1. cptkron

    new to iems need some advice

    As the title states I'm new to iems and would love some advice. I am looking for something for when im at work. I currently have a cheap pair of sony MDREX-10LP. I had stumbled onto the klipsch image s4a ii however I wanted to do some research and found this amazing site. So I have been reading...
  2. jomarr

    Great Build Quality IEMs with Detachable Cables

    Hi guys!   I have had 2 IEMs for the past 2 years:   SoundMagic E10 Brainwavz M3   Both have superb sound quality.   I'm just a little bit worried about their build quality. I don't like buying a pair every 15 months. Are there better build quality IEMs better with detachable...
  3. krismusic

    Who got headphones?

    Ok. So who got headphones for Christmas and what did you get? Doesn't really count if you bought them yourself but post anyway. Very Happy Christmas to all.
  4. oMalakai

    The Bass Heavy IEM Thread

    So, I was thinking about making a thread related to the IEM´s that are known to have an amazing bass response, because I have seen many threads asking about that, and also, i´m interested about it, and I´m sure that there are more bassheads that will be interested about it, so we can have just...
  5. ithehappy

    Kindly suggest me an IEM

    Hi, my first post here. Had trouble registering, but finally did. Okay, before coming to the point, let's say this about me, I know some things about P.C, Mobiles and some other stuffs but when it's an audio product I don't know what to look for, so in other words you can call me an amateur, or...
  6. Aoi-chan

    New IEM + PMP | Budget : USD 150 or INR 8000

    Hi. I new here and my sole purpose of joining is because I'm not able to decide on an IEM and a PMP in my budget of USD 150 or INR 8000 for both the things. Yeah, I live in India, so the total cost should be inclusive of shipping and taxes/customs. I can order from (this one...
  7. M

    Brainwavz M3

    Hi, do you guys know any store inside europe that sells de Brainwavz M3? Thanks  
  8. noshalans

    Rockbox EQ help (Brainwavz M3 and Clip+)

    I took my first serious IEM, a pair of Brainwavz M3 and i want to set up my Clip+ EQ. I listen to rock of all types but I really don't know how to do this with Rockbox, this is the first time I have ever used it.  Can someone help me with Gain - Freq - Q ? Thanks very much in advance for your...
  9. oneoseven

    Brainwavz M3

    I know this isn't the place for it and if it was possible for me to post it in the for sale I would so I apologize.. I'll be receiving a new replacement off warranty at the end of this week from amazon US and since I now own a VSonic GR07 this pair is no longer needed.. If there's no interest...
  10. akki007

    Brainwavz M3 or HiFiMan RE0?

    Ok, so my senn IE7's gave up the goose, well the right can did at least. Doing some looking around I've narrowed down my choice to replace the IE7's to either the Brainwavz M3 or the HiFiMan RE0. I just can't decide. Somebody convince me either way!   im in the uk so it's tough getting hold...
  11. Franzo

    Need help choosing good IEMs mostly for rock and under 80-100GBP (After my Brainwavz M3)

    Hi guys,   I would appreciate your help with choosing new earphones (IEM) under 80GBP - must be from   It seems that my Brainwavz M3 are gone as I can hear annoying crackling sound every time I put them into my ears. It looks like wrinkly membrane or something, so I decided...
  12. Kent0

    Weston UM1 vs Brainwavz M3

    which one (in your opinion) is better?
  13. eengel24

    ATH CKM 500 vs Brainwavz M3

    Hi, i was wondering if anyone on the forum had experience with both these iems and could compare them.                      thanks
  14. tristanshiz

    Recommendation for Brainwavz M3 owner

    Hi all   Just looking for some advice,   I've just got my replacement BrainWavz M3 & they seem to be faulty, the sound is hollow-ish, total lack of bass & incredible sibilance (I was Googling for days trying to find the terminology for what I hear haha) This is the 2nd pair that have...
  15. chanawar

    Which one is the best in Brainwavz ?

    Hello forum,   I am new here and I need some experience, help and thoughts about IEMs.   Firstly I have used Creative EP-630 five years ago :)   One year ago, I wanted to change it to Meelectronics M6. I have been using this over one year. But It is getting to hard wear them. Because...
  16. napster420

    HifiMan RE0 at discount or Brainwavz M3

    Hello guys,   The Head Direct RE-0 is at sale @ $50 only. Including shipping , it would cost me around $60 to $65. And the cost of Brainwavz M3 is $76 currently. My Pl-50 broke down yesterday and I am now considering the above two as a replacement option for me.   Overall i like the...
  17. Archerious

    Dacmini CX vs M3 with Sigma PSU

    I can get either for $500 used. The dacmini has a dac, but I heard the m^3 is great. I have Q701 and GR07. Plan to get HE500 or LCD-2 soon. 50% Rock, 20% Jazz, 5% Electronica, 5% Dubstep, 5% Japanese Rock, Harajuku Dance Rock, 15% Rap, Aerosmith & Led Zeppelin fanboy. Thanks, Thomas
  18. Sobakus

    IEM started being bassy.

    Hi there. So I dropped my Brainwavz M3s on the floor again and one casing came apart, just like on this picture. I did what a review on this site suggested and just closed it back, however the bass in this bud is now muddy and is sticks out by 2-3 dB. I opened it again and it turns out it's the...
  19. sardar17

    brainwavz m3 vs shure se215 vs klipsch s4

    hello fellows i have got brainwavz m3 and heard both se215 and s4 and in my opinion m3 betters both of them   se215 is the best value due to its detachable cable,super comfy fit and overall build quality alongwith good sound. s4 is very bassy although bass is not tight with recessed mids m3...
  20. martian007

    IEMs for Metal/Rock (replacement for Brainwavz M3)

    I know there are lots of threads asking for recommendation like this one and as I don't want to steal much of your time I'll try to be as clear as possible about what I'm looking for.   My Brainwavz M3 broke after a year and a half of moderate use (its actually possible to listen to them but...
  21. WasabiWa83

    New IEM help?

    I need a new pair of IEMs and can't figure out which would be the best. I've looked at the review thread with tons of IEMs but that's only made things more difficult. I'm looking to spend no more than 200$ on them. I listen to mostly rock/screamo/ambient/soft rock, so I need something with...
  22. sun1

    In-ear headphone recommendations for £100 ($150)

    Hi, I've been using this forum for a while now but just decieded to join because I wanted some direct advice. I would like some good all round headphones up to £100. prefferable some thing that will play all genres of music since I listen to all genres! This makes it really hard for me to...
  23. vincedea

    brainwavz M3 vs M4

    whats the difference between these 2? I had the M3's before they got smashed from a closing door :(.  And as aorund the mp4nation site i noticed that they didnt have the M3's anymore but they had the M4's.  After reading the reviews what will be the difference between these 2 IEMs?    ...
  24. siddharth

    help!!! 200$ IEM!!!!!

    hello everyone, i am desperately looking for a warm sounding IEM with deep bass under 200$ n i'm out of clue,i don't have any specific iem in mind,firstly i considered going for tf10 but then found out that they were kind of metallic sounding n bright treble,well i don't like that   i have...
  25. greendream

    Help with my IEM search, detailed, but also fun? Info within.

      Hi all, sorry if this post is a repeat, or retreading old ground, but I did some searches and didn't find anything particularly similar (particularly in my price range). Anyway, here goes. I have trying to find a good solid pair of IEMs for general commuting/walking around use. I suppose...