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Best IEMs for a Motorbike Helmet

  1. Vargulf
    So for anyone researching possible buys for this purpose I have a list containing the following so far:
    HiFiMAN RE-262
    JAY-S QJAYS (Discontinued?)
    Shure SE215
    Phonak 022
    Weston UM1
    My budget is max $200 so obviously your choices may differ with your available outlay!
    Is there any other obvious IEMs that might fit the bill everybody? Key is sound isolation (to block out screeching wind), close fit (so not pressed in by the helmet) and SQ. I have to buy sight unseen and have a preference for a slightly warm sound as I don't need to analyse my music, just enjoy it. Therefore Etymotic and Ultimate Ears models are out for me because of the SQ signature and with the Etymotics particularly they stick out so far they would be scratching my brain with a helmet on! I can't work out why they keep getting suggested, actually... 
    I'm leaning strongly towards the RE-262 as they have good reviews but the Westons look good too,
    AND please no safety police the vast majority of you don't seem to even ride so no more giving unwanted advice on topics of which your not even versed lol. Anyone who has been riding along time and has advice for a sensible rider who is primarily after noise isolation with a little low volume background music please speak up.
  2. AstroTurf

    I'll bite... I would suggest the Etymotic MC5.
    Properly inserted, they do not stick out.
    And as far as Sound Quality goes... Have a look at the NRB Mod.
    Etymotic gives away a free APP called !Awareness with the purchase of it's IEMs.
    2 year warranty, 50 dollar price point, 8mm Dynamic Driver...

    Best of the bunch, IMHO.

  3. Vargulf
    Ok.ill check it out. Cheers m8
  4. AstroTurf
    Hey No Prob...

  5. FieldingMellish
    Shure SE-215 from this user's perspective, without question. Warm sound to start. You get your bass, great mids and non-piercing rolled-off highs. As to fit underneath a helmet, someone posted a video putting them on and wearing a watchman's cap over them; you'll recognize and sense as to how they'll do under a helmet:
    Seeing this vid, I'll go further to say that the cinch can go behind the head, so that the wires either run A.) down your back, or B.) down back of neck and over the shoulder and down your side. If down your side, the rig can be in a concealed carry gun holster-position under the jacket. Or on the bike front display, given the SE-215's generous wire length that will allow this. You avoid entanglements typical of the IEM with wires in the normal fashion coming down your front, especially if hunched over the bike. Even if you experience a tug on the wire, the memory wire portion around the back of your ear has some tac to it so that they IEM's aren't going to get yanked out of your ears. The cables, by the way, are stout Kevlar-reinforced; replaceable in the event of damage.
    The foam isolation is second best to the Etymotics; I wear the Shures on New York's screeching and rumbling subway platforms with aplomb. And if you want more external sound to come in, switch to the Shure silicone tips. In which case, you'll hear slightly more external sound. Last, insertion depth. You don't have to stick something unnaturally long deep into your ear as you will need to do with Etymotic for it's isolation characteristics. Shures seal well shallowly.
    There's a practicality in Shure that is designed for over the ear wearing. If you stop somewhere to make a purchase, you can remove the helmet and pop one IEM out and she hangs there by your ear. Nothing to fuss or sort out later. When done, pop it back in, don your helmet and off you go.
  6. AstroTurf

    Sorry, I have to disagree with shallow insertion depth IEMs. The science behind the Etymotic Line of IEMs far outweigh your assertion of an unnaturally long in ear device. The elimination of the occulsion effect is the first thing that comes to mind... Oh, and lets not forget Q-Tips while we are at it.

    Sorry, Not holding water here.


    PS Etymotics website also have a video for Proper IEM Insertion.
  7. FieldingMellish
    Jim, you love your Etymotics. That is clear from your sig and many posts. I happen to be getting Etymotics once again after having them many years ago. I have renewed interest in the Etymotic sound and look forward to digging it. Your threads and posts are the first ones I'll be looking forward to reading. But for under helmet use on motorbike, the Shure appear practically made for it on several levels.
  8. AstroTurf

    Fair Enough...

