1. stimpy

    Broken jacks on ER6i

    Hello, my first post. I have 2 pairs of Etymotics ER6i that have broken jacks. I am only getting one channel on each pair. They both lasted about 2-3 months due too having the ET6i straight plug snagging on the inside of my pocket. I listen to my Otterbox encased iPod for around 10 hours a...
  2. antikryst

    Looking for a new IEM. $300-$500 budget.

    was a mainly using IEMs before (shure e3c, e4c) then i moved to cans (shure srh840, 940). suddenly missed IEMs and i dont have my old ones anymore.   got a pair of westone UM1s yesterday and they are just meh.    i listen to all types of music but more of light...

    Do you warm up your headphones?

    I first noticed that my UM-1's were a little dull for the first 15-20 minutes of listening. Then it was the Livewires, no bass really until the warmed up. Now I just got my MS-1's back from being repaired and I noticed they were a little Limp sounding, not like I remembered them. 30 minutes...
  4. squallkiercosa

    Do you buy used IEMs?

    I was wondering, what do you think about used IEMs? and in case you bought something already, how was your experience? Not going far from the subject, how long last your IEMs normally?  
  5. bogalog

    IEM advice for e4c fan

    Hi all, it's been a while since I've been on here and my decent IEMs have finally died I've previously had the e4c and the se530s and I loved them both in different ways. Anyway, my se530s seem to have died (one about 20% quieter than the other which is annoying), and my e4c's have cracked...
  6. frogcat

    Is this site legit? E4c's for 70 bucks...

    Shure - Mobile-Blue Store This site is in Hong Kong, but I figure I would rather pay 70 bucks for E4c and whatever airmail they offer, than 200 bucks. The prices they have on these IEMs are ridiculous.
  7. GusGF

    What model are these Shure headphones?

    Dug up (literally ​) my old Shure IEMs which go back as far as 2005 if not earlier but have no idea what model they are. They look like E4Cs but they are damned expensive and I wouldn't have paid that much I'm sure. Bass is weak compared to my Jaybird Bluebuds X for example but that could be...
  8. Matt B

    Maybe I don't like IEMS? please read and tell me if it makes no sense to try any more of them...

    Ok so a few years ago I was into iems. I started with the shure e4c which I loved, and were my first experience with good transducers...until the cable broke. After that I picked up a less expensive but well regarded (at the time) pair...the klipsch s4... and enjoyed them. Than I went on a bit...
  9. GusGF

    E4c vs SE215 bass comparison

    Discovered my tatty old pair of Shure IEMs the E4c model. When I compare them to my SE215 am finding the older E4c model to have a very weak bass. Is this normal or have the earphones deteriorated over the years through use? Just wondering?!
  10. RockoAPZL1

    Bose Quietcomfort 2

    My friend is now raving about his Quietcomfort 2 now... Now he challenges the Sound of the Q2 to the Shure E4C's. Please Share your thoughts. Don't hold back...
  11. mishkakrisa

    Headphone shops in san diego?

    Hi all! Please accept my apology if this is in the wrong forum. I'm still pretty new to the site and am still finding my feet(..ah there they are!) My question is this: My dad lives in san diego(as do I part of the year) and he wants somewhere he can try out different cans. Does such a...
  12. mr56k

    Just got Sennheiser HD555

    My Sennheiser HD515's were showing some age and plus I had serious upgraditus. So my friend got the 515's "he was using some cheap no names". I ordered the Sennheiser HD555 yesterday and got them today. These headphones are very nice. Very comfortable and sound great! I was afraid there might...
  13. ScubaSteve87

    Team College-Fi Post pics of your setup

    here you can see my cmoy from evilfire, my acer ferrari laptop, ipod, and the E4c. you can also see the banna hanger where the Grado 325i used to live, but now they are empty, just awaiting a new pair of cans. here you can see the TV, xbox(not mine, we stole it from the guy across the...
  14. gorman

    New canalphones from Ultimate Ears! For anybody that might be interested...
  15. sleepyx637

    Shure E4C --> Etymotic HF3?

    Hi all,    It's been years since I've visited this forum.  The last time was when I was looking for my first set of IEMs.  I settled on the Shure E4C's and never looked back...until now.  I'm switching from blackberry to the iphone 4s, and want to get a new set of IEMs for the iphone 4s.  I...
  16. buffheman

    How to replace my Shure e4c?

    I've been listening to these guys for I guess like 4 years now.  I sent one pair back within the 2yr warranty, and my second pair got me another year and a half... but now they are dying.   As a quick replacement to get something listenable, I ordered the SoundMagic PL-21... super cheap and...
  17. timy

    Need IEM with a balance between E4c & RE0 - open to suggestions

    I've gone through 2 pairs of IEMs this year - my beloved Shure E4Cs and the Hifiman RE0s I replaced the former with.   I would really appreciate some suggestions. I'm looking for a balance between the E4C's isolation and warm/clear highs and the RE0's value for money (an online price tag of...
  18. bobby001

    Where to buy Shure e4c or i4c ?

    Hi,   I'm looking to buy Shure e4c/i4c but I cannot find any shop who can still sell them. I would prefer european shop but also open to US shop.   thanks for your help.   Fred
  19. girevoy

    Shure E4 finally died; need help choosing new IEM.

    My Shure E4 (paid $180) served me well for six years but have finally bit the dust.  If I could have replaced the cabling they would still be a fantastic piece of kit; with this in mind detachable cables are a strong selling point to me but not a requirement.  They are the only IEM I have...
  20. jjb3

    Holy Shure

    Just got my 535s and I am so impressed. Never thought I'd like the Shure sound after I tried the e4c because of the thin bass but these things kick. What is the most similar custom?
  21. jjb3

    Shure, revisited

    Years ago I had some Shure E4cs and returned them promptly for lack of bass and that tinny sound dreaded by bassheads. I purchased some UE SuperFi5EBs and never looked back. Until I progressed from the EBs to Westone 3s, and now find myself longing for more clarity. So, I just ordered a set of...
  22. imshaw

    Best IEM for Rock?

    Listen to mainly rock, punk, alt, metal. Looking for an IEM for around $150 price range best suited for these genres of music. Any recommendations??
  23. luoo1984

    Fake headphone Black List

    (Extract from a Chinese postgraduate student's interim report ) Some very interesting point of view about earphone market Apple earphone , include all the three generation Confusing with the real levle : 2/5 , can be seen through , just need carefully fake one's also can have a factory...
  24. mas215

    Lost my IEMs

    I fly almost weekly, sometimes with the USA, often to Europe and Israel from Miami. About a year ago I purchased the Shure SE530, and no doubt they made the trips a lot more enjoyable. Before that I had the Shure E4 and was happy with them, but after buying the 530s I just kept the E4s as...
  25. astro

    Who does the Etymotic sound better than Etymotic?

    I'm wondering if anyone does etymotic's super clear, detailed, sound better than etymotic. The instrument separation is uncanny, and it really gives me this sense that these instruments are spatially arranged around me and just creating this amazing sound experience. I have sounds whizzing...