1. Fonzi03

    IEM for riding

    Im looking for a good IEM for when I ride, im in the ~150 range and their are a million and one posts on them cant really decide. Im looking for something that has a good sound stage, not overwhelming bass but still good bass when I want it and good noise isolation a a neutral sound.
  2. Sokudoningyou

    Shure SE215-K or.....Q-Jays again?

    I didn't really find a post that can answer this question well (not surprising, considering the Q-Jays are well past discontinued), but I need some opinions. I had a pair of Q-Jays that I bought in 2008 that lasted until about late 2012, when one of the wires finally pulled out.  I picked up...
  3. kramer5150

    Jays q-JAYS & s-JAYS, Prototype impressions

    I have been holding back my comments and impressions, but I think I have now spent a long enough time with them (3.5 weeks) to finally post some impressions. First off, I would like to commend JAYS for going out on a limb in this collaborative effort, and acquire end-user feedback, and feed...
  4. Shuloff

    ProGuard EarPortz

    I just want to share my disappointing experience with the ProGuard EarPortz tips on q-jays. I bought a "trial" set of 4 pairs of different sizes of tips, to make sure that I got a good fit.   However, my first experience with them gave me an appalling, dismal sound. Thinking that may be a fit...
  5. Vargulf

    Best IEMs for a Motorbike Helmet

    So for anyone researching possible buys for this purpose I have a list containing the following so far: HiFiMAN RE-262 JAY-S QJAYS (Discontinued?) Shure SE215 Phonak 022 Weston UM1 My budget is max $200 so obviously your choices may differ with your available outlay!   Is there...
  6. leebSaMmY

    CIEM Recommendations?

    I'm considering making the leap towards CIEMS. My earphone owning experience hasn’t been very extensive. I’ve owned Shure se215s, Triple.fis, and Q-Jays. Thus far, the 215s were what I’ve enjoyed listening to the most. I’m a huge hip-hop head, so bass matters to me. But in the past two years...
  7. dilemmalyn

    Upgrading from Atrios

    Is there anything better than the Atrios in terms of bass and isolation under $400? Any help would be greatly appreciated (I have lurked this site every time I decided to replace the Atrios).   I really like the heavy bass (I listen to techno/house) and the great isolation using Shure...
  8. StarMatt

    A good replacement for q-Jays

    Hello, My q-Jays just died (left monitor stops and goes, must be a problem with the cable) and Amazon uk won't replace them because they are now unavailable. I bought them £90 (110€ as I live in France) at the time, and I can't buy another pair since they now reach easily 200-250€. After some...
  9. keanex

    [Review] JAYS q-JAYS, Comfort and Looks Meet Clarity and Musicality

        Much thanks to Urban at JAYS for giving me the opportunity to review these fantastic headphones!   Pros: Comfort, clarity, detail, musicality Cons: Sibilance is heavy until hours of burn-in, bass is a bit shy   Packaging     Big and sleek are the first two things...
  10. Madmax141

    Good IEM for rock

    Hi! like in my title, i have been looking for a good pair of IEM's, primarily for rock (metal, thrash, ect...) and i have a 150$ budget (under 100 would be awsome, but between 100 and 150 would be good too). i have been doing alot of reaserch and it is very hard to find out what IEM is good...
  11. Bart1981

    Replacement Q-jays on Cowon J3

    Maybe you 'experts'  can help me out here. At this moment I own a pair of Q-Jays which I use in combination with my Cowon J3. I'm thinking of, pasing the Q-Jays over to my girlfriend and getting myself a new pair of In-Ears.   The Q-Jays are great fun listening to, but there are two...
  12. fyleow

    Jays Q-Jays filters in the United States?

