1. C

    Do I Need AMP/DAC?

    So I have the newly brought Soundmagic E10 IEM headphones that have an impedance of 46 Ohms and was wondering if I needed a headphone AMP/DAC. The bass isn't to the level that I would've liked and just overall quality as well and was wondering if getting an amp would improve quality on both my...
  2. naveenanandp

    IEMs with Mic <$60

    Hi All,   I am very new to this forum, but i have been going through many post here to find out the best IEM for my I-phone 4 & Samsung galaxy s. I wanted someone to suggest me the best IEM with Mic which would be lesser than $60.   Good sound quality, Good looks, Good comfort are my...
  3. SkyBleu

    IEMs: Sennheiser IE8 Vs. UE TripleFi 10 - Which is better?

    Hello all,    I made this thread in search of an answer to my question in the title, as there wasn't already a thread on this topic.    I am just curious, between the two, which IEM is the better option? Why?   It'd be appreciated if you could leave a reason(s) why you chose one of...
  4. Dickymint

    IEM's for big ears.

    I have been born with big lugs, they have advantages and dis-advantages. At school there were a burden but as I got older, they became enjoyable, in that I can hear very low frequencies, helicopters miles away, earthquakes a second or so before they hit. you get the idea! Due to having big ears...
  5. 3

    Soundmagic E10s or Shure Se215?

    which of the two iem's do you think I should get? reasons?
  6. mugabuga

    Question about the Soundmagic E10s

    I just got my first pair of decent headphones, the Soundmagic E10s after I they were recommended here. I bought them because of their reputation for good bass while still retaining a clear sound. However, it seems like there's no bass at all unless I use the bass boost effect on my Nexus 4 or...
  7. TheTempest7

    IEM's for good BASS and METAL Under $60?

    I listen to lots of Metal and Rap. So I desire IEM's that can do that very well.  I would like them to also be very durable since my last Philips earphones only lasted for 2 months before the right one stopped working. Any suggestions, also Under $60 please? I will not pay anymore than that.
  8. swimingwather

    looking for new earphones !

    Hello I am looking for a pair of IEM. I currently have urbeats and they work well. I'm not so great on just headphones so I thought to ask if you have any good to recommend. I want a pair of really good headphones so you can hear all kinds of supplements.Or a good site i can find something...
  9. Zankes

    Closed headphones for 400EURO!

    Hi, any good recommendations for good closed headphones around 400euro? I currently have Fischer FA 003 and Audio Technica M50, but I think I like M50 more...     I also have Fiio E10 AND E11.   I mostly listen Jrock, jpop, tecno, electro, rock.     I'm currently considering...
  10. XaltanedgeX

    Shortlisted TOP TEN BEST BUDGET LATEST HEADPHONES under 20$ !!!! :'D

    Hello, sooo, i wanna buy a headphone under 2000rupees i'll be listening to downhere and casting crowns for most(christian rock) i use original rips of audio source. the device is an ipod nano. can you please recommend a good warm sounding headphone...
  11. Dickymint

    Test before you buy.

    Hi all, I ilve in the UK, the North East to be precise and I was wondering if anybody knows where I could go to test IEM's? My collection of "not quite what I want to hear," headphones of all sorts and shapes is growing rapidly and it is costing me a fortune, has anybody any ideas?
  12. AnthonyMcEwen

    What are the budget Kings of IEMs. Aka best headphones under £50 €60 $75

    I know Sound Magic E10 is up there but are there any others? I'm looking for a pair for all round use with all types of music so needs good base,midrange and high range not just one or the other, a balanced headphone I think. Don't need anything with stupid bass, as for that o have a sub...
  13. Extreme1Bass

    In Ear What do you recommend with puncy bass? (cost less than 50)

    Hello, Congratulations on your website! I want to buy the earphones In Ear who have the punchy bass, deep and extended. The Mid and treble should not be annoying. (my mp3 player is Creative Zen I think that the JVC HA-FX1X are...
  14. paradise

