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Future Sonic Atrio X Impressions

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  1. dbdynsty25
    In my never ending search for the perfect gym earphone I've tried just about every <125 dollar headphone imaginable...including the MTPC @ 220.  My criteria is pretty simple:  over the ear, chin slider, comfortable, fairly isolated and it needs to be V or U shaped with a nice bass presence for hip hop/rap/southern rock/jazz.  It also needs to sound good with just an ipod touch 4G...no amps or anything in between.  The mic/controller is also a plus but not required.
    To be specific about what headphones I've had in my possession in the last two months: Phonak Audeo Perfect Bass, Brainwavz M2 & M3, NuForce 700x, MEE m11, Ultimate Ears 500vi & 600vi, Monster Turbine, Monster Turbine Copper, Etymotic HF3, JVC X67 and the Klipsch S4i.  The three pairs I currently have in my possession are the M3s, the Turbines and the X67s (the current gym headphones cuz of their cost).  I like them all for different reasons, but I want a one and only pair that excels at everything I'm looking for.  Which brings me to the Atrio Xs (the set with the iphone/ipod controller).
    I just picked up a pair of the Atrio Xs from JR for about 75 dollars shipped and they were delivered this morning.  These clearly are a way for Future Sonics to use their inventory of the MG5 drive since it was replaced on the higher end Atrio by the MG7 speaker.  These are just initial impressions because I've literally only spent about 15 min. with them and I know a few people were asking about these the other day in the OLD thread from a few months ago.  I guess I'm the sucker who's tried them first.
    I guess my reasoning for getting pair is that most people were pretty happy with the old MG5 driver in the old Atrio but that sometimes they thought it was a bit dark and not very sparkly...well that is kind of my sound preference.  I love how the original Turbines sound and that's pretty much the complaint against those as well.  I just can't use them at the gym because of the weight and they don't stay in my ears all that well.
    First thing is the comfort and isolation...this is important for the gym and these things are just awesome.  I had a tough time figuring out how far to actually put the headphone in.  Too far and it muddys everything up (i use the default medium dual flanges).  If you put them in a little bit less than you think you should (think: ety depth), then you're golden.  They are definitely more isolating than any of the other headphones I've tried besides the Etymotic HF3s.  You put them in quite a bit further than something like the Turbines...but again, not quite as far as the Etys.  The default tips were fine for me...apparently the Atrios are known for the poor tip selection and tip comfort but I didn't have a problem with them.
    The cables are decent, if a bit cheap.  They are sturdy from a strain relief point of view, but they keep the shape of the packaging for quite a while...they still haven't straightened out yet and they've been out for a few hours.  The strain relief on the plug and the Y are very good and the ones out of the earphones are really nice and flexible.  One note about the color...these things look brown on the web...they are black and grey...and they look great in my opinion.  Worn cable up, they fit right into my ear and I can sleep in them if need be.
    These things sounded outstanding.  They don't quite have the bass of the turbines coming out of my Touch 4G with the EQ off, but they are close.  They seem to be quite a bit better in the mids and highs though, making it seem like they are a bit more forward.  (I'm just an amateur at this, so my descriptions will be poor at best, lol).  Obviously this is all done without any burn in so it's just how they sound out of the box at this point.  I really like the clarity and depth of the bass (which is what the original Atrios were known for).
    To be a true Head-fi junky...it wouldn't be right if I didn't also order a pair of the new Atrios with the MG7...so I should have those next week.  But for twice the price and the lack of an ipod control, I doubt I will even open them because I'm super happy with the way these sound at the moment.  Or maybe I just sell my other headphones and keep both.  The Xs for the gym and the normal ones for my more critical listening (even though I'm not sure how good of an ear I've got, lol).
    Anyway, just wanted to let some people know on here that the Xs do exist and they are a definite contender for the sub $80 bass oriented ipod/iphone control crown.
    If you have any questions, fire away!
  2. Bazirker
    Thanks for the impressions, I think these may be some of the first Atrio X comments available on Head-fi.  I use Atrios at the gym, and they're great for their isolation and light-weight housing.
    Break them in real well, as Future Sonics' dynamic drivers improve greatly in SQ with time.  The bass should improve as will the treble clarity.  Let us know whatcha think in 100 hours or so, especially compared to the other phones you've heard!  I'm quite interested to hear what you think!
  3. dbdynsty25
    After burning these in for a few days (maybe 25 hours or so total)...they are definitely opening up a bit and becoming a bit less dark.  The bass quantity has decreased slightly, but it has also increased in treble quantity and quality...so it has become slightly more balanced overall.  I'm definitely liking the way these are burning in.  Hopefully I can get them up to about 100 hours by next weekend for some more critical listening. 
  4. Bazirker
    Yup, that's about what I would expect, except for the decrease in bass quantity.  Are you accomodating to it, or is it really decreasing?
  5. dbdynsty25
    It's probably just because it's not as overpowering to the overall sound like it was initially.  The rest of it opening up makes it all more balanced so it's just perceived as a reduction in bass quantity.  That said, the quality is still legit...so I'm still ridiculously happy with them.

