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The Bass Heavy IEM Thread

  1. oMalakai
    So, I was thinking about making a thread related to the IEM´s that are known to have an amazing bass response, because I have seen many threads asking about that, and also, i´m interested about it, and I´m sure that there are more bassheads that will be interested about it, so we can have just one thread to look. That would be more efficient for the forum.
    I need help for this, with some reviews, and suggestions of IEMs that we can add to the list, because I haven´t tested any other earphones but my M3. So, you suggest me, or tell me about an IEM, and I will edit this first post to make a nice list with prices, pros, cons, and that stuff.
    Tell me what you think, cheers!
  2. oMalakai
    No? Lame idea? Goodbye guys (?)

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