1. DiPoet

    What am I doing wrong?

    For some reason no matter what earphones I buy the wire always gets messed up. Forcing me to toggle the cord or keep it in place for music to play through both sides. This usually happens after like 4-6 months. I'm trying to figure out is this something I'm doing wrong or my products are just...
  2. pavels555

    Can't decide on which IEM to buy

    Hi,   I had Sennheiser CX300 for like 6 years, but recently the left ear stopped working.   I'm am looking for a IEM around 30$,   I looked through the forum and couldn't decide on specific model for my purposes.   I'm listening mainy to Electronic music. Remixes/ Progressive...
  3. thatBeatsguy

    thatBeatsguy Reviews: MEElectronics M9 Classic

    MEElectronics M9 Classic: Minimalistic. Animalistic. Disclaimer      First of all, I would like to personally thank Mike at MEElectronics for providing the M9 sample for review. Apologies if the review process took much longer than expected – a lot of things got in the way which considerably...
  4. Rufus_Truthfist

    What's the difference between the meleec M9 second generation and the EDM universe iem?

    Does anyone know what the difference is between these two? I can't find much info on the EDM universe. Also, how does the M9 second generation differ from the first generation?
  5. Ascension646

    Left earbud went out for 2 headphones at the same time? Read more for juicy details

    Ok so check this, I left two pairs of headphones one being a monster turbine pro gold and the other a Meelectronics M9 on my desk.  I left my MTPG connected to the ipod touch while the M9 was just chilling next to it on the wooden table.  My ipod was connected to my computer and was playing...
  6. saywhuut

    Amp for MEElectronics M9-SL

    Hello to all,   I have the M9-SLs for my music that I listen to with my Iphone.  Could anyone help me out and let me know if they think it'd be beneficial to get a portable amp for them?  I'm really liking the sound of these earbuds for the price, but I am looking to get a boost in quality. ...
  7. gmreplay

    What makes good podcast headphones?

    Most of the testing done around here focuses on music. However, being a weird guy, I listen to podcasts all day long and rarely listen to music. Are there certain models of headphone that are particularly adept at reproducing accurate, full sounding human speech? What should I look for in...
  8. NuclearZro

    IEM sub $30 question: Dunu Trident vs. Brainwavz Delta vs. CW31 vs. M9-SL

    I've found all of these within the $15-25 range, and really can't figure out what to do. While I'm not really a bass head, I'm worried that since I've only ever had standard headphones I've grown accustomed to overdone lows. My current earbuds are CX200s which have survived longer than any other...
  9. Barmazuz

    Help picking up budget earbuds $25 and less

    Hi i'm new! I need help on picking up new in-ears $25 or less. Need them to watch(hear) movies and indie/pop/hip-hop/rap. I want to buy them through amazon... and i've been looking at the JVC-HAFX1X, Jlabs J3, and Meelectronics M9, but they all look nice.. i can't decide. I currently have cheap...
  10. iamloco724

    Looking for new headphones

    Im looking to buy my first full size headphones well atleast first of this decade been using iems right now im using a cheap pair but happy with the sound for how i use them meelectronics m9's for a cheap pair i think they sound pretty good considering the price tag   im looking to spend...
  11. Scylin

    Looking for budget IEMs for use in the gym

    Hi there,   Yea I know, this thread again, let me apologize in advance   I'M SORRY!   Alright now that that's done with....   I'm looking for a pair of IEMs (I haven't actually ever used them, but I have an intense hatred for earbuds, because  I always have problems with them...
  12. aud3nz

    Looking for IEM under $30

    Hello, In the first place thanks you for reading this post. I must mention that i am new to Head fi. I am looking for IEM's that are under $30. These IEM will mostly be used for school and work. I prefer them to be straight down. i am currently looking at the M9, Vsonic GR99 and Brainwavz Beta...
  13. BdTigerZ

    Long lasting, Great sounding in-ear earphones under $60 (Australian)

    HI I am new here and I wanted a suggestion. I have previously had apple earphones, logitech ue 200(fell apart) and Phillips SHE3580(stopped Working) they all lasted about a month and they were junk. I was wondering which earphones will be the best out of these? I would want them to last atleast...
  14. hoshiyomi

    Meelec M6 Damping Mod

    Bought a pair of M6 a couple years back for daily throw-around use, never liked the sound.   Granted I was coming from higher priced headphones (DT880, ER4P), I found the uncontrolled lower mid-bass resonance really affecting clarity.  I played with a good dozen of modifications from scotch...
  15. jarbro

    Simple IEM Request... Love my SHE3850's but....

