1. starbux48

    Need some IEM's under $100 to use with iPhone/MacBook Pro

    I have been using Nuforce NE-700x earphones and until they wore out was very happy with their sound.  I need to keep my cost definitely under $100, and preferably under $75 for their replacements.  I do NOT want what many call bass-heavy and prefer "accurate" sound reproduction.  Suggestions?
  2. moleface

    Manufacturer recommended IEM insertion depth?

    I'm curious about whether headphone manufacturers design different models of IEMs to be worn in specific ways to achieve the best sound. I've noticed that certain IEMs sound horrific when inserted deeply and only sound listenable when worn very shallowly, while others have the opposite problem...
  3. moleface

    Replacement for IEM nozzle screen?

    I was cleaning the ear wax off my Nuforce NE700X nozzles with rubbing alcohol, and it turns out that the screens come off extremely easily. The rubbing alcohol must've dissolved whatever weak adhesive was holding them on in the first place.   They stay in place without adhesive when I stick...
  4. Justinf89

    Help me find a new set of headphones

    Welcome guys! I've always loved reading some of the posts on here but now I have my own question. I am in need of a new pair of full size headphones for my pc. I went from a 5.1 setup to nuforce ne700x IEM's. They sound great but are annoying for constant pc use. I can't use speakers because...
  5. d0ntan01

    Pick one for me! (In-ear)

    Hi everyone! This is my first "help me" post here on I would love your opinions and recommendations! I owned a pare of klipsch s4 back in 2012. I loved them! Nice sound but the quality wasn't that great. I listen to hip hop, dub and house! Now i have been looking for a...
  6. daviscup1980

    Desiding what in ears to buy, today! help!

    Ok, so today i get a 24 hours deal for the following in ears:   Nuforce ne-700x (dollars) Nuforce ne-700x new & improved ( dont know if thats also the case with ne-700x) (80 dollars) Philips Fidelio s1 (70 dollars) Monster gratitude ( 70 dollars)   I look for an upgrade of my Dunu...
  7. jooppi

    Best Smartphone For In-Ear Phones?

    I'm due for a smartphone upgrade with at&t and I'm choosing one based off of the audio quality. I don't know anything about audio, so maybe you guys can help me choose one without getting too technical.   -I use IEMs - Astrotech AM-90s. -The speakers on the phone aren't important to me. -I...
  8. S3VBR0

    First time purchasing nice headphones- Help

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a nice pair of headphones that: 1. Have nice sound quality (not an audiophile but I have a good ear) 2. Look somewhat stylish (I'm going to be wearing these out and about, and around campus) 3. Cost ~$100 4. Sounds good with indie, alternative, and electronic...
  9. mhilfinger

    Nuforce NE-700X vs. Klipsch Image s4

    Hello, I've read a few threads that alluded to a comparison of these two products, but no post explicitly stated which of the two is a superior product.  I previously owned a pair or s4's, and was satisfied with my purchase, no doubt, but the mids and lows of the s4 seem a bit synthetic, and...
  10. NateZ28

    Advice on new pair after NE-700's stolen :(

    Hi everyone, first post here. I recently had my NuForce NE-700M's stolen. :( I'm looking for a new pair of IEM's that sound slightly better. My price range is up to $150. A mic would be nice since I mostly use them with my iPhone. I do like bass and didn't think the bass was overwhelming...
  11. Haakon

    NE-7M replacement options (dont like the NE-700X though...)

    Based largely on my trawling through this forum, about a year ago I bought some Nu Force NE-7M and loved them to bits.   But I decided to step it up a notch and see what I could get that was better - so ended up going to some NE-700X.   On the basis that I really liked the sound of the...
  12. maheeinfy

    NE 700M over EP630?

