1. TooNice

    MEElectronics A151 vs M6

    My Sennheiser CX300-ii no longer works (probably just a damaged cable, but I don't want to tinker with it), and I've been looking at a replacement.   They may not be the most loved IEMs going by the average ratings on Head-Fi, but it's comfort (for my ears) and price at the time I got them...
  2. DoubleDee

    Recommendations for $40 in ear monitors?

    Hi!   I'm looking for a new pair of earphones to replace my senheiser cx215. My budget is around $40-$50. I listen to mostly rock/pop/metal. I also listen to electro and club mixes, so I guess I need one which can play a variety of different music. I'm looking for earphones with good but not...
  3. xTIRO

    Can't decide on a pair of in-ear headphones.

    I currently own a pair of V-Moda Bass Fréq Metals that I got for $35 and I was looking to get another pair of headphones that aren't so overwhelming on the bass and sound better.   I was thinking of getting the ME Electronics A151, ATH-CKS55BK, Klipsch Image S4 or Phiaton PS 20, or maybe...
  4. MadPawel

    Durable headphones

    Hi, I'm working on construction and I need pair of headphones that can stand a beating. Now I'm using in ear Bose IE2 headphones. I would like some kind of headphones that wont fall out everytime I move and that will be able to stand the sweat and dirt. Preferably with some good bass and maybe...
  5. s1000rr

    Need help finding a decent, low-cost IEM.

    I ended up with the of Sony MDR-EX210B after searching this forum for something low cost.  Sadly, I absolutely hate them.  They have way, way too much bass for my taste.     Is there such a thing as a good sounding, inexpensive IEM?     For reference, I have an old pair of Shure E2c's...
  6. localredhead

    M6 PRO Impressions

    Hello,   Just got my M6 Pro's today and I thought I'd race to be the first to add my opinion on these IEMS.   I'm updating this after 1 week of listening.  My updates are green.   Presentation: Warm (read:  bass)  - Or so I initially thought.  Honestly after a week I think the bass is...
  7. glove4

    MEElectronics A151 2nd Generation Impressions.

    I took advantage of MEElectronics's Cyber Monday deal on their brand new second generation A151, and what a bargain it was. I've had the original A151, at least two sets, one with the old MEE logo, since they were introduced maybe four years ago (not sure how long it was). I've been a big fan...
  8. SkyBleu

    Top 3 IEMs for Under $50

    Hey guys!   Yes, I am aware there are many of these threads lazing around, but I want the most updated one on this topic!   So, what IEMs would you guys say is the most worthy for under $50?   I know the SoundMAGIC E10 is one of those, so no need to mention that one again:)   Anyways, if...
  9. nihontoman

    choosing "best" cheap BA IEMs as an introduction to BA world...

    I'm a newbie when it comes to audiophile world (or whatever one might call it) and up until now all the experience I've had with relatively high end IEMs had been with Dynamic driver types. I would really like to see what the "other side" can offer, preferably as cheap as possible for starters...
  10. ndhaliwal

    Need Help to choose closed headphones for my wife.

    Hi Guys,   I have been reading a lot on this forum and need some help. I am looking to buy headphones for under $500. It will be used without amp most of the time but will be nice if it works with amp as well. She listen to all type of music and like neutral sound with some bass, which...
  11. jigglywiggly

    Cheap earbuds with no microphonics

    Anyone know any? I like the stock htc one earbuds quite a bit, but the microphonics on them is insane. It gives me a headache.   Wrapping it around my ear helps, but it's not good enough.     Anyone know any clip on earbuds that isolate well, are cheap, and sound pretty decent? <50$ is...
  12. S

    Good pricing on MEElectronics A151-BK Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones

    Based on reviews here I bought these and am passing along a current sale price for those in the market for great deals on the A151.  Now, it says, "Used" but that means the package was scuffed etc. :
  13. ruleof72

    Suggested budget in-ear or earphones under $50

    Hi all,   I almost never use earphones or in-ear stuff so I'm pretty much clueless in this area and I'm asking for some help here.   My wife is looking for something with decent quality for listening to streaming radio (Slacker, Mog) while at work. She's definitely not an audiophile but...
  14. stillshot2

    A worthy Monoprice 8320 iem upgrade?

    Is there anyone who has tried the Monoprice 8320 iems, that can recommend a good upgrade with a similar sound signature? I have tried quite a bit of budget phones (including some circumaural headphones as well as a variety of earbuds) but find I like in ear monitors because they block outside...
  15. RicardoOrtiz

    I need help choosing 1 of these IEM's.

    I am not an audiophile, but I love hearing music, hearing all the different tones of the instruments, the mids, highs, and lows, and I am just looking for a pair of IEM's that would be comfortable for everyday use, with clear sound, and good bass. Can anyone help me choose the best pair of...
  16. GarageBoy

    Heavy cords are getting annoying...(Meelec A151) Anyone have any ideas?

    So I love the sound of my Meelectronics A151s and the cord is great except for the fact that it's heavy and droops all over the place. It gets annoying as the cord will dangle around, get caught on the buckles of my bag and my clothes, or drag the drivers off my desk due to its weight...
  17. glove4


  18. bcd127

    Best IEM for me?

    I have been trying my very hardest for quite a long time now to find an IEM that fits my personal preference. I have found a few that may, but the reviews always differ from site to site and person to person. I would just like to get other people's opinion based on what i specifically want. I...
  19. jasonlu15789

    Newbie need help with in ear earphone selection!!! Please help

                     Hi everybody, I am new here and I am looking for a pair in ear earphone since my old one is broken.  My price range is from $50 to $100. I have read a few review on Vsonic gr06, MEElectronics A161, or  MEElectronics A151. and other brand also. How are they working? in terms...
  20. PMAP

    What do you value most in portable 'phones? (Poll)

    Everywhere I read about headphones and earphones, everyone asks about sound. That's reasonable, I found that especially in portables for outside use, once the sound quality is 'good enough' (YMMV), I find that I value comfort and isolation higher than sound quality on itself. What's sound...
  21. justgotlucky123

    good iem/s under 100 dollars

    so I've been looking for an iem for under 100 bucks for quite a while now. i am using this for a back up and when i am in my bed listening to music or watching movies on a tablet and maybe for commuting. the reason i am doing this is because i dont like having a big bulk on my head when i am...
  22. Sylaw


    ive been doing this research for many years and yet i found only two iems that at least comes closer to my expectations . " ety er4s & westone 4s..  bt need to change everything with the tym..  if any one knows something  better plz  try to give me suggestions .   appreciate it!
  23. S

    Need IEMs with uber strong cable, great isolation

    Howdy Headfi brains,   I need recommendations for inexpensive (50-75$) IEMs with a very sturdy build, particularly with regards to the cables, and excellent noise isolation.  I'm looking for something to listen to podcasts with while I mow the yard, trim weeds, cut firewood, and other manly...
  24. sunandrw

    Help!! Looking for a good pair of ear-buds for $15~$20 (Amazon price)

    Hello everybody,   I'm looking for a pair of in ear headphones for around $20 or less (Amazon price, not retail) I had a pair of Pioneer CL24 and I loved them a lot, but they are getting old so I thought it might be a good time to find some replacements. I'm looking for a pair of IEM...
  25. countolaf

    IEM's with braided cables?

    I find braided cables pleasing to the eye but I heard its also more durable than ordinary cables.I know the best IEMS for this include UE, Westone, and (perhaps) Etymotic. But they are out of my price range for now so I wanna ask if there's any other in ear monitors out there that's not that...