    I need some headphones for work and have been thinking of purchasing a nice closed one but I remembered I still have a pair of unused Q-Jays lying around. I need to purchase some replacement filters for them but I can't find any retailers in the US that sells them. Does anyone know of one? I...
  13. Norlin

    IEMs for small ear canals. $250 budget

    So I got the Triplefi 10 pro a week ago and realized that they are way too large for my ears as they just pop out which is really sad because they sound amazing.    So now I'm in search for good IEMs for small ear canals with a limit of $250 The phones should be best for metal ie. great...
  14. ofsahf

    Headphone amps pick up the radio

    I have two headphone amps, a Total Bithead & a Cmoy I bought on Ebay, and two headphones, an ATH-M50 and ATH A700. All combinations sporadically pick up radio broadcast all around my office & house. The cmoy is in a plastic enclosure, not a mint tin. The Cmoy was boxed and it was just the...
  15. 3602

    BA vs. Dynamic drivers: A discussion

    This thread is created to avoid derailing already-established threads. It also provides a platform for all who wish to talk about this subject.   I personally believe that BA can crank out a ton of details, but its naturalness and ease at producing music cannot reach that of a dynamic driver.
  16. mudrnudl


    Hello, i would like to know how sound q-jays without amplifier. Because they have little sensitivity and higher impedance and I really want to know if my iPhone 3GS is able to feed them. Thank you very much
  17. mudrnudl

    Practical experience with ETY er6i,hf3 , UE 600vi,sf5 , q-jays , PHONAK pfe , Westone 1

    Hello everybody, i am going to buy new in-ear headphones with balanced armature driver around 100€. I want to decide between these: Etymotic ER6i, Etymotic HF3, Ultimate Ears 600vi, Ultimate Ears SF5vi, JAYS q-JAYS, PHONAK Audéo PFE 111, Westone 1 Do somebody has any of them? I would...
  18. nistrum

    IEM advice

    First post, I've been a lurker for a while I guess.   I'm in the market for a new pair of IEMs. I produce music and like analytical, detailed and colourless sound in the hope that it influences me in the right ways. I've got some Senn HD380s that I'd take everywhere with me if I could.  ...
  19. deathsharp

    ER-4P just broke, what now?

    This morning I wanted to change the foam on my ER-4P what I noticed that the stem on the right piece was broken. So what now? I have to admit I kinda lost track of all the earphones available. I was interested in the new Westone 3, but it seems like they're never coming out.. Is there...
  20. mogumagnus

    Mid-High end iem upgrade from re0

    Hey guys, my re0's cable seemed to have screwed up leaving me with a hollow, tin can interior sound. I'm looking for a gd upgrade, seeking re0's clarity with bit more bass and lusher mids. I'm placing more emphasis on gd mids this time around for my guitar-based/vocal tunes, Not very adverse to...
  21. saffron

    What's your take on the average cost of these earphones?

    Hi guys/girls, just wanted to know the average price of these IEMs in your opinion   Ultimate Ears 700 Monster Turbines Q-jays     thanks in advance!
  22. devin71

    q-JAYS and a-JAYS with Cable Problems

    I have a pair of q-JAYS and a pair of a-JAYS sitting around. They both have problems.   The q-JAYS cables are hosed. I used them for quite a while with tape around the end, but that was only a temporary solution. They are now cracked beyond repair. They are not covered under warranty because...
  23. joeybutts

    Filters/grills/screen fell out, any issues with this?

    I went to use my Panny Zirconias the other day and glanced inside the eartip and noticed that both screens had fallen out!   Is this anything I need to worry about?  I haven't noticed a change in sound production, but just don't want to ruin them as they are still in like new condition even...
  24. Kartellen

    Best triple flanges for the Q-Jays?

    Okay, So up until yesterday I used the triple flanges that came with my Meelectronics M6... They stayed on the tips but would come off really easy, so I put a little bit of shrinking tube over the tip tube, so it would be a little bit tighter. It worked, for a while... yesterday, one tip got...
  25. o black

    Comparison between the Q-Jays, Monster Turbine, Etymotic Hf3, Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear

    Has anyone on this forum compared Q-Jays with the Monster Turbine, Etyomtic HF3, and the Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear?  Over the past 2 years i have tried those 3 headphones, and i have liked the monster turbine the most.  However, unfortunately also out of the 3, they were the LEAST durable headphones...