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Alternative Pads for Ultrasone PRO 900

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by darthcodeman, Oct 8, 2011.
  1. darthcodeman
    Hello everyone, I've been lurking around here for a few months, but now I've decided to jump in.
    I've had and loved my Klipsch Image S4i IEMs for a year, but I wanted to give full-sized headphones a try while I send them back for a warranty replacement (loose connection).  After much study, I chose the AT-M50s and a FiiO E7 and received them 3 weeks ago.  Unfortunately, while I like the overall sound of the M50s, the pads are too small and the bass impact is too weak, not to mention a loose connection in the cable.  (The wire included with my FiiO is also messed up.  Why??  It's not like I abuse these things!)
    It seems that everyone is raving about the PRO 900s, so I ordered those.  So far, they have about 100+ hours (I know they need 400) on them, and I really like the strength of the bass, the clarity of the highs, and the impressive soundstage.  In spite of the sound, the cans are way too uncomfortable to keep as is.  My ears press against the back plate and I can't find the right position for them to fit on my head, and at times they feel they may fall off if I tilt my head.  Isolation is also poor.
    From what I've found, either the J$ Denon pads or cannibalized Sony XB500/700/1000 pads seem to resolve those issues.  The J$ pads are a lot of risk for me to buy if I can't return them, and the XB pads might be too large.  If someone could tell me how they affect bass impact and pressure, and isolation (the M50s were good enough in this regard), as well as the measurements of the openings, I'd be very grateful.
    By the way, I listen to EDM almost entirely, including drum & bass, electro house, non-brostep dubstep, and ambient dub.
    Thank you!
  2. SkinnyPuppy
    Sony XB pads and a Digizoid zo, i've heard.
  3. darthcodeman
    I've heard good things about the Zo, but that's not going to make things more comfortable.  Which model of the XB series would fit the best?
  4. SkinnyPuppy


    Didn't you want more bass? All of the pads will fit, but the 700/1000 are supposed to be the best.
  5. darthcodeman
    The mid-bass is great, drums have plenty of kick, but the sub-bass is lacking, which I think is probably a result of the poor seal.  I'm going to a Sony store tomorrow to try out the XB500, but they don't have the 700 or 800.  It would be nice to go to a headphone show to try out a variety of cans if I didn't have to make up my mind on the Ultrasones before the end of the month.
    Nice choice of music, by the way.  Noisia definitely got me into neurofunk.
  6. SkinnyPuppy


    Meet? go check the meet section of the forum, there are plenty of meets all the time.
    p.s. thanks
  7. darthcodeman
    Thanks, it looks like there's a meet in my area soon, don't know if I can go, though.
    I did go to the Sony store yesterday, and tried the XB500.  My goodness, those pads are comfy.  They aren't removable, so I'll try ordering 700 pads instead.

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