1. anirbanghosh

    Quick opinion needed on Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers

    I have some coupon from some website with which I am getting this for $35 approx. I am quite novice in headphones.   1. Does it sound better than Klipsch S4? 2. Please comment on sound quality - bass, treble, mids and also sounstage.   Sorry if my questions did not make any sense.
  2. jedinat

    Need advice for IEMs

    JVC HAFX40 Panasonic RP-HJE335-A Panasonic RP-HJE120-K   These are ones I'm sort of considering... They'd mostly be for work while moving about and occasionally removing to hear someone speaking to me... and almost exclusively for audiobook listening. I'm actually more concerned with...
  3. bukowski

    budget full-size headphones

    Due to the 2 PM's limit, i was "forced" to create this thread...    I asked Dsnuts for a budget full-size headphones by PM, but then i got stuck with the 2 Pm's issue. i hope he doesn't get upset i'm getting this public...     Hi Dsnuts, my name is Carlos and i'm writing you from...
  4. IatomI

    Well, the question comes once more...

    I have always loved music and most of all i always loved rap, hip-hop, rock, dubstep, and things of those sort. In my past i have had a decent headphone Me-elec m9 and have appreciated it, but it died shortly after purchase. I am now using my jvc hfx-101 (updated model) and im liking it, but...
  5. lebomb

    Picked up JVC HA-FX1X in ears..........

    Wow, pretty amazed by the sound quality for $30.  By far the best money Ive spent on IEMs ever.  They have loads of bass (if thats what you like), but they also have great highs and mids.  The cord is pretty thick and doesnt tangle at all.  I also do not notice any noise of the cable rubbing...
  6. Basketballer

    What are the best earphones with great bass under $30

    Years ago, I had the philips she9500s and they were incredible with bass.  I was able to find some headphone almost as good if not as good in the philips she9550s.  Unfortunately they stopped working after 2-3 years. I reordered the philips she9550s but since it's been a few years, its a...
  7. alrz

    Sub 20 $ headphones/ earphones

    hope this is the right section. This is where my usual music genre listening falls: Tom waits, damian marley, venetian snares, apollo brown, clogs, iron maiden, cab calloway, beethoven, chopin, world's end girlfriend, vagabond opera, etc. So we have blues, reggae, IDM, metal...
  8. jab1235

    Looking for cheap IEM's with good isolation.

    Hey everyone, I've been using the IEM guide here for quiet a while to help in my previous few purchases of IEMs. However, the headphones I've been using (Visang R02) broke in only a few months both times I've bought them. While I really love the Visang R02s I'd rather not spend $40 to get a pair...
  9. jdhud024

    JVC Marshmellows thoughts?

    Just wondering if the JVC Marshmellows are any good, saw them in bestbuy and need a new set, I need a new pair, and heard tese have bass and I LOVE bass!!!
  10. pavels555

    Can't decide on which IEM to buy

    Hi,   I had Sennheiser CX300 for like 6 years, but recently the left ear stopped working.   I'm am looking for a IEM around 30$,   I looked through the forum and couldn't decide on specific model for my purposes.   I'm listening mainy to Electronic music. Remixes/ Progressive...
  11. aiaosu

    IEM for kids?

    My kids enjoy listening to music but some of the earphones they use are brutal. They really like listening to my headphones/earphones so I'm looking for something sturdy, inexpensive, and decent sound. Any suggestions? JVC FX101, Vsonic GR99, or maybe cheaper?
  12. IatomI

    I feel ashamed of making this thread, but i need help.