    Hey guys, I owned Creative EP 630 till last month and i was OK with that sound. Wanting more i purchased Nuforce NE 700M last week. I was expecting sound quality to be lot better compared to EP 630. I dont know whats wrong..NE 700M dont sound much better than EP630. I have been trying to burn...
  13. soundstige

    NuForce NE-700X Silver Metal In-Ear Monitors (IEMs), Free Ship

    Hello everyone. I'm selling my excellent NuForce NE-700X silver color metal IEMs. They are in perfect working condition and near-perfect physical condition with no noticeable marks. They have excellent bass response, and pretty good clarity for how pleasingly bassy they are. I'm only selling...
  14. bomber889

    Nu Force NE-700X

    Selling a pair of Nu Force NE-700X earbuds. They are silver colored and are in good condition.  Included are the earbuds, extra tips, the box, some clip, and the carrying case.   35$ shipped. Buyer pays for paypal fees or gift
  15. kbsmasta

    NuForce NE-6/7 vs NE-700X

    I, like many others, fell in love with the NE-6. I had a pair that got stolen in Malaysia. I returned to the US and after a bit of research I got a pair of MEE SP51P (I was able to find the SP51P for cheaper than the SP51 somehow) which I dont find as great a IEM as the NE-6. I see the NE-6 is...
  16. detailwun

    Dunu Trident vs NuForce 700x on Cowon i9

    Hey guyz, this is my first post, i am tirer,so please excuse my non-logical order of ideas.   I;ve been reading thousands of reviews before i registered as a member,and i can say i enetered a new world.I see you know a lot about sound and i was wondering if you could help me solve my...
  17. spyhot


    Hi !!!!   I'm looking to get a new pair of IEMs, so my friends told me that this 3 IEMs are pretty good   KLIPSCH S4 (I found in Cnet.This IEM got 4.5 for rates) but it's old NuFORCE 700X BRAINWAVZ M2,Visang R03   But I can't decide which one in the best.(Somebody help me to...
  18. rational

    Wanted:Nuforce ne-700x

    Looking to buy a Nuforce ne-700x let me know if you have a pair for sale.   Thanks
  19. Armaegis

    [Review/Comparison] Nuforce IEMs: NE-600X, NE-700X, NE-770X

    [Review/Comparison] Nuforce IEMs: NE-600X, NE-700X, NE-770X       *pics in second post*     Packaging/Accessories   600X: Comes in a hard slim plastic box (reuseable but not really useful for portability), and 1 pair each of S/M/L rubber tips. No carrying case, which is a bit...
  20. trojan2900

    Nuforce NE-700x IEM's

    Bought new by me from amazon. They are pretty new, but they are broken in and sound pretty good. Getting tired of IEM's, sticking things in my ears, etc. Comes with original box, a gob of tips (including some Sony hybrids), Nuforce carry bag, and a nice Westone hardshell case.   Gift the...
  21. Nielo TM

    NuForce NE700X vs PFE012

    I already have the PFE012, which I use indoors for critical listening (as well as for movies and games). I was going to get another pair of PFE012 to use outdoors, but I use the Sansa Clip Zip, which doesn't fully exploit its true potential. I looked at various low-cost alternatives with similar...
  22. trojan2900

    Nuforce NE-700X earphones + Westone hardshell case

    Almost new, barely used Nuforce NE-700X earphones. Nice sound, commonly regarded by reviewers as a good bang for the buck set of iem's, especially in the under $100 crowd. It comes with a new Westone hardshell case, the original box, a bag of tips, and a Nuforce carry bag.   Gift paypal and...
  23. Mist3rB33

    Revised Nuforce NE-700x and 700m released

    Having read a few reviews here, I thought I'd sign up and let anyone else who has been waiting for these earphones know about it. I've become addicted to using earphones on my PC (I use decent headphones for music), and recently started looking for something to replace my aging Sennheiser CX-200...
  24. wakeride74

    NuForce NE700X

    Selling my NuForce NE700X as I seldom use them anymore. They have been well cared for used occasionally in the office and on rare travel. Comes with all the original tips, bag, and packaging. No damage or other issues. Shipping is free CONUS. I also have a uDac for sale if you are interested in...
  25. SquareSoftness

    NuForce NE-700X

    These are pretty much in perfect condition. Just tried them out. Comes with carrying pouch and all the tips.    Looking to get $45 shipped. Paypal only.