Newb time - Looking for cheap headphones
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Mar 10, 2011
Alright, you've probably been asked this a thousand times before but I'm looking for some good headphones under $50. I'm a poor college student and I'm going to be using them while I walk to and from school and local stores. My collection is mostly rock/metal and piano pieces (not sure why) though I toss a bit of everything in my Zune.
I'm not quite sure what qualifies as a "good" pair of headphones so I thought I'd drop this question in while I scoured the rest of the forums. Thanks for reading.
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Try some SoundMAGIC or Meelec models. They're cheap and quite decent, and full into your budget.
My favourites in that range are the Meelec M11+, followed by Meelec M21, SoundMAGIC PL50. Going cheaper, you have the Meelec M9 or M6, then SoundMAGIC PL21. The SoundMAGIC PL30 are much praised here, too, but I had problems with mine.
If you're not much into IEMs, I would recommend the Meelec HT21. I don't usually like supraaurals too much, but these I'm start to loving them. Unfortunately, they're a friend's loan and I have to return them :wink:
Hope this helps!
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Yeah, this has been asked a million times before. The basic consensus seems to be that, if you can, you should stretch $10 extra and  get the brainwavz M2. If you can't, there the brainwavz M1, or the brainwavz Pro Alpha. I haven't heard any of those, but I can personally reccomend the Kicker eb141s for a very bassy sound, the UE 220's which are less bassy, and very nice all around, or the Head Direct RE2, which are an amazing deal at the $29 they sell for.

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