    I love my SHE3850's to death but I have some issues with them.   Cable is way too noisy No inline mic or volume controls.   Any recommendations for IEMs that sound as good as the 3850's that resolve the above issues?
  16. Matt V

    Looking for IEM headphones in the $50 area

    I need some IEM's for running, biking and general active use. I am looking for something with a nice low and high end, probably more concentrated on clear highs but some decent bass kick would be good. I prefer neutral mids. Durability is also very important, I'd prefer something that has nice...
  17. blackice89

    Can I get some help buying a pair of IEMs?

    Hello. I recently joined because my Sennheiser 271s broke, and I need a new pair of IEMs. I don't plan on spending too much, and my utter maximum is 80 USD or 4000 Php. For my listening profile, I'm into mostly rock (Incubus, Tool, A Perfect Circle), ballads (A Perfect Circle's 3 Libras tops my...
  18. Magedark

    [Review] MEElectronic M9 - SL [Solid Sub-20$, but watch the needles]

    MEElectronics M9 – SL Review Solid budget choice, but out of this budget, you may want to head elsewhere. Intro: → Well if it's not obvious, I'm reviewing this little piece here. I purchased it after reading |joker|'s review on it, and realizing I needed an IEM for when I head to the PI in the...
  19. impruv

    Upgrade to the Mid-Fi level?

    So 2 years ago, head-fi brought me into better audio and I started with Meelec, own the m9 and m11's. For the past few months I have been using the Shure 750DJ's and they are definitely 'bass-head' type headphones from what I understand. Today I went back to my m9/m11 and was thoroughly...
  20. HeadOnAPike

    Best earbuds for around $20?

    I have about $20 to spend on earbuds. I would spend more, but I tend to lose them. I was looking at the Creative EP630s, Sennheiser CX300s and the MEElectronics M9. What would be the best between these? Any other recommendations? Preferably, I would like something with inline volume control.
  21. Shoulon

    Search for the 250$ Budget on a etchy genre.

    Over the last like 6months I have researched and looked over almost every IEM I could find. However the only IEM i have ever owned where MEElectronics M9 Hi-fi. I enjoyed them but the bass wasn't crisp enough and everything sounded mushed. My budget is 250$ but if it comes to a huge difference...
  22. Tehwall

    Best earbuds ($20-30)

    So I bought the Meelectronic M9's a year ago and lost them last month and need a new pair of earbuds. Are the M9's still the best headphones under $20? I'm willing to spend $20, maybe $30 depending on how they are compared to the M9's I had before. I'll be using them to listen to music on my...
  23. jTizMLG

    Looking For Around $20 Earbuds. Please Help!

    I'm looking for a neutral sound, some-what noise canceling, decent bass, and I'm going to be using the Sansa Clip+ with it.   I found this on Amazon....good buy?
  24. Snow_Fox

    "earbuds" under => 30$

    I think I am dead wrong in catagorizing them all as "earbuds" so I apologize.. However, I was wondering if there were any really good sets of portable headphones that could survive my pocket I should be aware of. I had a really decent pair that came with my samsung captivate, but the right...
  25. Damon88

    Recommendation for Basshead IEM's (XB's or MEElec's or any other ?)

    Hi Everyone,   I have been checking out all sorts of IEM's and have been reading reviews since last week. Finally i have picked up some iems which best suit my needs.   I am looking for Bassheads, so far these seem to be available locally and offer good amount of Deep Bass   Sony's...