1. mglak51jk

    About these crazy new-ish Apple earpods

    I have a maddening love/hate relationship with these things. As ear-buds of course they have zero isolation-which is to be expected, and really doesn't work for living in NYC, yet when it's quiet, i really like them. I can hear details that I can't hear otherwise (even with the Etymotic...
  2. TooNice

    MEElectronics A151 vs M6

    My Sennheiser CX300-ii no longer works (probably just a damaged cable, but I don't want to tinker with it), and I've been looking at a replacement.   They may not be the most loved IEMs going by the average ratings on Head-Fi, but it's comfort (for my ears) and price at the time I got them...
  3. ksimm033

    M6 Fit and Sound Questions

    Im using the stock round tips (Med). They fit well and comfortable, but when in the gym, while running, the music can sound almost a little muffled at times. I run about 4 miles in 30 minutes, so I sweat pretty good. When I'm done and start to lift, it's hard to keep a good seal and I keep...
  4. RevinNerd

    I need to buy 2 pairs of earbuds for under 35 bucks?

    Head-fi has never let me down before, and I'm in a little bit of a pickle here.   For earbuds I've been using skullcandy titans I got at Marshalls for $12 (normally $40), but recently one of the earbuds literally snapped in half while in my pocket and I've just been just using them with...
  5. meyner

    best headphones for running with?

    Hi i was wondering if there is a IEM or headphone out that there is very secure in your ear to the point where i wouldn't have trouble running wit them. My budget is less than 100 dollars and as long as the music quality is pretty good and its secure i think ill be some what happy with it.
  6. hatebreed

    Foam tips for MeEletronics m6?

    I've seen that these two should fit the m6. I'm looking for maximum sound isolation so i can use them in extremely noisy places. Can anyone confirm they fit and that they will do the job?  ...
  7. NotSoSerious

    Great Earphones As a Small Gift?

    I want to give a pair of nice headphones as a small, special gift, but nothing over $20-30. He tends to break headphones extremely easily - he tore through plenty of Skullcandies and such - so durability is top priority. He seems to like bass a little so that would help to.   I really...
  8. nekromantik

    Upgrade from Melle M6

    Hi guys   I only really listen to Trance and some bits of house and techno. I like my Melle M6s sound and upgraded to the VSonic GR06s last year but while its a much better and detailed IEM I find the sound not so "fun". My current choices are VSonic VSD1, Zero Audio Tenore, Zero Audio...
  9. Deeofthewhy

    Best pair of earphones for under $50?

    Hey guys   I was just looking around the forum trying to find advice on what should be my next pair of earphones. I'm kind of nooby at all this stuff but basically I was wondering if you guys would recommend the MEElectronics M6 or the Brainwavz Beta v2 for me. I'm a student so I go to...
  10. pavels555

    Can't decide on which IEM to buy

    Hi,   I had Sennheiser CX300 for like 6 years, but recently the left ear stopped working.   I'm am looking for a IEM around 30$,   I looked through the forum and couldn't decide on specific model for my purposes.   I'm listening mainy to Electronic music. Remixes/ Progressive...
  11. Tocha

    Earbud tips to help retention

    I've just ordered the Moe Audio SS01 and I'll have them coming in soon. I've had plenty of IEMs before with my last pairs I've been listening to being the Klipsch Image s4, and Meelec m6.    The recurring problem I've had with IEMs though is that I can get a good seal (I've followed guides on...
  12. AmanGeorge

    Ideas for ideal workout headphones?

    Hey-   I tend to burn through headphones at a fast pace when I'm working out, so I'm trying to find something that meets the following criteria:   Most important: -Inexpensive (<$50) -Deep insertion into the ear canal (Soundmagic E30 was too shallow) -Built to be worn over the ear  ...
  13. flamefox850

    Cheap basshead IEM - help me choose

    Hi, i would like to buy an IEM that can give good sub-bass, not midbass hump alone. Bought Soundmagic E10 sometime ago which already faulty (damaged by my son LOL) and like the sound signature. To replace the E10, i give a shot and buy a portable (portable?? haha) headphones that is Superlux...
  14. radiomann

    Quality workout IEM for under $100

    I know this has been done before but I found a lot of the recommended iems had very negative reviews on other sources such as Amazon. I need a clipon style iem not plain earbuds or other iems without an attachment fall out on me. Plus I tried couple of recommended IEMs and they had loose wires...
  15. 1TMF

    Help me pick my new IEM's!