  6. dbdynsty25
    After another 20 or so hours of burn (almost 50 hours now)...these things are really really growing on me.  I mean I liked em in the beginning and now they are probably my favorite headphones that I own.  I seriously don't see how the new MG7 version of the Atrios can be better than this.  I probably shouldn't even open the new ones when they get here tuesday.  :)
    Still crickets in this thread for the most part.  Some other people really need to get these Atrio Xs.  Outstanding value.
  7. TedPackers
    they had a deal on a group buying site a while back and I wish i jumped on it now!!!
    does J&R ship everywhere for free? gonna do some research, are they the best deal out there?
  8. dbdynsty25
    Well the MG7 Atrios arrived today and wow.  I can't believe I waited so long to try out both sets of Atrios.  I literally love BOTH of them.  I will likely keep both sets...the X's for the gym and the regulars for home and travel use.  
    The first question you're probably wondering is if the MG7s are twice as good as the Xs.  The answer is no...if I had to put a price on them, they should be about 100, where the Xs are at about 70.  Yes, the MG7s are clearer on the top end and they seem to be brighter and feel a bit more open.  I assume that is ultimate the difference in the MG5 and MG7 driver...from the impressions I've read elsewhere, that definitely seems to be the case.  Now, I'm not saying the MG7s aren't worth the 140 I paid for them...they clearly are.  I'm just saying that compared to the X, they are only slightly better.  I haven't heard a headphone under 220 (Coppers were the most expensive I've tried) that is better for me, and my music listening habits.  Both sets are just awesome.
    One weird thing is that I have a harder time getting a good fit with the MG7s compared to the Xs. It seems the grey double flanges that come with the Xs are ever so slightly bigger than the MG7s so they fit me perfectly whereas I've got to work the MG7s a little bit to get them seated correctly.  This could also be because the eartips are broken in on the Xs since I've had them for a week now.  Just something I noticed right out of the box.
    So yeah...I'd definitely say the MG7s are a better headphone...clearly...I just don't think it's worth twice the price of the Xs.  I'll continue to burn in the MG7s but from what I've read, they don't change much...whereas the Xs change quite a bit.  We'll see I guess.  As of this moment, I couldn't be a bigger fan of Future Sonics in general.  Outstanding headphones for the price.
  9. dweaver
    You might find the new driver will change alot but it may be more spread out and incremental making it hard to notice the changes. I often make the mistake of forgetting about burnin or assuming the change is complete only to find there is more to come. Also treble extension and detail seems to be the hardest aspect of an IEM to burn in. Bass will often change dramatically over one night to the next but treble for many IEM's takes what feels like forever to change. In your case your loving your new toys which is great because you will get to hear that benefit if it exists. I have seen many an IEM on the chopping block (and sold one or two of them myself) due to impatience or disbelief in burnin much to the benefit of the 2nd owner who got an exceptional IEM or headphone for a slashed price and half or more of the initial listening pains dealt with for them :).
  10. Bazirker


    The Atrios will break-in just as much as it sounds like your Atrio X's did.  Mine took around 100 hours before the sounds really matured.
  11. dbdynsty25
    After using these things more and more, and comparing them to the MG7 Atrios, I'm convinced that they must have tuned the Atrio X MG5 driver a bit because I'm having a bit more trouble telling them apart.  Maybe it's fatigue from going back and forth so much, but it seems silly for me to keep the 150 dollar MG7s when I'm just as happy with the Xs.  I'll give the MG7s more burn today to see if they really wow me, but right now, the difference is so miniscule, that I really doubt I'll keep the more expensive ones!
  12. silverkaze
    where did you buy the m5 for 140? The lowest I can find is 160 from ebay and the seller says that it uses MG5pro drivers
  13. shotgunshane Contributor
  14. dbdynsty25
  15. Bazirker
    That mic looks big, how large is it really?  Is it just a bad photo?
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