    I will be the first to admit that I am a Big Ole Newb.

    Please take no offense at any of my posts.

    Your Ety Brother, Jim
  9. Vargulf
    Cheers for the info on the Shures. They sound perfect for commuting. I essential passed them up due to wanting a pair of SE535's eventually and not wanting to double up on the Shure product line. Can anyone comment on the RE-262 suitability? Inferior and why? So far I'm going with the Shures but...
    I'll do some full research on the Etymotics tomorrow and all the things Jim has mentioned too. Its more the look of the design that put me off the Ety's they don't seem attractive to me they look el cheapo (even though they arn't) and hygiene wise??? But I'll look at the sound science behind them to get better versed. What of their sig, are they very analytical in your opinion Jim? I only own Audio Technica currently and came across the CK10's which have very + reviews. I really like the AT warmth with clear bass that doesn't over extend itself. Clumsy bass is my pet hate. The CK10 design looks like it almost disappears into the ear too. Budget wise... Damn :s but this is not a hobby that is kind on wallets.
    I will also use these IEMs for uni, and at work where I have to take them out quickly when my boss comes 'a nagging' and I imagine that would be like extracting a Yeerk with the Ety's (remember yeerks!) ie very unwieldy?
  10. pow3rs
    Westone um1! no doubt one of the lightest and best comfort fit among your list!
  11. drews
    I've gone through a lot of IEMs and the Ety ER6i was the best for me - extreme isolation, good bass, contact with the sides of my tight-fitting NEXX XR1R helmet and they don't get tugged out or misadjusted when putting my helmet on or taking it off...
  12. Techno Kid
    The R-50 is tiny so much so I can sleep on my side with my head laying sideways on my pillow with no discomfort so they should work great in a helmet, oh and they sound great to.
    Also the Aurvana IE3 sits perfectly in a helmet I know because someone uses them with a hockey helmet though they don't sound as good as the R-50 but they're not bad either.
  13. Vargulf
    Lol no one voicing support for the hifimans?
  14. FieldingMellish
    Love the Hifimans. [​IMG] Thing is, my personal situation was trouble getting a good seal. This is for the RE-272; physically built the same as RE-262. Still tip rolling because I have gotten it right a few times momentarily and was impressed with the sound. That kind of thing can impact your riding & listening pleasure. The less seal, the less sound quality and bass. At least the Etymotics and Shure will seal like a mofo and you'll get your bass's worth as good as it can be among the roar of the engine and rigors of vibration. The choice of IEM results you'll get in the forum, if helmet and bike riding was not a primary factor, would result in different choices and arguments for and against. Then, it'll be more about music choice and sound signature preferences. I personally re-bought the SE-215 after owning them a long time ago and the re-buy was all about how they travel in noisy environments and how easily they seal without any fuss. SE-215 also had a tiny bit of what my RE-262 had; decent bass, rich mids, non-fatiguing highs. SE-535, by manner of it's sound, has in other's opinions, been outclassed by lower cost offerings especially given it's price. SE-215, some argue, are the top that Shure offers when it comes to value per dollar.
  15. Vargulf
    Thats pretty impressive if the Ety's hold their own against the Shures at less than half the price especially with that filter mod. Think i'll go with the Shures as looks count for something and Ety's look like ear/anal probes. if I'm not happy I'll get the probes. Apart from fieldingmellish's advice the intense looking isolation of the ety's and the issue that could cause at work make me prefer the Shures as an allrounder. by the way thanks for the info on the headfimans i won't take the risk with fit issues, the story behind that company impressed me though...
    Is there any obviouse IEM models for this purpose that have not been recommended as they are outside my budget i.e. $400ea. And can anyone comment on the CK10's fit? SQ? Cheers

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