1. Has22fas

    Sony XB40EX vs Klipsch S4 vs MEelectronics M31 vs Fischer Eternas vs Hippo VB vs Radius Atomic

    As the title suggests thanks to the forum i have narrowed down my research to these particular earphones which i believe are all in the category "Basshead" which is what i look for in an earphone i currently have owned the CX-500 and XB-20s where the xb20s produced cleaner and better quality...
  2. MuzicLife

    HELP ME DECIDE WHICH ONE Arctic Sound E361, Radius Atomic Bass 2, Yamaha EPH-50BL, MEElectronics M31-BK

    Im looking for some iem with the MOST BASS my budget is $60. Lower would be better. Ive been researching for quite awhile now and looking at jokers thread i took out some of the bassiest iems. Arctic Sound E361, Radius Atomic Bass 2, Yamaha EPH-50BL, MEElectronics M31-BK Meelectronics RX-11-BK...
  3. bontoa


    Last week I bought XB1000, before i bought XB700 and RADIUS ATOMIC BASS 2 EAR-IN, too. I 've tested all of them with same tracks. My thoughts; differences 're starting at strong bass; Radius 's output not enough strong bass same=somethings bump to tin. At XB700=bass filled to ear and its good...
  4. ScumbagBrain123

    Anyone with a large experience of IEMs, please help me decide... (Hear me out)

    I am looking for some purely bass specified IEMs. All that matters is bass for me, as I listen to lots of bassy music (although rap happens to be excluded). I want to get the dirtiest, muddiest, loudest bass possible. Yeah, I know, "He wants muddy bass? What's with this guy?". Well, this is...
  5. Itskewl42

    Looking for high value iems?

    I recently bought the radius atomic bass and they came in the mail last night. I was pretty exited because i really needed new headphones and i heard these were awesome. I put these on and they were awesome. The bass was phenomenal and the clarity was really good too. These look great and they...
  6. dbdynsty25

    Future Sonic Atrio X Impressions

    In my never ending search for the perfect gym earphone I've tried just about every <125 dollar headphone imaginable...including the MTPC @ 220.  My criteria is pretty simple:  over the ear, chin slider, comfortable, fairly isolated and it needs to be V or U shaped with a nice bass presence for...
  7. Noeliste

    Searching new in-ear monitors

    Hello.   I just bought my iPod and now i need to buy some good in-ear monitors. My favourite music genres are: hip-hop, techno, electro and hardrock. So if u can recommend me some real good in-ears, that would be great. :) Ah, and my budget limit is 100€.
  8. smittyryan

    Best Bass Under $50 (RF Punch Plugs, Atomic bass 2)

    I'm looking for some iem thatll shake my head like a subswoofer. They also need to be comfortable and not fall out. The RF punch plugs have a 15mm driver and apperently have crazy bass. However they are supposedly uncomfortable and very large. This leads me to the Radius Atomic bass 2 which seem...
  9. smittyryan

    Radius Atomic Bass 2 vs Atomic bass (Orginal)

    I just want to know if i shud go for the 2's or stick with the praised originals
  10. sifka4

    Most wildly inaccurate bass response under $50? (IEMs)

    Looking for an IEM with the largest quantity of bass (including down to the 30Hz region comfortably) and a price tag under $50.  "Sonic accuracy" is the least of my concerns at this point.   Wish list: -BASS -Compatible with Comply T-400 -Metal housing -32 Ohms (no less than 16)...
  11. balleballe

    Basshead needs new earphones. Narrowed it down but need help to decide which one!

    So, my sony mdr-ex85's broke a while ago and i'm trying to replace them. I have tried a few IEM's and their base is seriously lacking when compared to mdr-ex85. I have narrowed it down to the following options:   Radium's atomic bass Soundmagic's pl-11 Fischer Audio's eterna (off ebay)...
  12. Radius Atomic Bass

    Radius Atomic Bass

    Model Number HP-CAF11S Weight 0.13 lbs