1. ruthieandjohn

    Comparing IEMs: Klipsch S4i, Apple In-Ear HPs, and Apple Ear Pods - Quasi-Objective Tests

    To date I have published four three-way comparisons of various combinations of my headphones:   Grado PS500, HiFIMan HE-500, and Sennheiser HD 598, (here; Sennheiser HD 598, Beats Studio 2013, and Beats Pro, (here; Sennheiser HD 598 NAD VISO hp50, and Beats Pro, (here; Parrot Zik, Beats...
  2. musicwolf4348

    HELP!! on choosing headphones

    hey, I need some new headphones and I saw the klipsch s4's and s4i's. I heard that they have good sound quality w/ good bass, but the problem though is that they're in-ear. I'm looking for over-ear headphones that have similar sound quality w/ good bass.   requirements:   ok looking...
  3. glheadfi

    Klipsch s4i harsh?

    Hi there, I just stumbled on this site - it's really great. I have an iPhone 3GS and was looking for a nice pair of headphones that also has the iPhone controls, including volume control. That left very few choices. I decided to pick up the Klipsch s4i's based on a few scant reviews and...
  4. ChristmaSFnatic

    Klipsch E-mail About the Difference Between S4i and S4i Reference IEMs

    So less than 24 hours ago, I asked "Is the Reference S4i the same as regular S4i with just cable/color upgrade?" Just got a reply, saying "Yes, those are the only differences." There you go, I read some here wondering if there are SQ difference between the two. So hope it helps. That said...
  5. lilfilboi123

    Klipsch s4i or s4i (ii)?

    HI, i am new to this forum and have been wondering about a question. I originally decided on buying the updated s4i (ii) model for its better flat line cable design for 100 bucks, but I've found a really good price for the older s4i model ($65) and was wondering if the price difference was...
  6. uric

    rha ma-750i or vsonic gr07 BE

    I am looking for new earphone and im in dilemma. First of all i mainly listen to rap , r&b and sometimes rock. My last pair was klipsch s4i and i was not satisfied,even earpods sound better , but because of their poor build quality they didn't last long.   I like the build quality of...
  7. h1a8

    s4i vs. e10m

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to decide between the sound magic e10m and the kliscph s4i Both are excellent for their price point and have adequate bass for my taste.. Which one is clearer and in what ways one is better than the other?
  8. Padgoi

    Need Help Finding AudioPhile Earphones for under $300

    I'm new to the audiophile world, but I find myself wanting great quality sounding earbuds.  I don't have a problem spending $200-300 if the quality is good.  I currently have the Klipsch s4i (was looking to spend under $100 at the time) and am not impressed.  The bass is ok, but the highs don't...
  9. Jlm86

    Klipsch S4i w/ Iphone 4S....microphone volume....?

    I bought my daughter a Klipsch S4i to use with her Iphone 4S...   She says the microphone location is pretty far down, and that the other person cannot hear that clearly.   Q. Is there a microphone boost on Iphone and/or Klipsch product?   She is in different city than me so i don't have...
  10. JD1993

    Etymotics HF-5's vs Klipsch s4i?

    I have been spending the past week or so looking for IEM's around $150. These are the two IEM's that I've liked the most out of the few that I've also been looking at. I listen to all types of music, and I prefer a relatively balanced IEM with good mids. I have a FiiO e7 amp to go along with...
  11. yojroz

    Klipsch S4i's not for me. Any other ideas?

    Wow, I just found this website for the first time and it's really helpful.  I've browsed the forums and it's a really great community.   I'm writing because I just replaced my stock iPhone earbuds with Klipsch S4i's based on tons of awesome reviews.  From a first listen I can tell why they...
  12. Dfresh

    Best in ear headphones for around $150 CAD?

