Compare Contrast the MEElectronics M21 and M11+
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May 29, 2012
In reading over the excellent information contained here, I've more or less narrowed the choice down to the M21 or the M11+.  From the information here both seem to be more balanced offerings for MEElectronics, with acceptable clarity and detail. What I haven't seen a direct head to head on the strengths and weakness of these two offerings and I wonder how the cognoscenti rate these 2 side by side?
On a purely personal level,since I listen almost exclusively to classical, choral and acoustic, I would love a recommendation of which of these 2 are the better option (unless I've missed another strong contender in the <$40 range, for my preferred styles that is available from *sigh* bestbuy).  Thank you in advance for any help you can give.
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Can't comment on the 11+, but the M21 is decent, slight v-shaped sound sig. As most in the M series. For your Music taste I'd recommend the CW31....Not sure if Best Buy stocks them but I think you'll be more happy with them.
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The M11+ should be perfect for Orchestral music. :wink:

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