1. Pianist

    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    After over 4 years on head-fi, I finally bought a pair of Etymotic IEMs - the ER4 P/S. I've auditioned the ER4p, HF2 and ER6i before and they all impressed me a lot, but for some reason I never actually bought a pair to spend my time with it and to analyze it properly. I guess this was because...
  2. M

    A fun exercise (I hope): Which IEMs best define each sound signature?

    Hi folks.  Let me freely admit that I come to this question with more than a casual interest.  My firm designs and installs custom listening and viewing environments in homes.  Joining this site has led to a brainstorm with my partner about how to help our clients understand what sort of sound...
  3. redarecoba

    The Best 100 $ IEMs

    Hi , i want to buy a new IEMs , so what is the best ones with 100 $ , i listen to electronic music , hip-hop , pop ect   The HIFIMAN RE-400 is a the best solution ?   Thank you and sorry for my english
  4. StudioTan

    Flattest, Most Neutral IEMs For Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

    I currently own the JH13, but after using them more for this purpose, I'm finding that they're hyped a little in one way or another and wondering if their are IEMs out there that are truer to the source, which is important in my work.  I have a one-room studio and am constantly micing...
  5. Aizura

    Can you "hear" absolute silence?

    I've been worrying about this for a while and wanted to hear your opinions about this. Ever since I can remember, I can hear a faint very very high pitched noise in my head whenever it's very quiet, like when laying in bed at night. It never really bothered me because it's so faint and I just...
  6. Rice

    best earphones

    Etymotic er-4s/p SONY mdr-e282 SONY mdr-e252
  7. altaxc

    high end IEM or mid range w/ amp?

    Hi all! I'm pretty new to high end headphones and am thinking about switching to a pair of IEMs (because at school I can't always have a hefty pair of over-ear) and I have two ideas. 1)buy a good quality westone IEM and run it through my laptop or 2) get a pair of etymotic IEMs and a...
  8. audionewbi

    A review of Rhapsodio R-1L: From a perspective of an average newbie

    Rhapsodio R-1L I got up today nice and early, decided to brew up my cup of coffee and spend the early hours of the morning comparing CK100PRO and R-1L. There are many ways one could go about reviewing things however I took the extremely subjective approach as this is the only means possible to...
  9. Artist2

    DAC or portable amp for Etymotic ER-4S?

    Which DACs and portable headphone amps provide the strongest signal and clearest and cleanest sound for the Etymotic ER-4S? Would be nice for it to be compatible with iOS, Android, Windows8, and latest OS. :)
  10. redrich2000

    Closest shallow fitting ER-4S alternative?

    I have narrow and sensitive ear canals. Despite trying every conceivable tip and a few different IEMs, I just can't use the deep-fitting ones. If I could, the ER-4S would have ended my journey here years ago. I found them to be perfectly flat, clear, detailed and natural sounding. Despite trying...
  11. jvgig

    Commuter IEMs

    I have beem using Etymotic Research ER4S for the past 4 years and have been very hAppy with the sound and isolation. So mush so that I would never consider getting on a flight without them. Unfortunately after about 50 flights this past year I finally managed to take them out for a minute and...
  12. canikickit1

    Complement to er4p/s?

    I currently have the er4p and love the insane clarity and detail of this cold sounding iem. I am looking for an iem that is the perfect complement (warm, fun sounding , smooth) , while maintaining at least half of the clarity an ety provides. I am looking to spend up to $250 and have tried the...
  13. luisdent

    Etymotic ER-4S Custom Tip Poll and Questions

    I wanted to ask a few questions about getting custom tips for my ER-4S and have a poll as well.   First, would everyone agree that you will achieve at "least" the same sound quality as the triple flange tips when you get customs?  I'd like to stick with the ACS/Microsonics customs as those...
  14. sy0296

    help choosing my first set of custom IME

    Hi guys, I need some guidance choosing my first set of custom IME.   I've had some experiences with IMEs in the past but I always went back to full size cans due to discomfort after long listening sessions.  I currently own shure e500, UE triplefi 10, etymotic er4-s and use them...
  15. daviekatz

    Best thing-that-fits-in-your-ear for $300 (and a basic questions)

    Hello Everyone,   First, a questions about terminology. What's the difference between IEMs, earbuds, earphones, and canalphones?   I'm looking for the best sounding thing-that-fits-in-your-ear (I'll just refer to them as IEMs for simplicity) for $300. I listen to a diverse array of...
  16. squallkiercosa

    Worth reshell etymotics? Custom single armature drivers

    Has anybody has experience reshelling a pair of Etymotic? or in that case single armature drivers? Do you think it worth the effort?
  17. saller

    IEMs for work / with best isolation

    Hello,   I am looking for IEMs with really good isolation, since my job requires sometimes a lot of cocentration. This means that the IEMs should block out a lot of noise, even if there is no music playing. I was considering custom IEMs, but I am wondering whether they are really providing the...
  18. malifact

    Lively IEM with Very Good Isolation

    I was hoping someone could recommend an IEM as per the title of the thread.  These are the factors that are important to me:   Isolation: This is the most important factor, as the IEMs would mostly be used for commuting and my train route is very noisy.  Something as close as possible to the...
  19. akira281

    [REVIEW] Bose Quiet Comfort 20

    I have always been fascinated by noise cancelling (NC) headphones.  But whenever I tried them (perhaps for the first time decades ago and usually at the Sharper Image) I was always disappointed that they only cancelled low frequency sounds. They did nothing about voices or unwanted outside...
  20. Alwayswantmore

    Finally I’m getting respectable bass from my Etymotic ER-4/S

    Soon after getting my ER-4Ps (and P->S cable) I switched to foamies. I made the switch based on user comments here at Head-fi, and the fact that SQ from tri-flanges was not good. Over the past weeks I have better learned how to get proper -- i.e. deep -- insertion (sounds dirty, doesn’t...
  21. hotfever

    Need advise on CIEM

    I was very eager to pick up my um miracle this morning...........but after a few hrs testing it out i realized i picked the wrong sound-signature,it doesnt do me any satisfaction like my beloved ety er4s im going to put it on sale to fund another CIEM,i really dont wanna make the same...
  22. R

    Weird Eardrum "Crackling" (Sibilance??) Once in a While w/ Headphones

    Sorry if this topic is "off-topic" for this forum, but I couldn't find a more appropriate section to post it, so yeah...   Anyway, once in a while, especially in-ear monitors that don't go in too deep (like the Etymotic HF-2/3 series, but haven't had the issue with the ER4-S/P yet...) and even...
  23. Fungus

    What are the chances of drivers failing over time with multi armature imes?

    There are so many iem with multiple drivers that offer only 1 to 2 years warranty. Do faulty drivers usually die during their early stages or suddenly die over time with no warning?
  24. domino584

    Understanding "Detail" in a Headphone Review?

    I come across numerous terms that just don't make sense to me.  I can understand a more relative relation when one reviewer says a headphone is detailed than another, but on the contrary, when you lack the experience of having gotten a hold of some of the best of the best headphones, it's hard...
  25. abbztract

    How does the UE4 differ from the UERM in terms of sound?

    Considering getting one of the two. I've heard that the UERM is the CIEM equivalent of the ER4S but I've also heard that the UE4 gets very close. What are the differences between the two?