1. DiPoet

    What am I doing wrong?

    For some reason no matter what earphones I buy the wire always gets messed up. Forcing me to toggle the cord or keep it in place for music to play through both sides. This usually happens after like 4-6 months. I'm trying to figure out is this something I'm doing wrong or my products are just...
  2. Midgetguy

    Penon IEMs

    I'm sure someone out there has reviewed these, but I can't seem to find any. Can anyone tell me what they think of the Penon IEMs? I've just been wondering about that for a while and was hoping someone would clear it up. I'm not buying anything from Penon right now so perhaps some impressions...
  3. Rufus_Truthfist

    What's the difference between the meleec M9 second generation and the EDM universe iem?

    Does anyone know what the difference is between these two? I can't find much info on the EDM universe. Also, how does the M9 second generation differ from the first generation?
  4. Myself23

    How would you compare Meelec M11+ to A151

    Hello, I have an M11+, and I wanted to know, how do the A151 compare to them?
  5. LawStanz

    Compare Contrast the MEElectronics M21 and M11+

    In reading over the excellent information contained here, I've more or less narrowed the choice down to the M21 or the M11+.  From the information here both seem to be more balanced offerings for MEElectronics, with acceptable clarity and detail. What I haven't seen a direct head to head on the...
  6. Belabor

    Looking for something cheap and cheerful: Fuze replacement

    Hello once again Head-Fi!   I haven't been around here for quite some time, but now that my Sansa Fuze is starting to show it's age, I'm looking for something to replace it. The power/lock slider is really worn, the battery life has degraded over time and I just feel like trying something...
  7. gduck

    With this sound, at this price, these Hisound iems should be very Popular

    If anyone didn't notice it yet, hisound is having a promotional offer on their Popular iems   I kno some of you have ordered a pair of these earphones and I want to hear your...
  8. paintedblack

    IEM Recommendation, please help!

    Okay, I know it's lame when people don't go through the threads to try to find their answer before they ask, but I'm in a time crunch here.  Most recently I've been using Maximo iMetal 590s (which I bought based on reviews on this forum), which I had a pretty bad experience with (more on that...
  9. ericlin0122

    [Please help] Looking a pair of good Earphones with built-in mic iphone control.

    Hi,  Picked up Klipsch s4i, not impressed with the sound. Gonna return this one and get another pair.    Music: pop, rock, jazz Price: $250 max   Please recommend some.    Thanks, Eric
  10. jaibot

    mee what questions

    Hey everyone!   i got the mee what offer and got two pairs of earbude, one for me and one for my friend.    cw31 and  m11+ what ones should i keep(the better ones) and what ones should i give to my buddy?
  11. Matt V

    Looking for IEM headphones in the $50 area

    I need some IEM's for running, biking and general active use. I am looking for something with a nice low and high end, probably more concentrated on clear highs but some decent bass kick would be good. I prefer neutral mids. Durability is also very important, I'd prefer something that has nice...
  12. impruv

    Upgrade to the Mid-Fi level?

    So 2 years ago, head-fi brought me into better audio and I started with Meelec, own the m9 and m11's. For the past few months I have been using the Shure 750DJ's and they are definitely 'bass-head' type headphones from what I understand. Today I went back to my m9/m11 and was thoroughly...
  13. asadkaramally

    MEElectronics M11+ vs CC51 vs ADDIEM

    Hey guys, just wanted to know which of these headphones is best for me as they are all available below $50. I listen primarily to high bitrate music of all types, Rock, dubstep, electronica, pop, and some R&B. My main concerns are comfort, sound, and build quality. Thanks!
  14. Damon88

    MEElectronics M11+ or M31 ?

      Which ones should i go for ? Price isnt a issue, I simply dont want the ones which have muddy bass, or bass that just hit but hard to feel.   Everyone is saying M11+ has really nice bass but so does M31 , Which one is better in terms of Bass Depth
  15. Damon88

    Recommendation for Basshead IEM's (XB's or MEElec's or any other ?)

    Hi Everyone,   I have been checking out all sorts of IEM's and have been reading reviews since last week. Finally i have picked up some iems which best suit my needs.   I am looking for Bassheads, so far these seem to be available locally and offer good amount of Deep Bass   Sony's...
  16. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] MEElectronics' In-Ears

    First, I want to say sorry about the delay of the review. it should have been posted a few days earlier, but the combination of sickness and some real life businesses have slow down the writing process considerately. Second, I want to take the chance to thank Martie @ MEElectronics for sending...
  17. deano546

    €60 IEMs to replace PL50s

    Hi, recently my Soundmagic PL50s are acting up and I'm looking to replace them, I have a budget of about €60 and I mainly listen to pop, rock and alot of podcasts. Sound quality isn't the most important thing to me because I listen to podcasts alot more than music, but comfort and sound...
  18. Has22fas

    SONY MDR-XB20EX XTRA BASS vs SHURE vs JVC vs SONY vs Sennheiser (NEED BASS!!!)

    Hi so i recently upgraded my older Sennheiser CX-500 IEM's to the Sony MDR-EX20EX which promised xtra bass so far in terms of bass quantity they are equal...although the bass quality is better on the Sony's. Now being that i have a Z5500 Logitech System in my room which has 505w- 1010w peak...
  19. Modified Bear

    How good are all these IEMs by MEElectronics?

    I'm buying a Cowon J3 and there's a deal with it where you get a random set of earphones (out of 6) from MEElectronics and I was wondering how good they all were because I have never heard of the manufacturer.   The six you can get are:   MEElectronics M2P   MEElectronics M9  ...
  20. tks90

    which best??? Sound magic pl50 vs Meelectronic M6 vs brainwavz M2

    among this 3 earphone, which provide best bass and sound clarity?? which 1 of this earphone beat creative ep-830 most??
  21. corl45

    MeElectronics M11P+ as a gift. Burn them in?

    Just bout some MeElectronics M11P+ headphones for my friend. She enjoy's her bass. And from what I understand these headphones have a little more on the bass end without destroying the mids to mid-lows. So They're on there way here. But my question is: should I burn them in? They are a gift, so...
  22. dbdynsty25

    Future Sonic Atrio X Impressions

    In my never ending search for the perfect gym earphone I've tried just about every <125 dollar headphone imaginable...including the MTPC @ 220.  My criteria is pretty simple:  over the ear, chin slider, comfortable, fairly isolated and it needs to be V or U shaped with a nice bass presence for...
  23. jtack

    Monster MD Fit Questions

    I am having fitting issues with my Monster MD. I am using the smaller white tips and get a really good seal when I do as suggested on their website and open my mouth when inserting. The problem is that that sound varies when I move around. It is like my ear canal moves when I lay down, walk...
  24. wjat

    my me-11's lost sound in the right ear (rec similar iem w/ better cable)

    i'm 90% sure it's due to the cable messing up. it started going last week, and messing with the cable seemed to fix it. when i tried them yesterday, the sound was completely gone in the right ear so now im back to ksc75's for a little while. can i get some recs for an iem under $50 that's...
  25. Myon

    Newb time - Looking for cheap headphones

    Alright, you've probably been asked this a thousand times before but I'm looking for some good headphones under $50. I'm a poor college student and I'm going to be using them while I walk to and from school and local stores. My collection is mostly rock/metal and piano pieces (not sure why)...