1. mglak51jk

    About these crazy new-ish Apple earpods

    I have a maddening love/hate relationship with these things. As ear-buds of course they have zero isolation-which is to be expected, and really doesn't work for living in NYC, yet when it's quiet, i really like them. I can hear details that I can't hear otherwise (even with the Etymotic...
  2. XaltanedgeX

    Shortlisted TOP TEN BEST BUDGET LATEST HEADPHONES under 20$ !!!! :'D

    Hello, sooo, i wanna buy a headphone under 2000rupees i'll be listening to downhere and casting crowns for most(christian rock) i use original rips of audio source. the device is an ipod nano. can you please recommend a good warm sounding headphone...
  3. SoundN00b

    SoundMagic PL-12 Review + Mod

    Hello all,    This is my first attempt at a review as I'm fairly new to the audiophile world. I got the SoundMagic PL-12 mostly as a gym and outdoor IEMs because I got tired of the cheap 10$ Sony ones I bought at a local shop a while back which would make my ears bleed :)   Here is the...
  4. demigod008

    Lookin for bass head

    I searched and narrowed my choice to three 1-Soundmagic PL 11 2-Soundmagic PL 21 3-Creative EP-630 From the choices you must have known i want just bass but more i read about these in forums more i got confused with no clear opinion coming out So I want to know which of these will give highest...
  5. demigod008

    Looking for new in ear headphone need some suggestion

    I searched and narrowed my choice to three 1-Soundmagic PL 11 2-Soundmagic PL 21 3-Creative EP-630 From the choices you must have known i want just bass but more i read about these in forums more i got confused with no clear opinion coming out So I want to know which of these will give highest...
  6. reet

    Mee M2 vs Mee M9 vs Brainwavz Alpha vs Pl21 vs A-Jays One

    Hi.   My player: Sony NWZ-A816 I want to buy new headphones. I prefer rap.     Wchich of them should i buy? Mee M2 vs Mee M9 vs Brainwavz Alpha vs Pl21 vs A-Jays One   or maybe sth other in this price?  
  7. fatbax


    I really need a pair for in ear earphones for my walks/exercise. please suggest.. urgent WIll be using these with my SGS2
  8. Dyjon54

    Sound Magic PL21

    Trying to buy some. Was reading around and seems they are great for this price. My question is this a legit place to buy them from?   If anyone has any experience buying form...
  9. Doc-holliday

    ++PORTABLE/IEM RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ i.e. Don't start a new thread: ask for advice HERE! [Please read OP]

    ANYONE FINDING THIS THREAD IN A SEARCH, PLEASE GO HERE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS. There will be plenty of people there to give you great recommendations! Thanks! I am starting this thread to try to mirrior the successful thread in the Full Size Headphone section with nearly the same title as this...
  10. vanamonde

    IEM's for electronic , ambient , downtempo music ?

    Hi, I am planning to buy two IEM's one in 0-50$ range and the other about 100$-150$. I listen mostly to electronic & ambient/downtempo  music like (Moby,Air,Royksopp etc, etc). could anybody please suggest me good & durable (i have a bad history of electronic device abuse and carelessness. in...
  11. kristy

    I'm no audiophile - should I still splurge on Vsonic's GR02 instead of GR99?

    I would appreciate any suggestions.. my Sennheiser CX300 died and I need a replacement. I did like the sound of the CX300 (please, don't shoot me!) but I'm ready to switch to something with less "bass" and a bit more clarity. I listen to a wide range of music (except for heavy metal kinda stuff)...
  12. Conceited

    Iem SoundMagic expertise required

    Hey guys, i posted not to long ago for some suggestions on good low budget iems, everyone highly recomended soundmagic so i bought a pair of pl21s to start, and i have to say i absolutely love them!!!!  best pair of iems ive ever purchased.   so now i think im somewhat addicted im looking...
  13. giokspy

    New earphones

    I want to buy headphones to replace my Yamaha EPH30 which spoiled the jack. With interest mainly for movies from iPad and other tablet nook and some times music . I want to have enough and good bass. I think: affordable Sony MDR EX71xl, JBL, sennheiser cx300 ii, Refence 220, Vsonic GR02-GR99...
  14. Conceited

    Iem noob looking for suggestions

    Hey i love music and im looking in to buying a new pair of in Earphones in the price range of 20 to 50 euros, im a complete noob as far as name brands go ive bin using skullcandys and all sortsa crappy earphones you find in argos/hmv so i was wondering if you could maybe throw some suggestions...
  15. buffheman

    Soundmagic PL-21 Discountined?

    I've been using the PL-21 for like 6 months now as my primary means of listening.  I've actually doubled them as running headphones, which has been a pleasant surprise, as I've been struggling with filling that niche forever.  I guess you could argue you shouldn't run with IEMs but whatever...
  16. Markery

    Are Soundmagic PL21's from legitimate?   That's pretty much the only vendor for the PL21's, but I've heard mixed thoughts on Focalprice so I wanted to make sure that...
  17. ljokerl

    Soundmagic PL21 First Impressions & Review

    I have been a fan of the Soundmagic IEMs since I first heard the PL30s. They have been my unrelenting workout IEM for over nine months and I honestly do consider them one of the best, if not the best, sub-$30 IEMs on the market. The latest additions to Soundmagic’s lineup, the PL21 and its...
  18. jomarr

    I'm looking for IEMs for $50 or less

    I'm basically new here but I think my other thread lacked more details on what I want for my IEM.   -I listen to Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop (mostly everything) -Most of my songs are on 256 VBR (iTunes plus) -I have an iPod (if that makes sense for the audio quality) -I want clear, crisp sound...
  19. FER18

    wich one is better

    wich one do you recommend me to  buy of these:   sennheiser cx 300 II soundmagic pl 21 creative ep 630 crative ep 650 brainwavz alpha   or other
  20. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] SoundMAGIC E10, E30, EH11 and P30 – New Magic

    First, I'll like to thank SoundMAGIC for the samples.   It has been quite some time since SoundMAGIC last major IEM release (of PL50 and PL21), but they have continue to make minor improvement over their older lineup, became OEM supplier to major Western headphone brand, and even released a...
  21. panam


    Hi, my name is Arek and I'm really pleased that i found this forum :) This is why... Since few days i'm looking for some good and quite cheep in-earphones I have to replece my old KOSS KE29 since after few good weeks i just lost them :( I read some reviews about soundMAGIC pl21, pl30 and...
  22. prebuss

    Help me to choose: Sennheiser CX 300 II vs Skullcandy Titan

    Hi all, it good to be back here, with your help I've already bought headphones (full-size), now I need to choose in-ear, yes I hate them, cuz they will never be as good as full-size, but anyway, I need them. Recently found these 2: Sennheiser CX 300 II and Skullcandy Titan. I need...
  23. FER18

    help in my desition

    which one do you recomend:   senheiser cx250 senheiser cx400 II soundmagic pl21
  24. Emilys

    pl-30 for basshead is it possible?

    I am basshead but really want to get soundmagic pl-30. Does Dnb, Dubstep, Hip-Hop would sound ok with bass bost on source and an amp? or i should go for brainwavz m2 ? i also listen to singing poetry, pop and stuff. And price is VERY important so that 20bucks that m2 cost more means alot. off...
  25. lvrhs

    IEM under $20

    I have Kanen KM-948 and i wan't better earphones under $20. I consider Soundmagics and here is list PL10- 8,6 PL18- 10,9 PL20- 15 PL21-17,7 PL30- 20,4 Because i don't live in USA i need to pay extra $7 for meelec shipping, and houseofdap don't ship to me too.