1. Record9

    Help - Need a small part for Shure e2c

    I am not sure how, but I lost the "funnel" shaped sleeve holder for my older set of Shure e2c's. Shure does not have the part available - was hoping that the grand internet could come to my aid..     You can see in this image the part that I am missing.
  2. Drummerking

    First IEM for drumming

    Hello everybody, this is a great forum about IEMs!!    Im new in the IEMs world, and I want to make my first Custom IEM with Radians Custom Earplugs mold, the eight options are this (according to my budget ) :   (sorry for the large list)   1-Shure E2C.   2-Shure SE210.  ...
  3. kamackeris

    Need replacement headphones for my shure e2c's

    Hi guys I'm new to this forum . My e2c's are on their last legs. I really enjoyed my shures but I do not have a clue what to replace them with. I mainly listen to hip hop and electronic music but I am not some bass freak. It will be paired with the ibasso x90 that I ordered today as my iPod...
  4. untrueparadox

    Best In-Ear for $50-$100 USD?

    Sorry I'm a noob to this forum and just registered so please don't flame at me. I've been reading around to see which inears I should get and I'm pretty much stuck. My budget is $50-$100 for some nice decent headphones. My current is a Sony MDR-EX55 which probably isn't nearly as good as any of...
  5. goldfilm

    Best cheap earphone to go

    It looks like the JVC Marshmallow has no competition under $20, but what about the best earphone under $30/$35? Would you still buy the cheapest? In other words, is it worth doubling the budget?
  6. mr56k

    Just got Sennheiser HD555

    My Sennheiser HD515's were showing some age and plus I had serious upgraditus. So my friend got the 515's "he was using some cheap no names". I ordered the Sennheiser HD555 yesterday and got them today. These headphones are very nice. Very comfortable and sound great! I was afraid there might...
  7. ZJamaican

    Shure e2c VS Shure e3c

  8. gjohnston

    Upgrade from Apple IEM and Shure E2C

    I have both the Apple IEM with Sony hybrid tips (which I've used for a few years) and also a pair of Shure E2Cs (which I retired because they were the most uncomfortable things I've ever put in my ears) and am looking to upgrade. I'm thinking about Westone 4, or Shure 535 but was wondering if...
  9. mtbaird5687

    Anywhere to buy shure e2c wax guards that aren't crazy expensive? Anywhere to buy the wax removal loop?

    I'm trying to find some wax guards but it seems like they are all +$15 which seems crazy given how tiny they are.   Also, I can't find a wax removal tool online does anyone know where to get one? Is it because these headphones are a little older? Ive had them since high school which was 7-8...
  10. itorra

    my e2c is about to die, and i'm looking for a fair inheritor

    So I've been using e2c for almost 5 years and after a while of cable-roll-neglection I have some kind of bad connection with the left channel in the flex part of the 90-deg connector.   I want to spend around the 130-150$.   I can't listen to any of your recommendations cause the local...
  11. Wshing

    Shure E2C Re-cabling

    Okay so like most people with the e2c. Mine have died finally got around to re-cabling them since I do like them and too poor to buy a new pair so after scrouging around for info, I found that there isn't much on a comprehensive guide out for newbies like me.    So firstly. I have...
  12. Subseastu

    Need to replace my Shure E2C's

    Hi all   Well my trusty Shure E2C's are on the way out and so its time to find a replacement. Trouble is I'm now going round in circles trying to find a suitable new pair. Basically I do a lot of traveling by plane so want something that allows me to wear them for long periods (the shures...
  13. ratdog

    Returning Shure E2C's

    I have some E2C's and the cable bent and wires exposed by the bud. I'm guessing they are over 2 years old as the warranty is only 2 years. Should I return them for repair or bite the bullet and buy a new pair.
  14. bscottyb

    New to the Forum - Serious help needed - Shure e2c repair question.

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and I need help.   First off, I am not an "Audiophile" by any means, just a working drummer in a rock band, and my IEM system is my lifeblood on stage (I basically can't gig without it).   The right bud on my Shure e2c is cutting in and out and it's...
  15. xluben

    xluben's Shure SE215 Photos and Review (vs. Shure e2c)

    After many years of owning the Shure e2c, I finally decided to get some new earphones.  I ended up getting a pair of Shure SE215's.  They were used (found on the forum), but in great shape and a great price.  They just arrived today.  For now here are the photos.  I will follow up with initial...
  16. Simon C

    Help, I'm a little overwhelmed... (Looking for budget E2C replacement)

    Okay, so I've been traipsing around this forum for a bit trying to figure out what I should pick up to replace my modified Shure E2C IEMs. I was given a pair of the E2Cs a few years back and I loved them. I ended up wearing out the cord as anyone who has owned E2Cs knows, so i recabled them and...
  17. jstn

    Sennheiser HD280pro worn out?

    Hi everybody, was doing some google searching on the subject and landed here.  Seems to be as good a place as any to ask questions at.  I'm a musician, and I appreciate high-quality sound, but I'm not really an audiophile in the way that I think most of you here would define it.  I keep my music...
  18. Wiredin

    Because life is to short to be listening to bad audio at the gym

    Hello all,   I've been living in a realm of medicority and sub-par audio for years, hoping that by buying higher end headphones and earbuds that I can relieve some of the strain of the dreaded ipod sound quality on my ears. I've purchased a large collection of ear buds and over ears from...
  19. Y2HBK

    NE-7M Tips

    Hey everyone. I have a pair of NuForce NE-7M's and the stock tips have finally gone out on me.    From what I saw in older threads, the Shure e2c tips and the Comply (T-400 I believe?) tips seemed to be the recommendations. I always found the stock tips to be uncomfortable but decided to use...
  20. tkimages

    Shure E2C replacements

    Hi, I've been using the E2Cs for a while to listen to lossless files on an ipod. With a little EQ adjustment I like the tonal balance, but I've recently found that I can't wear in-ear 'phones without some discomfort, and I prefer a little interaction with my environment. Also, the top end of the...
  21. adrockthewalrus

    Alternative IEM's? (cx300, cx500, v-moda vibe, e2c, UE)

    My ER6i's have tragically developed a fault (nasty rattling/scratchy soudns in the right 'phone) So it looks like im going to ahve to send them away for repair (does anyone know how lo0ng this usually takes, given I'm in the UK?). This seems like the ideal time (it happens to be payday) to...
  22. luoo1984

    Fake headphone Black List

    (Extract from a Chinese postgraduate student's interim report ) Some very interesting point of view about earphone market Apple earphone , include all the three generation Confusing with the real levle : 2/5 , can be seen through , just need carefully fake one's also can have a factory...
  23. imahawki

    Hopefully helpful thread for newbies like me (long post)

    Hopefully the thread will help other newbies like me and serve as a guide for where I might move forward in the hobby.  I'm new to "head-fi" but not new to hi-fi.  I've been into home theater and 2-ch audio for about a decade.  I started out with Paradigm's entry level speakers and ended up with...
  24. A.Mir

    Cooked it down to 10 - 8 to go.

    Hi!   IEM crisis is knocking softly on my door (again), and I'll try to make this as short as possible.    My PL50s are starting to fail on me and therefore I need a new pair of IEMs. Actually, I want two pairs. One for workout and one for mobility use when traveling. I'm not going to do...
  25. average_joe

    IE8 Veiled?

    My main IEM was the Sennheiser IE8, which I loved for the most part, but wanted to try something with deeper bass and less warmth. So I bought the Denon C710's and Mingo WM2's. What I noticed A/Bing them was the IE8 seemed like it was veiled, whereas before the comparison, I did not think the...