1. Logidelic

    From Shure E3c to...?

    Hey all,   So my old Shure E3c's are on their way out. About time, since I've had them for about six years. I see that things have heated up since then. I've been reading as much as I can, but was hoping someone could give some personal recommendations to get me started on some more focused...
  2. vii_haven

    An Attempt at a Review of the Fidelity Triples

    REVIEW OF FIDELITY TRIPLES This review is somewhat long overdue, but I wanted to made sure that what I was hearing was accurate and wanted to review the final sound of the burnt-in Fidelity Triples. I hope its not too scanty, and do take what i say with a pinch of salt, as our preferences and...
  3. saint.panda

    15 Closed Headphones, 2 Canalphones and a Discussion on Frequency Graphs & Reviews

    Review download (pdf-file): Mediafire Navigation can be handled via bookmarks. Changes and addendums to the review can be found under '1.3 Background and Additional Information' -> 'Updates History'. Headphones reviewed Audio Technica ATH A900 Audio Technica ATH FC7 AKG K 271...
  4. ItsJono

    Need Stylish Headphones that don't sacrifice quality - Replacing 5 year old Shure E3c IEMs

    Hello,   First post. I don't consider myself an audiophile but I did do a lot of research and spent a lot of time learning about Shure E3c's back in 2005. I was 15 years old and needed some good headphones to get some decent quality sound from an iPod.   Fast forward to today, my Shure...
  5. davemmevad

    Replacements for my old Shure e3's

    Hi All, I'm a noob here, so please excuse, but my left ear finally stopped getting music and I need some new earphones. I liked the e3's I had - and with the medium silicon bud they were major comfy. I listen at work using my iPod (old photo version) to block out the background Tastes...
  6. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] 18 IEM reviewed and compared!!! (Final update NOV 2, 08)

    This thread is no longer updated. See Concise Multi-IEM Comparison for up-to-date review.     [OPENING] In celebration of all the time I wasted on this little hobby of mine and the post count I thought I won't achieve. here is a review of all the considerably good IEM I own over the years...
  7. teknikal90

    Best/cheapest way to reshell a TF10 in Vancouver, Canada

    Hi all,   I'm a musician who play on stage regularly. I love my TF10 in-ears (moved from Super.Fi 5 Pro in the early days to these). Been using these for years. The cable is wearing out though and I figured this is the time to upgrade.   However, the UE900 - the next logical upgrade...
  8. timroyjordan

    shure e3 repair help?

    I have these shure e3s that I love. However one the right side the plastic cover seperated and I can not find the other piece. I called Shure and wrote them to try to find a cover but they said they are discontinued and they will not sell parts. They will upgrade me to a modern pair for 102$. I...
  9. kite7

    Best stores to try out headphones in Toronto?

    I'll be in Toronto in the weekend and I want to try some IEMs such as the E3C,E4C and any grado headphones as well. Here in vancouver I don't believe such stores exists Any store relatively close to downtown would be great. I only heard of CPUsed but are there any more stores?
  10. lee0539

    The final question to e3c vs e6i poll

    Please post and place poll in which one you would take if they cost the same price. (although shure e3c is approx 20 dollars more, shures e3cs sometimes have good deals and 20 dollars is pretty negligeable since i have $140 to use and i would like the better phone no matter the price). Please...
  11. Shure E3c Sound Isolating Earphones

    Shure E3c Sound Isolating Earphones

    Enjoy an audiophile listening experience when music matters. The E3c combines precision components and remarkable sound isolation to provide studio quality sound everywhere you go. High-energy micro-speakers deliver great tonal balance across the entire frequency range. Flexible sleeves produce...