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    All my portable stuff as of 11/2014. Use the ZX1+XBA-3 mainly. Then phone/tablet if not available. Creative SBAXX200 speaker on the go too.
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    Aurvana In-Ear 3, Clip+
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    Aurvana In-Ear2, In-Ear3
  7. sameesamdon

    A bass heavy detailed in-ear headphones with a good soundstage under 200 AUD? PLEASE HELP

    HI all,   To put simply. I listen to a lot of club, trance, pop, dubstep and hip hop kind of music. I need punchy bass and clarity too. I have JVC explosives and it does not meet my expectations. I have sony xperia SP(my mobile and my source of music) and the soundstage is very low in it...
  8. orafalcons

    Best Noise Isolating IEM's under $100

    I am going to Peru in a few weeks and am going to be doing a LOT of plane and bus traveling and am looking for the best noise isolating IEM's out there for under $100-$150. Have heard good things about Shure SE215 and Creative Aurvana In-Ear 3's. Thinksound ms01's are on my list as well as...
  9. Itskewl42

    close competition

    Im looking at iems $50-100 and have had quite a hard time deciding. Im looking at Creative aurvana 3 $60 Vsonic GR06 $90 RHA MA600 $80
  10. Extra

    Need Assistance Regarding Driver Flex

    So I recently figured out that every dynamic driver earphone I've used has given me driver flex, and it's come to a point where earphones are pretty much unusable. A couple months ago, I acquired a pair of Creative Aurvana 3's, a dual balanced armature, and received absolutely no driver flex...
  11. raulromanjr

    Sell Audioengine D1 in favor of the portability/convinience of a FiiO E07K?

    My current setup uses Hi-res 24bit music from iTunes/Bitperfect on my MacBook Pro.  The music is fed via toslink to my Audioengine D1 DAC/Amp to either my TMA-1 Studio or Creative Aurvana In-Ear 3.  I'm very pleased with this low budget setup.   I recently bought a FiiO E07K with the intent of...
  12. raulromanjr

    Why Mod IEM's for removable cables?

    I've seen this recommended as a DIY or as a service performed by some companies. What I haven't seen is the reason for having this done.  It looks like it would cost around $50 if I have someone do it so I'm trying to see why you would do this to a IEM that cost less than $200.  I have the...
  13. jonnyp11

    ~$60 In Ears

    The deals thread itself isn't really the place for the details of this discussion so bringing it here. I'm looking for a quality in ear around $60 (if it's a huge difference I might squeeze a little more). I missed it but might be able to convince amazon support to give me the Aurvana IE3 for...
  14. guytheflyguy

    Help me chose between 2 highly discounted IEMs

    These: or These:   These will be used on...
  15. h8uthemost

    Westone 3 or Creative Aurvana 3

    Both are on sale. I've read the aurvana 3's are pretty good, so I'm wondering if it's worth it to spend the extra hundred on the Westone's. Neither have detachable cables, which is a bit of a downer. But if both have cables that are going to last then that's what matters. So which one you...
  16. rtar

    $20 difference,

    For all types of rock music, which is a better value Creative Aurvana 3 or Denon AH-C300 (the Denons are $20 more). Any and all recommendations will be appreciated.
  17. zachderieu

    Creative Aurvana in-ear 3?

    Has anyone tried these? They seem to be really good, i haven't purchased them, but im really considering it, anyones opinions? I listen to about anything, it'd be nice to be able to feel the bass
  18. kidcharlemagne

    FS - Sony EX600(sold), JVC FXT90(sold), Creative Aurvana In-Ear3(sold)

    All IEMs and their tips have been cleaned and sanitized thorougly.   FXT90 - $110 SOLD: Excellent condition, near mint. Had these imported from Japan via White Rabbit Express late December. They probably have less than 100 hours on them, most of it being burn-in. All accessories, tips are...
  19. gedneyj

    Lost my SE215, bought Creative Aurvana In-Ear 3, but found the SE215s... Do I return the In-Ear 3?

    I am in Afghanistan and lost my Shure SE215 IEMs last week.  I was wanting to try a BA driver anyways, so I bought the Creative Aurvana In-Ear 3.  I have not tried the Creative IEMs yet, and yesterday I found the SE215s.  I mostly use the IEMs at the gym and listen to Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Metal and...
  20. Oof Oink

    My Brainwavz B2 Or Creative Aurvana 3 In-Ear <-> Your HiFiMan RE-400 Or Rockit R-50

    The Creative Aurvana 3 are the same ones shown here: They are practically new in box. The B2 is in mint condition, with under 10 hours of use in all, and includes the original accessories (minus product...
  21. Dekken

    Looking for a new IEM for Gaming/Music/Movies

    Hey,   My budget for the new IEM is around 60~90 USD. I mainly play FPS/mmo/strategy games, so I should be able to predict movement just like with my old gr06. I listen to dance/hip-hop/trance and electronic music. watch movies and tv shows. Also looking for a good noise isolation.  ...
  22. dooodstevenn

    Best in-ear for $100

    I'm sure this topic is beat to death, but I'm very particular with my music.  I want something well balanced more leaning on the bass side.  Right now i have some klipsch s4's in my ear but i've been reading around they aren't the best for the price range and they seem a bit flimsy to me.  I...
  23. csivanich

    Not a fan of my new IEM's sound, what now?

    Some background: So after a few weeks of researching IEM's under $100, I got a great deal on the Shure SE215's. They fit me well, and the noise cancellation is amazing, however, I am not impressed with the sound so far. Their bass is impressive (as many of the reviews have stated here) but that...
  24. Vargulf

    Best IEMs for a Motorbike Helmet

    So for anyone researching possible buys for this purpose I have a list containing the following so far: HiFiMAN RE-262 JAY-S QJAYS (Discontinued?) Shure SE215 Phonak 022 Weston UM1 My budget is max $200 so obviously your choices may differ with your available outlay!   Is there...
  25. avocadobeats123

    Brainwavz B2 or Shure se215

    The Brainwavz are on sale for $110. The Shure se215 are $99. I listen to mainly alternative and hip hop.