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Kindly suggest me an IEM

  1. ithehappy
    Hi, my first post here. Had trouble registering, but finally did.
    Okay, before coming to the point, let's say this about me, I know some things about P.C, Mobiles and some other stuffs but when it's an audio product I don't know what to look for, so in other words you can call me an amateur, or that fancy word noob.
    Now coming to the point. I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which I've been using for past 6 months, with the headset it came with. I don't know but I guess the Wolfson audio hardware in it is pretty good and can provide more or less good audio, but that headset is garbage! The worst one can make imo.
    So I will buy an in ear headset to be able to use with my phone. Now my budget is 70-80$. What I'd like? Obviously great sound quality, and with that my main liking, BASS, and I mean punching, solid yet clear bass. I once had one unit which had terribly distorted bass, which had its trail all the way, no, I'd hate that. I previously used a Creative EP 630, which I more or less liked.
    I've seen some recommendations here and there, and one unit I found quite attractive, Klipsch S4. Some reviews said it's the best bang for buck, is it really? There are some places also which said it's just an average product. Well I believe that more you read about a product on internet more you'll be confused, so I'd like to keep things simple.
    Also if it's possible I'd like to have a Mic with the product, so that I can use it for calling too, but if that results at lots of compromise with audio quality then it can be ignored.
    And some brands I've an allergy with, they are, anything labeled as 'Skull', Beats, Razor etc.
    My preferred brands are, Sony, Bose (?), Shure, Sennheiser, Altec Lansing (no idea if they make earphones nowadays!), Klipsch etc.
    And last thing, I'm located in Calcutta, India. So my only choices of buying are some online stores like eBay, Flipkart and some, along with very few local stores here. So those ultra-attractive sale deals from Amazon and elsewhere are a no go for me. That's why popular brands are more welcome!

    Thanks in advance. Let's help this idiot to buy a vfm product.


    'Swyped' from my GT-N7100
  2. ithehappy
    Did I ask anything wrong guys?
    I've been doing my researches a bit as I didn't get a response here and other than Klipsch, I found one Sony, the MDR XB90EX.
    So which one will it be, S4A or XB90EX? Or anything else?
    Have plan to buy within 2 days.

    'Swyped' from my GT-N7100
  3. cravenz
    My recommendation would be to have a look at thread by joker on iems first. I'm on my mobile so linking you there would be difficult.
  4. ithehappy
     Well one of my friend also suggested me the same topic but I'm unsure which one exactly is it, can't find! 
  5. cravenz
    ithehappy likes this.
  6. ostewart
    Dunu DN-22M
  7. ithehappy
    Okay, read that topic, spent an hour to read it, and then another half an hour to sort out which ones are available here. Gotta say that topic is something. Amazing.
    Still to finalize my decision, I have a query, I have made a list and these are the ones of my choice,
    1- Klipsch S4A - This is the only I would like to have honestly, as it has very good review, additionally it will go cool with my phone for calling purpose.
    2- Sony EX310- Nice product. I love Sony. But I don't know if they'll produce deep bass!
    3- Brainwavz M2/M3- Seems like a nice product. But honestly I don't like that brand!
    4- Sony XB90EX- This one is my addition. I am unsure however that whether it is available here or not.
    5- Sennheiser CX400 II Precision- This one too is my addition. Reviews are good.
    So as I said, it'd be easy and decent for me to get Klipsch. But some negative comments on it is pulling me from it (yeah, they might be nuisance). So out of the above five choices, which one would be good for deep and clear bass, and overall SQ?
    Is Klipsch not a good brand for audio products? If I get the S4a will I miss a lot than others listed above?
    Thanks in advance,
  8. texanater
    If you want base you can't go wrong with the Atrio M5s.  I think they go for $50.  I have a pair of the M8 which I believe is the same driver and its like having a subwoofer in your ear.  They do everything else well enough too.  
  9. fuzzyash
    id go with the sony xb90ex or the audio technica cks99
    both are reputable iem makers, have been making them for some time, and are pretty good with their bass products
    they're both on ebay but make sure to buy them from sellers with lots of ratings
  10. ithehappy
    Thanks both. As I said, Atrio and those brands are NOT available here, so can't go with them.
    @fuzzyash: I am still not sure whether XB90 EX is available here or not, but if they are I will consider it.
    I have a question, Brainwavz and VSonic, are they good brands? I mean I know that Sennheiser, Sony or Shure are good brands, along with Klipsch and Bose, for audio stuffs, but could the same be said for Brainwavz and VSonic?
  11. ostewart
    Dunu like i suggested above, they sell on ebay oficially
  12. ithehappy
    It is NOT AVAILABLE on eBay India :rolleyes:

    'Swyped' from my GT-N7100
  13. ostewart
  14. Operaphile
    I think you've moved away from Shure but since you've mentioned them a couple times I wanted to chime in. I love Shures but I'd think they'd be all wrong for you. They have (I think) amazing sound but they're not a bassy iem. It sounds like you want a v-shaped sound sig and that's not Shure. You're earlier list sounds good though. I've never had Klipsch iems but the few other products I've had from them have been good. I'd suggest you get the headphones from someplace local so you can try them out for a few days or a week and if you don't like them, take them back. Even better would be if you could find someplace to demo them, but maybe that's not available in your area.
    Good luck!
  15. Seekky
    MH1C, need to say more?

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