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Which one is the best in Brainwavz ?

  1. chanawar
    Hello forum,
    I am new here and I need some experience, help and thoughts about IEMs.
    Firstly I have used Creative EP-630 five years ago :)
    One year ago, I wanted to change it to Meelectronics M6. I have been using this over one year. But It is getting to hard wear them. Because its cable must cross back of my ears. So, I need a new earphone as normal wear.
    My music taste is Rock, Metal, Pop and Blues.
    I interest in Brainwavz earphones now very very confused which model is the best for me. M1, M2 and M3 are old models I think. M4, M5 and R1 are newer than others. I am interested in R1 beause of two spearkers. But I think its build quality is not very well because of plastic body.
    Last word, which is the best one for me? On the other hand you can recommend other brands and models for me at max 50-60 USD
    Also If you can choose best in the survery below, I would be happy for it. Thanks a lot.
  2. tuan2195
    I just got a R1 and I can say that it is amazing for the price. Pretty balanced, good for any genre (I demand some more bass though, I'm a basshead) You really can't go wrong with it.
    I can't speak of quality as I've only had it for a week, but no issues so far. Doesn't seem like it's going to break anytime soon.
  3. Sycho
    In my own personal experience, the R1s are horrible. They sound almost like the Monoprice 8323, but with more muddy bass; dark sound. Maybe I'm just expecting too much from them, but I would prefer the Image S2ms over the R1s. For the others, I have never tried them.
  4. tuan2195
    That is strange, but maybe I paid $30 for it and I didn't expect much. Or maybe it's just my X10 was so badly deformed lol.
  5. mosshorn
    They are hinting on Facebook about the R2 and R3, maybe wait until then?
  6. chanawar
    I am between M5 and R1 right now :) but not decided which one is best for me yet.
  7. phlashbios
    Take a look at Vsonic VC02. Fits your budget, suits your music tastes and is currently the best thing I have heard that is < $100
  8. Kansho
    I was wondering whether to buy a Vsonic VC02, so could someone tell us more about the mids of the Vsonic VC02, for example in comparison with the GR06.
    That would be good to know.
  9. djvkool
    M4, M5, and R1
  10. hitme987
    M4 all the way, though Ive heard only R1. M5 and M2, M4 performs a lot better than all of em imo.
  11. chanawar

    You say M4 is better than others but I read M5 has better quality than M4 in its review.
  12. djvkool
    Reviews are relative...I also like M4 better than M5
  13. chanawar
    Anybody knows how to wear R1 ? I mean we must cross its cable from back of our ears or we must wear it normal ?
  14. dflock
    It was designed to wear over the ear.
  15. zhonghua
    M5 - nice design, neutral sounding and better quality for me.. :)

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