1. Ragnell3148

    UE 500 and ADDIEMs

    Can someone tell me if the UE 500 has a similar diameter housing wise to the ADDIEMs? Not the part where the sound comes out from, but the whole housing. Like, when looking at it with the place where the sound comes out from directly pointed at you, what is the dimension of the widest part of...
  2. elementunkn

    Suggest IEM's with MEElectronics CC51 Sound.

    Hi, my MEElectronics CC51 IEM's just broke. I really loved them and I am wondering if there is anything with the same sound qualities as the CC51's, but maybe improved. I love the way that they're detailed, but you don't hear every instrument as distinctly as on RE0's so you don't get tired of...
  3. CaptainSourMilk

    Good IEMs under $30?

    Yes I know that there are about a hundred of these threads, but in each one the suggestions that are given are all completely different and have only given me more options to choose from, making finding the right pair more difficult and time consuming. I was hoping that you guys could help me...
  4. mikey8270

    Comply Tips for Meelectronic CC51?

    Hi,   I just got my first IEMs: Meelectronic CC51. They sound awesome! My only complaint is that none of the provided tips feel good after 20 minutes in.   I heard that Comply tips make a huge difference. I asked them if they had a pair that would fit (couldn't find it on their site)...
  5. Matt V

    Looking for IEM headphones in the $50 area

    I need some IEM's for running, biking and general active use. I am looking for something with a nice low and high end, probably more concentrated on clear highs but some decent bass kick would be good. I prefer neutral mids. Durability is also very important, I'd prefer something that has nice...
  6. blackice89

    Can I get some help buying a pair of IEMs?

    Hello. I recently joined because my Sennheiser 271s broke, and I need a new pair of IEMs. I don't plan on spending too much, and my utter maximum is 80 USD or 4000 Php. For my listening profile, I'm into mostly rock (Incubus, Tool, A Perfect Circle), ballads (A Perfect Circle's 3 Libras tops my...
  7. jamesoh

    Spider TinyEar IEM Reviews

    Spider cable recently had a generous giveaway in which they gave out Spider TinyEars. If you have received those or purchased this product, write your reviews here. I was asked to open this thread by Spider Cable.
  8. adamm24680

    Torn between MEE CC51 and FA Silver Bullet for metal music, other recommendations welcome

    I am planning to buy a new pair of IEMs, I've done some research on the forums, and for now, out of <100$ range IEMs I selected these two. I am using iPod Touch 4g as my player. My most played genres are metal, film score, electronic. I am aware of the fact, that getting an universal earphone...
  9. Ishcabible

    [REVIEW] Fanny Wangs On Ear Wangs: Aurgasm In Your Ears?

      Intro: Okay, so Fanny Wang. Ridiculous name right? I mean who in their right mind would consider naming their company after something so…provocative? So when I found the Head-Fi thread talking about them, to put it simply, I figured it was a hoax. Especially since they seemed to look like...
  10. DesireUsername

    A Fickle Fit

    Howdy,        I'm in a slight pickle. Over this upcoming spring break I’ll be going on a trip that will consist of a very long flight, as well as lots of riding in buses and trains. I'm really looking forward to it but I'm not comfortable with bringing my Sennheiser HD 595s on the trip for...
  11. evilsofa

    Searching for Nuforce NE-7M replacements, Meelectronics M21 has missing range

    The left bud of my NuForce NE-7M earphones, which sounded great and perfect to me, quit working, so now I'm looking for a replacement.  I am severely deaf and normally wear hearing aids, so I figured that sound quality wouldn't be particularly important, so after studying ljokerl's huge review...
  12. Newjy

    Skullcandy Titan vs Skullcandy 50/50

    I know that Skullcandy isn't the most popular brand name in this forum, but I have tried out their "ink'd" earbuds and I must say, they are pretty good for their price.   I've been looking at these two Skullcandy earbuds, the 50/50s and the Titans.   Which one is better in terms of bass...
  13. asadkaramally

    MEElectronics M11+ vs CC51 vs ADDIEM

    Hey guys, just wanted to know which of these headphones is best for me as they are all available below $50. I listen primarily to high bitrate music of all types, Rock, dubstep, electronica, pop, and some R&B. My main concerns are comfort, sound, and build quality. Thanks!
  14. feteru

    Monster Turbines?