    So first of all, I'm new to this forum so excuse me for being in the wrong place. I'm also up north in Canada so prices tend to be a little bit more expensive than down south in USA (which kind of sucks). Anyway, I'm looking for a pair of IEM's to listen to music. I currently have the ATH-M50...
  13. jonandabby

    Sound Isolating Earphones for $50 or so

    I do most of my listening on an Ipod on a commuter train or subway.  I typically listen to podcasts and music that won't particularly stretch a decent set of earphones (e.g. rock but not the crazy thumping bass hairband kind).  For a few years, I used Senn CX300's, but they kept breaking.  I...
  14. johnny2762

    Best Bass IEMs for $150 range

    Hello, I am new to head fi and I am looking into buying a new set of IEMs after my S4is broke after 1 and a half years. I listen to a lot of hip hop and electronic music especially dubstep and house. Occasionally I listen to some rock, country, old school rock. I got a pair of beats tours for...
  15. wehungthedj

    How to burn-in new IEMs (Reference S4i's waiting for me at home)

    So I love my Meelec CC51-P's, but they're built like crap. After my second replacement finally bit the dust (the microphone/button housing kept coming apart and finally the wiring snapped in two), I decided to finally pull the trigger on the Reference S4i's I've been looking at for a while. I...
  16. Neijii

    $100 IEM

    So I somehow lost my Klipsch S4i. I thought they were great, but I'm wondering if anything new has come out that beats them. I listen to ALL types of music and I do like bass...   What do you guys think?
  17. Vaibhav

    My First IEM

    I recently purchased a pair of Klipsch Image S4i that I use with my iPod Touch everyday to listen to music. I loved them the instant I put them on, which is quite expected given the fact that my previous headphones were the stock Apple buds and a Sony EX50 LP I have burned them in for ~60 hours...
  18. Timfenne

    Need help choosing , need quick response

      Hello , I was first thinking of buying a pair of vmoda crossfades but i think they will be a bit expensive and i want to have some spare money in case i need something.  I was thinking of buying a pair of Sony mdr-xb700's since i can get those easily in Holland ( a lot of brands are not...
  19. Bralleput

    Help me decide

    Hi! (im new :$) I'm searching for a replacement of my Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD. I bought it because i wanted something portable, but most earbuds aren't working for me.. They fall out my ears and stuff... :-s. well, i saw the "Klipsch Image S4I" for 48 euro (a great deal in my country...
  20. pHEnomIC

    Have d5000+compass worth getting hd650?

    I have the d5000s w audio gd compass.   Is it worth getting the hd650s? I kinda want a new toy but absolutely love the d5000s.   I am set on source, speakers, and portable.   Also have modded d1001, re-2, and s4i.   My other interest is getting the image x10 but leaning towards...
  21. matthew23

    Newbie - Intro and & advice?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I just joined this site today after a few days of lurking.  I wanted to introduce myself.  I am a faithful husband, new father, homeowner and attorney.  I like lurking sites at work to take a break between projects/trial prep.   During the past few...
  22. cn11

    Klipsch Image S4 Appreciation Thread

    I searched, thinking this would most certainly exist, but nope. So I thought I'd go ahead and get the ball rolling for this wonderful, affordable, new dynamic driver IEM from Klipsch. At only $79.99 for the version without the inline mic, it's a great choice. I'm using the Sony Hybrid tips...
  23. K-MONEY

    Klipsch Reference S4 (NEW)

    http://www.klipsch.com/reference-S4-headphones   Interesting!  
  24. darthcodeman

    Alternative Pads for Ultrasone PRO 900

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking around here for a few months, but now I've decided to jump in.   I've had and loved my Klipsch Image S4i IEMs for a year, but I wanted to give full-sized headphones a try while I send them back for a warranty replacement (loose connection).  After much...
  25. Chezzy79

    Inputs needed: Denon AH-D7000 + iBasso D6 DAC Amplifier?

    Hi, this is my first post and I am completely new to the world of audiophiles so please take it easy if I seem a little ignorant.  Anyways recently I was given a gift card to bhphotovideo.com and since I was looking to buy a headphone I was looking for a little advice.     I decided to save...