1. Myself23

    30$ IEM Recommendation

    Hello, I would like to ask you to recommend some IEMs for my sister. The budget is 35$. She would like to have good sound (but not too neutral, not "Boring" sound) and comfort. She would also like it to include a case but if there are better IEMs which come without a case it would be fine...
  2. kingdixon

    Nice iem under 200$

    Hello Everybody, Iam new to the forums, my name is mohamed and i just need your advice regarding the subject, sorry for opening a new thread if there was one regarding same subject. I love music so much and i need a good iem under 200$ budget, i love to try alot of earphones but i always try...
  3. Matt V

    Looking for IEM headphones in the $50 area

    I need some IEM's for running, biking and general active use. I am looking for something with a nice low and high end, probably more concentrated on clear highs but some decent bass kick would be good. I prefer neutral mids. Durability is also very important, I'd prefer something that has nice...
  4. Bonersahoy

    Looking for a solid set of in-earphones - £50ish

    Hi guys.   I am by no means an audiophile like the majority of you on here, but I do appreciate decent music that sounds good.   I've only dabbled with cheap earphones in the past. Mainly £10 skullcandy's. The last pair was a set of £21 sony things that weren't anything spectacular and...
  5. JVC HAF51 Earbud Headphone

    JVC HAF51 Earbud Headphone

    The HA-F51 are the Stereo Mini Headphones.PRODUCT FEATURES:New Concept Inner-Ear Headphones for Better Comfort;Comfortable Fitting with Flexible Body by Using Rubber material;1.2m cord with L-shape Gold-plated Plug.