1. sa_ill

    Long Term IEM Ownership Reviews

    OK, I know that Head-Fi is the ultimate absolute Audiophile community offering as much information as one could possibly imagine. I have been reading around this website for a couple of years now and use it for all my IEM knowledge.   This site offers any information one wants when it comes...
  2. LostMyHead

    Destroyed My RE0s. Looking for a stronger replacement.

    So my RE0 phones are shot. The wire connecting to the left ear piece is completely severed. The right ear only works if I hold the phones just right.   Before this I had Shure E3Cs. Those eventually suffered a similar fate. Though it took 2 and a half years instead of just one for RE0.  ...
  3. Fozzie

    Need advice on a new IEM's

    Hi everyone,     My current gear is Cowon D2+ and Fiio E5 with Shure E3c and SoundMagic PL50. I need a recommendation for a new pair of IEM's.   I'm listening to all genre and mostly to Vocal Trance in Lossless quality. I'm looking for comfortable IEM's with good bass (I love deep...
  4. apenney

    Shure E3C vs 1964 Ears

    I'm currently using a pair of Shure E3C's which I've had for years via a total bithead amp. While I absolutely love these I keep eyeballing ... upgrades... and I like the look (and cost) of the 1964-T triples ( My ears are weirdly shaped or...
  5. jamesta

    How did your IEM journey start?

    How did your IEM journey start?   I grew up with music, playing music & enjoying music; went through a period of car audio obsession (it has settled into an 'interest' of mine) & learned to describe tonality & sound impressions through several instrument purchases.  I hadn't thought about...
  6. hawkmoon69

    question about converting Shure earphones for use with iphone

    Does anyone know if the Shure MPA-3C is identical to the component part of the Shure SE102-K-MPA?   Reason being       Reason being, the mic cord on the SE102s looks identical in pictures to the MPA-3Cs, but I can only find the latter for 80 bucks, while the former comes with earphones...
  7. taffyfy

    earphones for transcription of multiple speakers?

    I transcribe audio recordings of court proceedings. I currently switch between the headphones provided by the office (too painful for my clamped ears after a while and doesn't block out surrounding sounds) and a pair of in-ear sennheisers meant more for listening to music (can't remember which...
  8. shrimants

    Recommendation Needed for IEM's. And music.

    I have current Bose On-Ear headphones. I really like their sound (though their build quality is abysmal) and I'm looking for a pair of in ear monitors that can rival their sound. People have pretty low opinion of bose in general, so I'm assuming I'm going to get a bunch of really cheap-o...
  9. ClieOS

    Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

    This thread is meant to be a simple comparison / reference, to make things easier for new comer to sort through dozens of IEM quickly in regard of finding the sound signature they are looking for. However, sound signature is not purely a translation of frequency response graph – and certainly...
  10. beamthegreat

    Headphones you regretted buying the most

    The headphones I regretted the most was the skullcandy skullcrusher. I bought them for 100cad from the It broke after 5 months, the driver stopped working for some weird reason.. I should have bought a decent dac but that was before I joined head-fi. : frown::f rown:
  11. Fatsosixsixsix

    Considering replacing my IEM

    I bought a pair of Shure E3 a couple years ago, they've served me well but the connection on the right earphone is starting to mess up and so unless the cable's in a certain position, the sound cuts out completely on the right earphone.   I've been meaning to upgrade for a while, and was...
  12. bmichael

    UE Triple.Fi 10 or Shure SE 420 or Etymotic ER-4P

    Before I get flamed for not searching the archives, let me say I have. The previous posts take into account circa 2007 prices. It's almost 2011! (No but for real, you guys are the best and very nice. I don't think I'd have gotten yelled at.) Anyway, it seemed like the big knock on the SE420 is...
  13. jesses

    Help! Problem with Phonak 112 sound.

