen through , just need carefully
fake one's also can have a factory packaing. But the packaing paper box is not strong enough, it is easily pinched by hand. And bad printing, its color fuzzy, font is not clear.

Confusing with the real levle : 3/5 very like real, hard to separate just use eye
Both those two earphone are very famous in the Chinese market. So it is means there is a huge fake business. After 3 years equipment and technical improvement, now Chinese fake maker really done a great job. They can make a like real earphone include the box just cost 4-5 dollar, USA, Indonesia and Nigeria are the biggest order destination country.

SONY MDR-E805,808, 828
Confusing with the real levle : 2/5 , old model ,Gradually withdrawal from market , lower threat

Confusing with the real levle : 3/5 , like new
USA and UK are the most important market because these two country have strongest purchasing power, incule fake items.

Audio-technica ATH-CK9
Audio-technica ATH-EC7
Audio-technica ATH-CM7
Audio-technica ATH-CM700
Confusing with the real levle : 1/5 , easy to separate , fake earphone always naked without packaing, fake earphone just cover by a small plastic bag
Original Audio-technica packaing box is very hard to fake. On the small rectangular box always have massive dense and numerous printing typeface, if fake maker want to copy the box is very hard job. Because use cheaper industry printer can make those font but the paper box will be corrosion by ink and have lots of scratching.

Audio-technica ATH-CK32
Audio-technica CM5
Only available in China and Taiwan region.

Shure E2C
Shure E3C
Shure E4C
Confusing with the real levle : 1/5 , the suitation is same with Audio-techinca family. The SHURE pakaing is harder to copy. Fake earphone only be sold with a small plastic bag

BOSE In-ear
Confusing with the real levle : 3/5 , like new,
In fact, BOSE this brand is not known by most Chinese public. But depends on the lots of order from the USA ,Canda and UK. Chinese fake entrepreneur creative this business. Just use no more than half years the fake BOSE In-ear is successful done. From packaing box to the earphone, all is like new.
'Open gate to do business' now is Chinese entrepreneur new maxim. Bose In-ear is first fake earphone that special manufacturing for western country.

Bang & Olufsen A8
Confusing with the real levle : 4/5 , Appearance almost entirely Simulation, absolutely cannot separate by human sensor ,can be hoodwinked even you already have a real one ownered experience.
Very very famous earphone. Design by Denmark and using OEM manufacturing by the most biggest earphone OEM in the world --- FOSTER ELECTRIC Ltd CHINA GUANGZHOU PANYU JIU SHUI KENG FOSTER ELECTRIC FACTORY.

Like China have fake APPLE Iphone, the A8 earphone also can be faked. Because the real headphone is product in China, the items are in TAX Bonded area with are is isolation but the Chinese worker are free to move. Production blueprint and building technical are so easy to be spreading.
Even the fake maker can send some cheap worker in the real FOSTER factory to make real A8 earphone with earn 6 dollar salary per day. Then after month he can call those worker back to pay them 7 dollar per day salary let them to make fake A8 for him.
Now, from outside paper box, inside accessories, leather pouch, instruction booklet , even finial there are a B&O mark handbag...everything is perfect. Perfect than fake LV bag.

ALL Sennheiser earphone, like MX500 and so on
Confusing with the real levle : 4/5 , adept technology , lots of civil and oversea order. The suitation is same with Bang & Olufsen A8 , fake production make more and more closer than real items.

SAMSUNG, Creative ,PHILIPS and panasonic earphone
Confusing with the real levle : 1/5 , old model ,Gradually withdrawal from market , lower threat. Cheaper earphone brand, even original one's have already lose in makert.

(Extract from a Chinese postgraduate student's interim report )
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