    Hello all,   First, I would like to thank everyone for their reviews and input. I have been trolling a read a few threads - very helpful!   Here's my situation..   -looking to replace my vmoda bass freq's --yes, they had muddy bass and lacked definition. I've been through two...
  16. Mrx1

    MEELEC M6 defected cable?

    Hi, I got today my new Meelec M6. There is a small dent on the silicone cover of the cable, I wanted to know if it's defected or everyone got it this way. like the silicone is squished a little bit, its on the bottom half of the cable. I haven't done anything extreme with it, just opened...
  17. quastar

    Good workout headphones for under $20

    The title says most of it.  I don't really care what type of headphones they are, just as long as they can be driven from an ipod.  I'm looking for a pair with reasonable comfort and one that will not slip during the middle of a set and sprints.  I'd also prefer one that emphasizes bass.  I did...
  18. cricketbaby

    Tips for Sony XBA Range (XBA40) HELP!

    Hi everyone,   I purchased a pair of XBA40s after using IE8/80s for a few years. I like the overall sound but I just CAN'T get them to seal my ear canal properly. As a reference I used to use the smallest double-flange tips on the IE80s that were a perfect seal.    I think the problem...
  19. dang124

    Happy Accident with the Meelectronics M6's or need a replacement?

    I am not, by any stretch of the term, an audiophile. I do care about sound quality and I've casually visited head-fi for a couple of years now but I'm ignorant to most of the world.   Anyway, a couple months ago I needed to replace some HD201's and came on here and found out about the...
  20. luciobar1980

    Most durable IEM's under $20 with microphone/play/pause button? Sound quality NOT important!

    Hey guys, I think this is a rather unique quest and I din't find any similar thread. I'm looking for a pair of IEM's that are very durable, with microphone/play/pause buttons, for <$20. I'll be using these while working outside and listening mostly to podcasts so sound quality is the least of my...
  21. Irongrave

    Most comfortable IEM for sleeping Sub-$50?

    Hello,   I'm looking for a pair of IEMs to help me sleep.  I'm an extremely light sleeper and it's hard for me to go to sleep if I can hear ANYTHING.   Note that sound quality is not a huge factor here, I will be essentially just be using them to play brown noise via the Simplynoise app on...
  22. dasmoenator

    Looking for a pair of IEMs to use at the gym with good bass

    I'm looking to spend about $60 and I'd really prefer if they have a button on the cord for skipping tracks. It's okay if the inline volume controls don't work. I'll be using a Galaxy S3. I mainly listen to house/EDM with a little bit of rap/hip-hop in between. So I'm definitely looking for...
  23. justgotlucky123

    Tdk eb950 vs rha ma450i vs nuforce ne600m vs meelec m6 - which one is the best ?

    Hello. Im looking for an iem with the following conditions: - must not have driver flex. If there is, it must be mild enough to not be annoying. - a bassy sound signature like the koss portapro. - good soundstage and instrument separation. - ranging between 10 to 70 dollars. Cheaper the iem the...
  24. Tabinhu

    Gym usage - around 50$

    What would be the best option for gym usage? I need something practical, not very expensive
  25. ChristmaSFnatic

    Is MEElectronics M6 Still the Best Running/Workout Earphones?

    Hello guys, my M6 is dying. So wanna buy another earphones soon for lifting and running. Just wondering if there is a new creme of the crop sports earphones or is this still the best bang for the buck? Based on my experience, most of my earphones die from heavy use 6-9 months. So yeah I need...