Stylish Earphone that goes with white ipad
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New Head-Fier
Apr 4, 2011
Hey guys all totally new to Earphone and Headphone industry
So I’m asking for help
I recently bought a white iPad 2 and I want an earphone that matches and also be stylish
My usage of earphone is to watch videos listen to music while I’m in a noisy train
Also I’ll probably use in a quite library time to time
My budget is around $100 USD
Oh, and the color would have to match the white iPad
so I guess white would preferable but not necessary as long as it can match white iPad
to wrap up
 * Earphone
 * color/style matching white iPad
 * around $100
 * usage in noisy train
Thank You guys whoever read this
And any recommendations would be greatly helpful.
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For on a train, you'll need good isolation. I would suggest Etymonics (ER6...?). Either that or, using comply tips with whatever you decide upon.
EDIT: Even better, the Altec Lansing inMotion iM716 (etymonic rebrand; but matches your Ipad!!!!)
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You could also try these Harmon Kardons... but use them with our tips
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well, Yes Dave. when i usually buy something over $50 i usually research for a week. And what you recommended me actually looked great but then i kind of wanted non-black color. and yes i want bulkier earphones. and i wouldn't want clips/headphones either. So far my decision is about to be Phiaton PS 20, unless of course i find a better style and quality

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