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Looking for new headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by iamloco724, Jan 4, 2013.
  1. iamloco724
    Im looking to buy my first full size headphones well atleast first of this decade been using iems right now im using a cheap pair but happy with the sound for how i use them meelectronics m9's for a cheap pair i think they sound pretty good considering the price tag
    im looking to spend preferably no more then 80 dollars, i need them to be comfortable i as im active alot while wearing them walking etc.. also i need them to feel good over a baseball cap since i usually wear headphones while wearing caps
    type of music i listen to is metal/rock mostly some rap but not often
    the iems are just starting to be uncomfortable for my ears and think i would rather go this route now
    if you need to know anymore info from me please ask
    would like to hear as many recommendations as possible with details on why and please be strict to my dollar amount cant really go higher and also dont want to have to get an amp for them so they have to be good in every aspect as is
    thank you
  2. SuPeRnEwB161
    have you ever looked at the Grado Sr60i or Sr80i if you can find it under 80 they might just fit the bill but some people find the foam ear cushions quite abrasive and uncomfortable. i think there are some aftermarket options for padding though. if you can try them out for yourself and see how you like them. they have great sound for the price point. 
    oh and the impedance is 32 ohms as far as i can remember so they can run of of anything. 
    as for others possibly.
    -creative Aurvana live
    -audio technica m30
    -sennhieser hd202 ii
    -Sony mdr xb500
    -akg k240
    -krk kns6400 
    that's all i can pull of the top of my head sorry
  3. iamloco724
    thank you
    any others with input, would like as many opinions as possible since when i buy headphones i usually dont replace for awhile unless i have to
  4. iamloco724
    anyone? anyone?
  5. eucariote
    X2.  They are amazing for the price and work very very well with rock and metal.
  6. iamloco724

    hows the bass on either of those?
  7. SuPeRnEwB161
    the bass is pretty decent IMO and it can all be EQ'd to your liking if you find it lacking but as i said before see if you can try them. the foam pads may not be for everyone. thankfully if you get these and happen to find them uncomfortable you can pretty easily find comfortable replacement pads.
  8. biggbenn74
    If you want bass, go to the Sony XB500. Great for rap and dubstep. You will need a good audio equalizer for rock. I recommend for portable use on iPhone/iPod, the EQu app. Works like magic on the XB500. They are light and comfy, although they can get hot when worn for a good bit.
    Hope this helped. -BiggBenn
  9. DemonFox
    JVC HA-S500 Retails usually for around $50 and are amazing. Worth all the hype and then some. They will and do kick the crap out of cans costing 3-4 times as much. Super light weight well built and clean sounding. Great with Rock and Rap and will not require an amp.
    They are Japan Imports so the box and directions are all in Japanese but last time I checked most of us here know how to use headphones so I think you'll be ok :wink:
  10. iamloco724
    bump for more opinions
  11. DemonFox
    JVC HARX500
    JVC HARX700
    Panasonic HTF600F
    Koss PortaPros (very fun w/ lifetime warranty)
    Sony MDR-V55
    Sony MDR-V6 (very popular)

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