Anyone experienced Mi716 with Fiio E5?
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Jan 22, 2011
There are a million "I have $100, looking for IEM advice" threads, so I'll be much more specific here. I'm looking for anyone with experience using the Altec Lansing iM716 with a Fiio E5 for the rock/metal genre.
I'm looking for the best value for my $120 credit. I've owned an E5 in the past (lost it, oopsies!) and it's value is without question for the rest of my headphones. I want to find a suitable pair of IEM's with exceptional detail and separation (for the under $100 range, mind you). The iM716's purportedly exhibit excellent detail up high with great separation and accurate mids and lows - they are, after all, Etymonic drivers. Since they've been discontinued, they're at only $65 on Amazon.
I want to pounce on the deal, but I'm worried that the iM716's won't live up to my expectations down low. I like to have a strong bass and bass drum presence in my metal and techno but not to the point of boomy, overexerted inaccuracy. My hope is that the E5's bass boost switch will remedy the iM716's supposed deficiencies.
Any side comments on the soundstage of the iM716's would also be appreciated.
If you happen to own the pair, try the following two songs. Each have great details and require the acute separation to remotely approach a good composition so it should be a great test for the pair. Alice in Chain's Rooster will test the prominence and evenness of low tones. If the bass guitar track is not just behind the vocals here, there's not enough bass for my tastes. In Soilwork's Fate in Motion, it's very difficult to produce the bass at all without pushing the tiny details of the cymbals or guitar chords out the door. If the bass isn't overpowered or overboomy, the pair have been successful.
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Mar 5, 2004
The iM716 is perhaps the most balanced headphone I have heard from Etymotic. The highs can get sibilant with some material, but in general, it is very good. The mids are not forward or recessed, just right. The bass in the "bass" boost mode is just right, not boomy or thin. I have an E5, but do not use it with the iM716. There is no need to.
I have been listening to my iM716's more an more. They are very balanced and work with any type of music. Soundstage seems to be the largest and widest I have ever heard for an etymotic headphone.
At $65, it is a steal. I should get a backup pair.

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