1. DobsOnly

    Ety8 Filters = IM716 Filters ???

    Looking at the Etymotic Website it looks like the Ety8 accessories would be a direct swap for the IM716's. Has anyone compared the filters and tips to see if they are interchangable? Looks like it is getting hard to find replacement filters for the IM716's. Thanks for the info!
  2. mojorisin35

    a review of Biosciencegeek Cmoy amp

    Bioscience Geek Cmoy Amp Review In my search for portable audio nirvana on a limited budget I did allot of research on the net before I decided on components. I already owned a 2nd gen 1gig i-pod shuffle, (why the shuffle? See this article Shuffle's Got a Secret Shuffle's Got a Secret -...
  3. Fallingwater

    Altec Lansing iM716, Sennheiser CX300, equalizers... slightly confused

    I've been using a pair of old CX300s as my main 'phones for years now, going through several cables, until during the last cable replacement the solder joints on the tiny leads going down to one of the coils failed and I was unable to restore contact. Result: dead headphones.   Now, before I...
  4. ak40ozKevin

    Etymotic ER-4ps still respected?

    Recently I had my Atrio M5s stolen along with a Nintendo DS and I'm back in the market for an IEM. I wasn't the biggest fan of the Atrio sound signature. I appreciated the low bass extension, and the warm non-fatiguing attributes. The low points for me were excessive bass bloom and drums were...
  5. jSatch

    iM716 DIY Pod Removal (aka, Podectomy)

    There has been a lot of discussion amongst iM716 owners, and prospective owners, as to the nature of the 'Pod'. Mostly, how do I get rid of it? And then, how will getting rid of it affect the sound and performance of the phones? First, how to get rid of it: This ia a DIY guide for pod...
  6. Keller1

    Reshelling if a non-shelled to begin with IEM? (IM716)

    Hello guys, I know there are services on the internet that let you send them your buds and they reshell them for you, but i'd like what 'd be the best in my case - i've got an (AltecLansing) im716, it's got some of those filtery things on the top (acoustic filters, not on the tips themselves...

    Where to find im716 now days?

    Hello everyone, I was looking for some im716 headphones and couldn't find em anywhere, i looked on ebay, amazon and local sites. (israel). I had those IEM's but they were killed by a washing machine and i want to buy new ones. If someone knows where to get them i would be extremely...
  8. Keller1

    [MOD]Custom Altec Lansing IM716

    alright, im going down with this and im gonna mod it. Since I can basically get it really cheap around here here's what i'm planning to do is make it custom via a DIY impression kit. So I have a question :  DIY KITS - Are there special ones are the ear plug ones from ebay sufficient? are...
  9. loft

    Head-Direct RE0 recabling - anything against?

    Hello there!   Last night I've noticed that one of my IEMs was not working. The left side cable seems to be the problem. And because I have the cable from an old, broken Sennheiser CX300 lying around, I thought I should recable the RE0.   Would anybody have anything against this...
  10. ZeroGravity

    px100 vs er4p vs im716

    i understand that er4p's are IEM's compared to the px100s, but i just broke my er4p's (very sad ) and i'm looking for some new portables. I saw the im716 at for 45$ ish and got em as a gift for my friend. i was very pleased with the er4p's after upgrading from my er6i's, but now i'm...
  11. SevenForce

    Any <$120 IEM recommendations for isolation, bass and comfort?

    Hey all, After a year of contentment with my previous recommendations (HD595 and MS-1) I have decided that I need more headphones - in this case, some IEMs - and after hours of trawling the forums, I need some help in making the decision. I've just moved to London and will soon be faced...
  12. Adamblue

    Need help with choosing an amp for my ( Altec Lansing inMotion iM716 Earphones )

    Hello Guys I've been reading Head-fi for quite some time now and there are a lot of experts here that helped me make my decision so now I need your help guys I have an Altec Lansing inMotion iM716 Headphones and as some may know it's a low impedance earphones and very inefficient I used...
  13. Ikarios

    Headphone Impedance?

    What *exactly* does impedance mean? I did several searches on it and did not find a straightforward, plain-English answer. I originally thought it was related to the ease of driving - i.e. if the headphones have lower impedance they're easier to drive. But i've been looking at the SR60 (called...
  14. EPcnD

    In need of repair service

    I've got two IEMs I need some simple work on, I would like to try the repairs myself but I don't have the time or tools (I'm on a deployment in Afghanistan).  If anyone can help me with these I can pay with paypal or dwolla.   1)  Altec Lansing inMotion iM716 The first set of buds works...
  15. TheMarchingMule

    Is the BOSE Triport IE for me?

    Here is what I am tired of: Not being able to hear people with my iM716 in, and I prefer to hear people, yet I can't wear my KSC75 because it looks to many that I can't hear them at all due to the size of those things compared to the iBud. So...will i be disappointed with the Triport IE after...
  16. oogiealbert

    Stylish Earphone that goes with white ipad

    Hey guys all totally new to Earphone and Headphone industry So I’m asking for help   I recently bought a white iPad 2 and I want an earphone that matches and also be stylish My usage of earphone is to watch videos listen to music while I’m in a noisy train Also I’ll probably use in a...
  17. fdhfdy

    How to bulid a perfect portable system with $1000

    as stated, I use Beo Sound2 plus EM2 Dual for that money. what yours idea?
  18. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Head-Direct RE0 - a new contender for the best IEM

    I received the RE0 sample from Fang @ Head-Direct today and I thought I'll share some pictures with all of you first before I finish the 50hrs burn-in. Review will come after that, probably by late Sunday or early Monday. Cheer. The IEM, various eartips, and the replacement filters...
  19. ClieOS

    [FYI] Various IEM's tips pictorial comparison (updated Sept 29th, 2011)

    I have taken this picture for another post on anther forum, but I think this will also serve great as a reference here: [UPDATE] Now with larger pictures and more detail. Middle sized tips of all sort. Top row (left to right): UE foam (discontinued, replaced by Comply T500), iM716...
  20. ClieOS

    Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

    This thread is meant to be a simple comparison / reference, to make things easier for new comer to sort through dozens of IEM quickly in regard of finding the sound signature they are looking for. However, sound signature is not purely a translation of frequency response graph – and certainly...
  21. bucknekked

    complete noise isolation

    I'm a student and I spend about 80% of my time in a lab at school where I have my own personal computer and where it tends to get extremely loud. I know I can just go out and buy any earphone for under 100$ and just crank up the volume until my brain is deteriorated by the bass vibrations and I...
  22. XGC75

    Anyone experienced Mi716 with Fiio E5?

    There are a million "I have $100, looking for IEM advice" threads, so I'll be much more specific here. I'm looking for anyone with experience using the Altec Lansing iM716 with a Fiio E5 for the rock/metal genre.   I'm looking for the best value for my $120 credit. I've owned an...
  23. havishpatel

    Which In Ear Headphones??

    Hi,    In short I am looking for some in ear headphones that:   1) Have amazing sound quality.    2) Very deep "boomy" but defined bass.    3) Look good but not flashy.   4) Have one of those flat cords that are really hard to tangle.    5) Are robust and durable.   ...
  24. semisight

    RE0 vs im716 (quick budget clarity IEM review/comparison)

    There can't be too many reviews, right? I thought I'd compare these two head to head, because they're in the same price bracket and because I don't think the im716 gets enough love for what it is today, overshadowed by the newer dynamic IEMs.   Intro   RE0   I'm going to assume...
  25. kova4a

    Altec Lansing im716 vs Philips she9850

    I decided to start a new thread because no one answered in my last one. What do you guys think - which one is better?