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budget basshead IEM recommendations

  1. kcbar58
    (sort of a cross-post)
    Hey guys. I was wondering which IEM you would recommend to someone who loves bass (used to listening to 12" subwoofers in my car) and listens to rock, electronic, and hip-hop. Basically a fun-sounding IEM for mainly gym use. I won't be using an amp and prefer to stay around $60 or under.
    I've read through some older posts on this forum (yes, I know how to use the search function) and so far I'm looking at:

    Brainwavz M2
    Tekfusion Twinwoofers
    TTPOD T1-E
    Sony MH1-C
    JVC HA-FX101
    Thanks for any thoughts on these or other recommendations.
  2. B9Scrambler
    Over in the T1 thread someone just commented on the T1S. NOT a good IEM for a bass head. I have the Ha-FXT90s and while they produce nice bass, you might be better off with the NarMoo S1. Its a very nice dual dynamic driver, and Joker has it on his buyers guide thing as an entry level bass head dual driver.
  3. B9Scrambler

    Good call. They are pretty awesome (I've got two pairs....just in case....lol), and do have better clarity/detail than the S1.

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