1. FightBrothers

    What's the best IEM under 200?

    i'm looking for a IEM that is under 200 with good soundstage good mids and highs, bass is not my biggest concern but it still have to nice and clear. i'm not an audiophile so i'm hoping for some opinions.
  2. nestea

    Westone or Shure

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum I'm not new to the "hi-fi" gear ( i've had a pair of etymotic hf3) but now i need some new IEMs. I've got an iPod touch (new generation) as mp3 player, and the new earpods dont sound bad, but i gave them to my cousin, so now i have nothing to hear music...
  3. red71rum

    Best tips for Monster Isport Immersion headphones?

    I recently got a brand new pair of Isport Immersion headphones for $40 opebox at a local store. Now I am not a Monster fan, I like my Etymotic HF3, but I thought it was a decent deal so I got them. The problem is that whlie they sound decent, and I spent well ver an hour trying different...
  4. SoulShocked123

    First Pair of Armature IEM

    Hey, i started my audio enthusiast(enthusiast cause well i am no audiophile though i want to be in future :D) adventure 3 months ago and i am really enjoy the fact that i am not fooled by markeeting thanks to this awesome forum and its people and i have decide to step up to Armature drivers...
  5. nuipisqo

    Question about etymotic hf line

    Hey head-fi gurus,   I have a pair of red and a pair of blue etymotic cables that I bought used. I was going to crack them open and make two pairs of:   red right ear / blue left ear hfx cables.   I understand that there are smt resistors in cable, I was going to use iphone earbuds...
  6. glicioto

    new comer, small experience, big questions

    Hello to everybody,    I am Italian and since 10 yrs I am quite enthusiatic about hifi. I also did some DIY (two speker pairs and a two power amps). I got a child since few months and I started thinking that in the future I would need some headphones for music listening without bothering to...
  7. coldbeverage

    Comfortable isolating IEMs (with mic for Android) for subway, street, and plane?

    I tend to use my IEMs when travelling/commuting on subway, street walking, or planes.  Had the Ety HF3 for a few years but I've gone through 3 pairs now.  They're not the most rugged or comfortable things out there.  I am rough on them!  I am a bass player, but I don't like over-powering bass...
  8. LAbiker85

    $150 and not sure which one to pick!

    Balance: $150, and I could save for another $150 if worth it.   I want something that is highly mobile and could use it everyday at college. Sound quality matters and so is the noise cancelling feature.   I don't want one of the bulky Gaming PC headsets, I have my PC360 (With broken mic...
  9. allotropic

    Which IEM with iPhone control up to £150ish

    I've been lurking on this forum for a few weeks now as it seemed the most useful site for helping to select some new IEM's for use with my iPhone.   I've read lots of posts, have got a little confused, and unsure about the best way forward, so please help some one whose ears want educating ;)...
  10. mchang

    Replacement for Etymotic hf3 -- or just get another pair?

    Hello. I haven't been on Head-Fi for sometime. Staying away cold turkey is the only way not to feed my addiction. Anyways... After several years of good service, both of my pairs of Etymotic hf3 are starting to die. I love the fit with olives. I love the clear highs and mids. I can tolerate...
  11. slayerming2

    Best $200 IEMS?

    So a friend of mine is looking for a pair of IEMs and wants to spend slightly under $200.   He listens to old school rocks, something that have good highs, but he says pretty much anything.   Anyone got any good suggestions?
  12. Ardian

    Etymotic HF triple flanges deformed

    Good evening, I have the Etymotic HF2 and they are wonderful :D I use the grey triple flanges (the large ones) and after a month of use I noticed that shape changed, they are deformed as my ears are! They are comfortable but if I want to restore original rounded shape, what can I do? Thank you.
  13. chillrefill

    What to IEM's to get.

    I am looking for a good sounding well balanced set of IEM's for under $50. I am not sure what to get plz help.
  14. Ardian

    Etymotic HF3 vs. HF5, what's the difference?

    Hi friends :) I want to buy the Etymotic HF3, cause of the remote control added, but in this forum I've read that the HF5 is better, is it possible? The only difference in remote control can decrease sound quality?? That seems a bit strange, but I need yours advices! Thank you :)
  15. patricklfc

    hf3 or x10i?

    Can't choose between Etymotic Research HF3 and Klipsch Image X10i.   From what I've read they are both decent IEMs but their cons are: HF3s have poor bass and also lack on build quality the X10s lack builld quality   X10s seem to have less cons but Jokers thread rates the HF3s...
  16. mangeman

    Need etymotic hf3 replacement for my iPhone 5

    These headphones are great and they work great too. With my 3GS. With the new ultra mega slick noise canceling contraptions on the iPhone 5 however I get terrible hiss at the receiving end of phone calls. Etymotic say they can't really do anything about it. The funny thing is that I get better...
  17. G

    Etymotic HF3 Replacement for Subway / Work

    Something something headphones...
  18. headphone man07

    etymotic hf5 vs etymotic hf3 vs brainwavz hm5

    I will either buy the sandisk sansaclip+ or the fiio e11 I'm looking for a warm tinged neutral with good seal. Does anybody know what the volume levels on Brainwavz hm5/lindy premium/yoga cd-880/fischer audio fa-003 are when linked to the sansa clip, does it need amping What do you think I...
  19. BangOn

    Looking for similar price/quality as the HiFiMan RE-400 but with a remote control/headset

    Is there such a thing exists?
  20. Jack807

    Help :-)

    Hey all : i am sure that this question has been asked a million times but i hope you can all help me! i currently own a pair of klipsch s4s and am happy with them but i am am looking to upgrade to some iem! i am looking of spending up to 250 for something really decent. I have looked at...
  21. funkyfunk

    Etymotics hf2/hf3 MOD: Cable replacement with Apple iPhone in-line remote

    Hey folks, figured I could post the DIY MOD I did a while back, for anyone who's looking to get a decent iPhone headset.   The hf2 have been on the market for more than two years now. They've undergone some slight revisions since then and etymotic even added the hf3 with volume control.  ...
  22. Fuzzylog1c

    Very High Quality Audio Solutions ($750-1000) for Gaming?

    I know that gaming audio is basically a joke, for good reason, but as a long-time lurker (5+ years at this point) and a big-time gamer, it's been killing me that there really aren't any great audio products available for gamers. Seems like a case of "you get what you ask for"--the gaming market...
  23. JackRabbitSlims

    Etymotic ER23 - HF3 with Ipod Classic - Amp suitable for Travel - Suggestions?

    Hi, First time posting on this thread.   Looking for an Amp suitable for travel (12months). Must be small, light & durable as I will be backpacking through 3rd world places. Will have a MacBook / iPod Classic 160 gb in tow. Paired with the Ety's in the title.   Suggestions please -...
  24. mudrnudl

    Practical experience with ETY er6i,hf3 , UE 600vi,sf5 , q-jays , PHONAK pfe , Westone 1

    Hello everybody, i am going to buy new in-ear headphones with balanced armature driver around 100€. I want to decide between these: Etymotic ER6i, Etymotic HF3, Ultimate Ears 600vi, Ultimate Ears SF5vi, JAYS q-JAYS, PHONAK Audéo PFE 111, Westone 1 Do somebody has any of them? I would...
  25. sleepyx637

    Shure E4C --> Etymotic HF3?

    Hi all,    It's been years since I've visited this forum.  The last time was when I was looking for my first set of IEMs.  I settled on the Shure E4C's and never looked back...until now.  I'm switching from blackberry to the iphone 4s, and want to get a new set of IEMs for the iphone 4s.  I...