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Help with my IEM search, detailed, but also fun? Info within.

  1. greendream
    Hi all, sorry if this post is a repeat, or retreading old ground, but I did some searches and didn't find anything particularly similar (particularly in my price range). Anyway, here goes.

    I have trying to find a good solid pair of IEMs for general commuting/walking around use. I suppose first I should mention what msuic I like to listen to, and also what my previous headphone experience is (my headphone CV!). I listen to, I suppose, 3 main areas of music. I listen to a lot of rock, ranging from early death metal, through punk, to current heavy bands like Harvey Milk and Lightning Bolt, so that means I need something that can handle a bit of bass (although I'm not a basshead) and distorted guitars, and also something that has a sort of fun sound. Bridging that requirement are records from the 60s and 70s that I listen to a lot, and these tend to be psychedelic rock/blues with guitars as usual, but also strings, horns, and a lot of toher instrumentation, so detail is also important. Reinforcing the need for detail is my love for folk, fingerpicked guitar like john fahey and leo kottke, and also delta blues guitarists such as missippi john hurt and bukka white.

    Given that, I guess what I am looking for is something kind of forward and fun, full sounding, but also detailed.

    At home I listen to Grados (when using my hifi is inappropriate), I have SR80i and SR225, and before now my travel headphones have been the ATH-FC700. I love the Grados, they have everything I want in a source of sound. And the ATH, once put through the Fiio E5's bass boost, also had a sound I liked a lot. The problem is I am getting fed up with the inconvenience of on-ear headphones for travel.

    This led to me getting the Thinksound TS02, more or less on a whim, which again I like, but perhaps are a bit too heavy on the bass, and the treble leaves a bit to be desired. The detail of these IEMs is also not quite enough to fully enjoy the intricacies of solo steel-string guitar music.

    Right! So that was a sort of long story, but I feel it sets the scene well. I am looking for an IEM (as I already said) with a fun full sound, and also good detailing. I don't REALLY want to spend more than £50-£70 since this is only for travel.

    I have done a fair bit of research and narrowed my choices down to...

    Soundmagic PL50/E30

    MEElectronics A151

    Brainwavz M3

    Sorry for the essay here, but do any of you experts out there have any guidance you can offer me?

    Thanks for your help, in advance.
  2. Nulliverse
    Well, I'm far from being an expert... but I do have very similar musical tastes to you.
    In your position, I'd be tempted to bump my budget up to £86, as the JVC FXT90s almost exactly match your description. They are very forward and fun, whilst being highly detailed. Although I'm no bass head, adequate bottom end is very high on my priority list, and the FXT90s do not in any way leave me wanting. They're also very versatile, and present death metal just as well as they do 60's / 70's psych.
    However, if you're sure that you want to stick within that price range, have a good read through Tier 3C ($60-100) of IJokerI's multi IEM review and ClieOS's Concise Multi-IEM Comparison.
    Happy hunting :)
  3. ZARIM
    The Brainwavz M4, Turbine, JVC FXC51, Sony EX310 and HSA Crystal recommended and they all sound detailed yet offers good bass response and fun to listen.

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