Where can i purchase triple flange eartips for my Monster Turbines in the UK?
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Jun 17, 2011
Bought some Monster Turbines last month, unfortunately i was taking the eartip off to clean it and it just snapped, and they are by far the best fitting tips for my ears. The Turbines came with 2 pairs of triple flange tips, i need the smaller of the 2 pairs. Does anyone know where i can source some within the UK?, i've looked everywhere online, there are places that sell a generic make of triple flange tips but i can't be sure whether they will even fit my Turbines.
Anyone have any ideas where i can buy some in the UK or an alternative brand that will still fit the Turbines?
Many thanks
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here a name of a triple flange sleeve that fits the monster turbine well: 

[size=1.7em] Shure EA306 Triple Flange Sleeves for E3c, E3g, E4c, E4g, E5c, I3, I4c, E3c-n and E4c-n models [/size]

unfortunately i don't know about these in the UK but i would guess that amazon is your best bet. Also try finding a monster authorized retailer near you, they can order some monster made tips but i don't know how much they will charge. 

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