    Best budget IEM

    I'm fairly new to this forum but with so many new products out there I wanted to buy a pair of IEM's in the less than $100 category that are equally balanced through out the frequency spectrum. I'm using iTouch and classic as my Jazz listening source, Thanks for your input.
  15. rsa2013

    Less 'sensitive' in-ear headphones needed

    I bought a new mobile phone, the HTC One with Beats Audio, marketed as a phone with great audio qualities. Unfortunately, there seems to be some electromagnetic interference present and it is a problem shared with many HTC One V owners. Apparrantly nothing can be done about this to fix it.  ...
  16. Basketballer

    What are the best earphones with great bass under $30

    Years ago, I had the philips she9500s and they were incredible with bass.  I was able to find some headphone almost as good if not as good in the philips she9550s.  Unfortunately they stopped working after 2-3 years. I reordered the philips she9550s but since it's been a few years, its a...
  17. Blitzfx

    Soundmagic E10S repair

    Hi,   I bought these a few months ago and unfortunately the 2.5mm jack has snapped off somewhere. If it were generic in-ears, I could just fix it with any 2.5mm jack but there was a switch on this one for compatibility between different phones.   Does anyone know where I can find a...
  18. atikin

    Budget good quality IEMs - Soundmagic E10?

    Hello. I've been looking for a good quality IEMs for a long time, and after a lot of research I chose Soundmagic E10 due to a mass of positive feedbacks on them, although I've seen some bad ones too. When I finally got them I discovered that they are too big to fit comfortably in my ears (and...
  19. darkhorse108

    Seeking the best IEM under $50 for Acoustic, Folk, Jazz and Classical music

    Hey folks,   I'm very new to the world of IEM's - I had a pair of Sennheiser's that I thought were great. They're old now, and missing - so time to upgrade. I listen to mostly warm acoustic music, with vocals... I was pretty much sold on the Soundmagic E10's, then I heard about Vsonic. So...
  20. DocBox

    Sub-£150 IEM Shortlist Advice (Shure, Westone, Klipsch, and any recommendations)

    Hey guys, pretty new fella around here.   Previous IEM's include Klipsch Image S4i, SoundMAGIC E10M, BeyerdynamicMMX101iE, Monoprice 8320 (used as a backup, due to being so cheap).   I'm in the market for some Sub-£150 IEM's that are really going to impress me - the better value the...
  21. jomarr

    Great Build Quality IEMs with Detachable Cables

    Hi guys!   I have had 2 IEMs for the past 2 years:   SoundMagic E10 Brainwavz M3   Both have superb sound quality.   I'm just a little bit worried about their build quality. I don't like buying a pair every 15 months. Are there better build quality IEMs better with detachable...
  22. Jetblackstar

    SoundMagic E10 IEM's replacing cables

    TLRD; has anyone replaced the cables on IEM's?   So I loved my SoundMagic E10's. £35 when I first got them and done me very well.   They met with an incident with my GF's hamster whom chewed through the thin cable.  At the time I resisted the urge to kill the thing and instead focused my...
  23. Kevinyellow

    Best IEMs for under £50?

    Hi peeps! After tons of browsing and rummaging for the best IEM's within budget; i've resorted to asking the seemingly best audiophile community around.  I have a £50 budget for IEMs and so far have short-listed the following, but feel free to suggest more:   RHA MA350 Soundmagic E10...
  24. rantrile

    In-ear tips

    Where can I buy both Comply t-400 and Shure Olive tips so I would get them in one shipping (for USA) or international? I'm generally planning to use them with SoundMagic E10. And, some people had great success of using ordinary foam ear plugs. So I would probably interested to order them all in...
  25. Mrx1

    Finally, best 40$ IEM's ?

    I opened a bunch of threads and almost no one gave me a good full normal comment, Please guys, I need your help, I NEED TO ORDER TODAY, CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE.   My budget is 40$ shipped, I'm listening to Rock, Metal, Trance, Rap, Dubstep. I will plug it into a Sansa Clip+ OR an Iphone 4...