    Hello guys, i need help.   Now i know that probably 20,000 people asked this same question but What iems should i get for under 50 from amazon (must be amazon)   Now i want to make this more specific, i own ath-m50 and enjoy them but i feel like they are not as warm and mesmerizing is i...
  13. rudi0504

    JVC new top tier Wooden IEM : JVC HA FX 1100

    Hi Head Fi Friends I would like to share new JVC Top Tier Wooden IEM : JVC HA FX 1100 JVC HA FX 1100 is as improvement from most popular on Head Fi HA FX 850 Below is the information about JVC HA FX 1100 : Wood series highest peak model to reproduce the spread of beautifully smooth sound...
  14. flamefox850

    Cheap basshead IEM - help me choose

    Hi, i would like to buy an IEM that can give good sub-bass, not midbass hump alone. Bought Soundmagic E10 sometime ago which already faulty (damaged by my son LOL) and like the sound signature. To replace the E10, i give a shot and buy a portable (portable?? haha) headphones that is Superlux...
  15. DerpCeption

    Best EarBuds under $30.

     Hey Guys, as you can obviously see, I am trying to find the best earbuds for under 30 dollars. Currently, I am taking a look at: http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-headphones-under-30/  If you have experienced those earbuds in the link above, please let me know. If there are others that...
  16. hitler47

    Jvc fx101 vs soundmagic e10

    Which earphone is best for all round performance. Between jvc fx 101 and soundmagic e10 Is bass on e10 really low compared to jvc fx 101. Please guide me on this as i am a noob with sensitive ears. Or any other 50$ earphones u suggest. Sent from my IM-A850 using Tapatalk 2
  17. mrrDUDE1

    Under $20 IEM or earbud

    I listen to mostly jazz also love red hot chili peppers metallica Some rap and some dancehall Anybody who can relate to any of these genres? Would the jvc ha fx-101 or fx-40 be good at all?
  18. kevinc13

    left earbud more bass than the right side

    i just got skullcandy titan earbuds. i know, skullcandies... dont judge. However the left side has slightly better bass than the right. so if i listen to anything with a strong bassline, it sounds a bit lopsided. It's not my ears because i can switch the left bud into my right ear and the issue...
  19. KrazyShark

    Best powerful bass earphones?

    Hi audio lovers! I've been looking for bass earphones recently and I kinda need your help. So I've been with my Sony MDR XB-500 headphones for a few years now, never disappointed me, vibrating powerful bass, most enjoyable bass I've heard so far, the way it makes my entire ear vibrate is...
  20. hilby

    Need help choosing a new IEM around the £50 mark

    Hello, this is my first post on these forums and they seem like the best place to ask this question I was just wondering what is the best bass oriented IEM I can get for around £50? I'll go through what I have purchased in the past and also personal choices for new IEMs   V-moda Bass Freq  ...
  21. kcbar58

    budget basshead IEM recommendations

    (sort of a cross-post)   Hey guys. I was wondering which IEM you would recommend to someone who loves bass (used to listening to 12" subwoofers in my car) and listens to rock, electronic, and hip-hop. Basically a fun-sounding IEM for mainly gym use. I won't be using an amp and prefer to stay...
  22. QeQe

    Bass challenger for JVC lineup, MHP Trigger. Quick hands-on. Bass lovers check it out.

    Hi everyone, this is my first post to this site. I got addicted hording earphones after getting tired of mediocre bass quality in my previous headphones. Samsung S2+ stocks, Sennheiser MX170(pretty good buds though at 10 euros, but 6 more and you got MX375, which is best non-inear canal bud I...
  23. JCH-19

    IEM With Lots Of Bass

    Hey guys so i'm in the market for a new pair of IEM's. Right now I have the Philips SHE 3590/3580. I like them but I do have a few problems with them. First, I'd like some more bass. I'm definitely a bass head and i'm pretty much looking for as much bass as I can feasibly get. Next, the SHE 3590...
  24. eelnwahs

    JVC FX101 question

    Now I'm looking for a IEM that has minimal sound leakage because I work in an office and I usually like to listen to my music loud. will the fx101 bass port cause massive sound leakage or is it placed in a way that it only equalizes air pressure while allowing no sound to escape. Any insight is...
  25. benboxbob

    IEM suggestions?

    hey, i just broke my jvc hafx101's last night and i need a new pair of headphones asap  im in the $100-50 range. i like a lot of bass but not so much that it blocks out everything else. i wear them on the bus so they must have a fair bit of noise cancellation. any suggestions? i mainly listen...