    First off, hello to the head-fi community:) This is my first post.   I owned the Shure E3C's a few years ago and they were tremendous to my ears. I had only had the apple ear buds prior to that!   Eventually, they broke (2 diff. pairs) and I had a much tighter budget, so I bought the...
  14. yosemitesamiam

    Best cans under $150; 300-600 Ohm

    OK, so I'm in line for a Bottlehead Crack amp...I'm going to be needing a fairly decent set of cans for listening.  I don't want to spend gobs of money on this mostly from the perspective of A) I am raising a family and B) I am working class. (LOL).  Money is always fairly tight, kids knowing...
  15. kb1gra

    IEM replacement for old Super.Fi Studio3s?

    For the past four years I've been using some UE Super.Fi Studio3 as my portable IEMs. They've held up to my abuse remarkably well considering I hear a lot of people had problems with the cables for these. That said, I think it's coming to be time to retire them, and I'm looking for a suitable...
  16. utkanos

    Earbuds <= $250, details inside

    Hello,   I have been reading many threads here over the last few days in my search for a new set of earbuds. I have gotten a lot of my questions answered by searching here but I have come to a point where I need some opinions from those here on a few matters.   Right now I have a set of...
  17. Graphicism

    Earphones went through washer and dryer and sound better?

      I accidentally washed and dried on high heat a set of earphones, not only do they still work but they sound better than I remember...   I did a load of laundry this weekend washing a pair of cargo shorts without checking all the pockets later to find some earphones sat in the bottom of...
  18. Audiophile1811

    What is your favorite Noise-Cancelling Headphone?

    What is you Noise Cancelling headphone of choice and why?   Describe your reason for choosing these and what you like about them so much. Could you add your favorite genres of music as well? I want to know what music you favor with your chosen NC's. Thank You, A1811.
  19. albau

    How these IEMs stack against Shure E3c?

    Ok, I’m switching gears a bit compared to my other thread. I realized that to approximate sound signature (darkish, fun, laid back, spacious, reasonably detailed) of my dead UE 5Pro’s I’ll have to spend $200+ which I don’t want to.   Now after my 2nd pair of 5Pro’s are gone I’m listening to...
  20. Hales

    Tale of Two (Monster) Turbines

    Picked up a pair of Monster Turbines a couple of months ago.  I had read so many glowing reviews of them that I assumed they would be a great replacement for my old Shure e3c's.    The Turbines were a huge letdown.  Very heavy on the mids.  Papery lower treble.  Anemic bass.  I kept...
  21. Tollundmanden

    Shure's Soft Flex Sleeves - looking to identify specific ones

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I've been reading through the archives but I couldn't find any helpful info.   A couple of years ago I lost a pair of Shure E3C's that were given to me after using them for a theatre show. They were fitted with what I think is Medium soft flex sleeves. These were...
  22. EricScott

    Replacement for Shure e3c's?

    My e3c's which I've used for about 6 or 7 years finally conked out...I pulled on the cord a little too hard and separated it from one of the earpieces.   So I'm looking for a replacement...would prefer to spend $200 or less.  Not sure which model is more comparable, the se210 or se310?  ...
  23. Tollundmanden

    Shure's Soft Flex Sleeves - looking to identify specific ones

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I've been reading through the archives but I couldn't find any helpful info.   A couple of years ago I lost a pair of Shure E3C's that were given to me after using them for a theatre show. They were fitted with what I think is Medium soft flex sleeves. These were...
  24. buntwo

    Hifiman RE0 or Shure E3?

    Hi, anyone who owns/owned an RE0 and a Shure E3 care to share their opinion on the two? I'm looking for differences between the two. Thanks!
  25. Chivalry

    Shure foam tips fit UE700?

    Title says it all really... I struggled for agesto find a good fit for my ears and found that the smallest size of the shure foam tips is just right so ideally I need a set of headphones that theses tips fit.. Can pick up the ue700 on sale here atm for £69 but would like to know if my shure foam...