Looking for IEM headphones in the $50 area
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Matt V

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Dec 13, 2011
I need some IEM's for running, biking and general active use. I am looking for something with a nice low and high end, probably more concentrated on clear highs but some decent bass kick would be good. I prefer neutral mids. Durability is also very important, I'd prefer something that has nice shielded cabling if at all possible.
Budget is around $50. What do you guys recommend?
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I haven't heard any but people seem to love a lot of MEElectronics M6, M9, M11 and CC51 (CC51 retail at 89 but you can get them for around 50).  Brainwavz IEM's like the M2 which I've heard and for $50 they are really good.  I think you should try the MEE CC51 or Brain's M2 for the sound signature you described.  Also check out the JVC HAFXC51 Micro as it has good bass and clarity on mids and highs.  
Go to jokers thread were he compares 208 IEM's with about a 1/3 of them around $50 or so.
Heres the link , http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/multi-iem-review-208-iems-compared-clear-tune-monitors-ctm-200-added-12-10-11
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I would highly recommend the Dunu Tridents. They are quite balanced with just a little bit of emphasis on bass and are built like a tank.  

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