Iem SoundMagic expertise required
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Aug 11, 2012
Hey guys, i posted not to long ago for some suggestions on good low budget iems, everyone highly recomended soundmagic so i bought a pair of pl21s to start, and i have to say i absolutely love them!!!! 
best pair of iems ive ever purchased.
so now i think im somewhat addicted im looking in to purchasing another pair of my expensive SoundMagic iems i was wondering which is better 
the E10's or PL50's there both around the same price range and i couldnt really make out which was better from reviews since i couldnt find a review comparing one directly to the other, but apparently both are great? 
thanks in advance guys i love the community here! 
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I have PL21's, they aren't bad at all. I gave them to my mum so she could rock out on her walks.. SoundMAGIC E10 I also have,. they're a major step up offering improved clarity, punch, separation, just an all round better IEM. Haven't heard PL50, though on my profile I rate E10 up there with worth much more than it's asking price. You can't go wrong really.
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Yeah thats the great thing either way, its a win win situation no matter which Iem i purchase im just trying to get an idea on which maybe better because i honestly think in the next couple of months il end up purchasing both as soon as i run in to some money :)
i was one of them typical skullcandy and other ****ty makes listener now that i found soundmagic i just cant believe the difference! 
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Here's a review on SoundMAGIC E10

And in this HUGE thread you can get ljokerl's take on PL50 and E10 under Tier 3A ($30-60)

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