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Best earbuds ($20-30)

  1. Tehwall
    So I bought the Meelectronic M9's a year ago and lost them last month and need a new pair of earbuds. Are the M9's still the best headphones under $20? I'm willing to spend $20, maybe $30 depending on how they are compared to the M9's I had before. I'll be using them to listen to music on my phone (Motorola Atrix 4G) and the MP3 player I plan to buy soon (Probably a used Zune or iPod Classic), both without an amp. I listen to pretty much everything, rock, rap, some hip-hop, dubstep, trance, and hardstyle. What do you guy's think are the best earbuds in the $20 and $30 ranges? They need to look like normal headphones as I'll be sharing them with friends so I don't want them to look "dorky" per se.
    Thanks! :)
  2. keanex Contributor
    Brainwavz Beta hands down.
  3. aleki
    ↑for sound, I agree; just be aware that isolation isnt that great(although I perfer low isolation), and the cable is very very crappy
  4. Tehwall


    I read the review, they look to have excellent sound quality but build quality is important to me. That's one of the reason I loved the M9, they got abused and scratched up and never failed me. Right now I'm looking at the M9's, the Ultimate Ears 100, and the VSONIC R02 Pro II looks really good though it's beyond my budget.
  5. keanex Contributor
    The M9 definitely feel much more solid than the Betas.
  6. Tehwall


    Is there anything well build that has better sound quality than the M9's?
  7. XmarX

    Hi !
    I'm also looking for a sub 30$ iem from amazon and I found Meelectronics M6 for 17.99$ !!
    There is also the Beta for 27.xx$

    What I dont know is that whether the M6 for ipod/iphone would work on my Samsung Wave (3.5mm jack) !!
  8. keanex Contributor
    The Meelectronic M6 are good IEMs, my girlfriend has been using them happily for a while now. The cable is odd though and stiff, by design, near the ears which I found weird, but they are holding up to her abuse well. The Beta's sound the best of the three. The Trident sound a little better than the M6 to my ears but offer similar build quality.

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