1. Saumil1989

    Best IEM in 1500 INR?

    Hello friends,    I am new to this forum, I go through this site for reviews as it is very reliable and useful too. I am currently using Tekfusion Twinwoofers (White) and not at all happy with it. I am planning to buy new IEM in 1500 INR.   I listen to Rock, Metal, Trance, Pyschadelic...
  2. mrjun18

    Which IEM's have the MOST sound leakage besides the Sony MDR-EX90s?

    Besides the EX90s, what other IEM's leak a lot of sound?    Thanks.
  3. Hixxy1

    Audio Technica ATH M50 - lacking bass...?

    Hi   After doing a lot of research online and based largely on this sites recommendation, I decided to invest in a pair of ATH M50's.  I was looking for a decent pair of headphones that would mostly be used for listening to music/gaming at home, though I play guitar and do a little bit of...
  4. Jackxl

    Sony MDR ex85. are mine fake or not ?

    Hi guys.   Im Jack.   a while ago i bought some sony MDR ex71 iems on ebay. and liked them.. did'nt realy bother for more quality they where good enough for me.   a while later i bought a pair MDR ex50 cause it was an Ibood.. 2 pair for 20 euro.. and my father was buying cheapo...
  5. luoo1984

    Fake headphone Black List

    (Extract from a Chinese postgraduate student's interim report ) Some very interesting point of view about earphone market Apple earphone , include all the three generation Confusing with the real levle : 2/5 , can be seen through , just need carefully fake one's also can have a factory...
  6. david1978jp

    Sony MDR EX-83, does it look like?

    Does anyone know about it ? ?
  7. Revo

    which earphones?

    Can anyone identify these earphones?
  8. Revo

    Which brand or type?

    Can someone tell me which brand or type these earphones are?
  9. audiophile12

    Replacement for Sony EX85?

    Hi everyone. After having my Sonys for 3 years they finally expired (the left monitor stopped working) so I want to start looking at other IEMs. Does anyone have any suggestions? My budget is 60 dollars max. Any ideas are appreciated!
  10. LTUCCI1924

    Soundmagic pl-30 20.00 shipped

    OK A member just got the soundmagic pl-30 from for 20.00 shipped and the package is the same as the one I got and paid 42.00 + 10.00 shipping. The member said they sounded very sweet and will post after a good listen. I ordered another pair for the 20.00 and if any member wants a...
  11. kngofrandomspam

    ~$50 IEM Recommendations

    I'm looking for a pair of IEMs which have to fit the following requirements   -Durable (I usually end up damaging the cable) -Good Sound Quality -Good Isolation   I usually listen to my music in noisier environments, so sound isolation is pretty important. I will be using these IEMs...
  12. NisusNine

    Need help deciding my FIRST IEM to buy.

      So I'm new when it comes to buying headphones and was wondering if someone could recommend some IEM's for under $200. Under $300 if there is a huge significant in sound quality.   I've heard my friend's SE530s for a bit and was impressed, just too expensive.  No experience on what I might...
  13. FogoLovesSound

    Looking for the Sweet Spot... Bass-Heavy buds around $50-150

    My humble greetings to the Dignified community of Head-Fi forums, Equipment  locale,   I’ve been faithfully and exceptionally served by my pair of $60 sony extra bass Earbuds for about 5 years (it’s been so long, and they are so worn, that I have no idea which model), and they finally went...
  14. balleballe

    Something similar to mdr-ex85

    Hi there.   This is my first post on here, so please be gentle.   I am just your normal type of guy who likes listening to music.  My sony MDR-EX 85's broke a month ago and i'm looking for a replacement.  I had them for 2 years.  I quite like the sony hybrid design as normal 'in ear'...
  15. yyyy2999

    Looking for Sony earbuds, will they last?   These are pretty affordable, i think they've just recently come out so there are almost no reviews of it. I wonder if you guys have any feedback on...
  16. balleballe

    Which sony earphone?

    Hi there.  I was using the mdr-ex85 for 2 years until the right ear stopped working.  Although they are discontinued I can stil get them.   I love the bass of sony's earphones.  Nothing came close to my mdr-ex85's, for the price anyway...   I'm stuck between another pair of mdr-ex85...
  17. balleballe

    Difference between Sony MDR-EX85 pairs

    Hi there.  I bought a pair of EX85's from 2 years ago and they recently stopped working so I sourced a new pair (oddsandpods).   My original pair came in plastic packaging (similar to most earphones) and had the warranty and ownership booklet in many different languages.  They were...
  18. Sony mdr ex 85sl

    Sony mdr ex 85sl

    MDR-EX85SL has been designated as a budget version of the MDR-EX90SL by Sony. Employing the same driver unit as the 90SL, Sony’s latest addition of “EX Monitor” MDR-EX85SL will be available in four color schemes: blue, white, violet and red. To reflect the reduction in price, some different...