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Jun 9, 2011
Hi so i recently upgraded my older Sennheiser CX-500 IEM's to the Sony MDR-EX20EX which promised xtra bass so far in terms of bass quantity they are equal...although the bass quality is better on the Sony's. Now being that i have a Z5500 Logitech System in my room which has 505w- 1010w peak power....because my ears have matured to that the earphones don't pack enough punch....what would be the best Bass Heavy quantity and quality under $100- £80 ?  
Are the MDR-XB40 any good?
Any other IEMs you can suggest that give a good thump ? 
IEMs only thanks in advance :)
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I'd suggest checking out the MEElectronics M11+. At least to me, they have a sufficient amount of bass. And this is coming from a guy that said the Sony XB500 didn't have enough bass (look those up and you'll see what I mean). I know for sure that the MEElectronics is going to be better than those MDR-XB40s as I have those too. The M11+ should not disappoint. The quantity is loaded (too much for most headfiers) and the quality is pretty good (although not even touching some higher-level universals). Also, don't let the size fool you!
Also, make sure you look at the M11+. The M11 (without the plus sign) use different drivers and have a different sound.
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Thanks for your reply. Are vocals still audible and what are the highs and mids like under that much bass. Also whats your experience using the XB40s are they no where near the bass levels of the MEElectronics M11+?
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The vocals are perfectly audible and the mids are slightly recessed but they should be just fine for you. The highs can get a little scratchy if the volume is up too loud though. Can't tell ya about the SP51s though as I've never heard them. Compared to the XB40s, the bass quantity is less, not a gaping hole less, but it is clearly noticable. And the quality of the bass is much less than the M11+.
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Oh okay......and yeah there not the best....but there aint any other Computer speakers out there with a better terms of bass quantity....which is all i look for in a system BASS?!?!
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MEElectronics M31? They're exceedingly bassy to me.
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I admittedly haven't tried any of those, sorry! If it helps, they have more bass impact to my ears than the XB500.
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I just got the Fischer Eternas and they are VERY bassy; so bassy that it made all my other neutral headphones sound really, really thin.  You should look into them!

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