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What are the best earphones with great bass under $30

  1. Basketballer
    Years ago, I had the philips she9500s and they were incredible with bass.  I was able to find some headphone almost as good if not as good in the philips she9550s.  Unfortunately they stopped working after 2-3 years. I reordered the philips she9550s but since it's been a few years, its a different model and is made differently.  The cable is more plasticy instead of rubbery, allowing more noise to be heard when you tap the cord and besides that the, bass isn't as good.  I'm sending them back.  I bought both earphones from the store, but I know I can buy better quality online for cheaper.
    Anyway, after researching other threads on this forum: these are the ones I'm considering:
    SoundMAGIC E10
    MEElectronics M31
    JVC HA-FX101

    and  looking at reviews on amazon, these were highly rated, Nuforce NE-600X.
    Please respond if you own or have heard any of these person and can provide opinions based of listening experience.  Also, if you have any other suggestions, please tell me.
    I'm leaning towards the SoundMagic E10s or a JVC model as they seem to be the most boasted about.
    Again, I'm a basshead and I want a hard hitting, loud and deep set for under $30.  I would be happy with earphones that sound as good the the older philips models I used to have but I expect I can get better shopping online with the help of audiophiles.  i listen to mostly hip hop, R&B and house music.
    PS.  Between the JVC models I mentioned, which pair is the better pair?
    PSS. Incase anyone is looking for a great pair of headphones, I'm recommending the AKG K81s or K518s.  Don['t think it gets any better for their price.
  2. TwinQY
    First off - http://www.head-fi.org/t/596233/buying-portable-or-in-ear-headphones-seeking-guidance-dont-start-a-new-thread-ask-for-advice-here
    Deep bass, not microphonic cords, in terms of sheer quantity (and if you enjoyed the K518s) it'd go more towards the FX101s as they are more aggressive and the E10s are more tuned towards a faster, tighter sense of impact, as well as being relatively less thick of note. Plenty more treble energy as well. 
  3. soupgoblin
    Dunu trident. Go try them out, pretty worth the money imho.

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