    So I recently got into the audiophile game with grado sr-80i's and an e-11, and I was wondering how the monster turbines are, as I have been looking for some decent iems. On Amazon, they are going for ~$85, is that a good deal? They almost definitely will not be fake, as they are shipping from...
  15. anonns

    Klipsch Image S4 - Where's the treble?

    Hello all,   My Apple ear buds gave out on me, so I decided to purchase a new set. Went out on a limb to get a more expensive pair of ear buds, and based on different reviews and my budget, I went with the Klipsch Image S4s off amazon for ~50 bucks.   I'm not sure if there is a break-in...
  16. tman1

    Brainwavz M2 vs. MEElectronics CC51?

    After reading joker's and Clieos's reviews I am considering the Brainwavz M2 and CC51 (as long as MEE will take back my 151s). These seem to have similar sound quality based on the reports, with strong, yet non-bloated bass, and good highs. I did numerous searches but haven't found many...
  17. PoobBubes

    Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition VS. MEElectronics CC51 VS. MEElectronics A151 VS. Brainwavz M3

    In my quest to find to the perfect Warm + Sweet IEM, these are the four contenders. I am an audiophile newbie so any help on deciding the victor is appreciated. I listen to all genres of music but probably Hip/Hop Rap the least and Hard Rock + Folk/Singer Songwriter the most. I will also be...
  18. gladia2r

    Best IEM < $100

    Hi, im getting tired of dragging my DT770 Pro with me on the bus and considering buying some IEMs. I would not like to spend more than 100bucks as I am not convinced IEMs is my thing. (A more portable closed headphone at the same price can also   Source is a Sansa Clip+ w/ Fiio E5 amp. I...
  19. Ishcabible

    MEElectronics CC51 Review: Clear, Ceramic Masterpieces

                                The following review is for the MEElectronics CC51, I’d like to thank MEElectronics for the review sample. The MEElectronics CC51 is a very cool new IEM made by (obviously) MEElectronics. While from a distance, they look like they’re made of nice, shiny plastic...
  20. kiler

    Meelectronics CC51 review

    Introduction – First of all I would like to thank to Mike at Meelectronics for sending out this sample of the Meelctronics CC51 for me to review. He was very kind and was always willing to help throughout the process. I had big hopes for these IEM. My primary musical choices are electronic...
  21. mark2410

    MEElectronics CC-51P Review

      MEElectronics CC-51P Review   Thanks to MEElectronics for the samples   First Impressions:  It looks nice in the box but clearly nothing fancy here.  Once open the first thing I note is the little case, it’s a pleasure to see MEElectronics went back to including them.  The little...
  22. bigandtall

    MEElectronics CC51 Review

      CC51P Review   A few weeks ago, I received a review pair of CC51P from Joe over at MEElectronics. I already had a pair of MP6’s and based on my overall good experience with those IEM’s, I applied on the website to be a reviewer.   I waited to give a full review because I wanted to...
  23. likeylikey

    Need recommendation on IEMs for iPhone 4

      Hi guys, im looking for a IEM that is compatible with iphone 4, first of all, im not a audiophile so i not really into that kinda of super clarity sound, i just want a casual IEM(best if has microphone,but its fine) that is balanced, with good bass, and not tiring when listen to. thank yall...
  24. leo5111

    best iem for 100 bucks?

    whats the best iem for 100, for listening to 80,s 90,s rock i like nice bass but not bloated
  25. Ness

    [help] best iems for iphone/ipod touch?

    Hi guys! I've been reading this forum for a while and somehow failed to find an answer on my question. First of all I'm total amateur in terms of audio gadgets. I'm looking for iems that matches perfectly iphone/ipod touch, price tag is 70-110$. I mostly listen to metal/hard rock/indie. Is it...