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left earbud more bass than the right side

  1. kevinc13
    i just got skullcandy titan earbuds. i know, skullcandies... dont judge. However the left side has slightly better bass than the right. so if i listen to anything with a strong bassline, it sounds a bit lopsided. It's not my ears because i can switch the left bud into my right ear and the issue remains. The left bud also crackles when i push it into my ear and the right one doesn't. I can switch the rubber buds as well and it doesnt change so i think it has something to do with the fact that the left side crackles.
  2. nihontoman
    Are you positive it's not the recordings that you listen? lots of recordings tend to have base instrument at one side.
    or your pair is defective...
  3. kevinc13
    yeah im sure, most hip hop songs i listen to are made with programs not usually actual instruments in studios. I know its weird but if i blow unto the right side, air seeps out and if j blow on the left, the air doesnt leak... probably defective...
  4. nihontoman
    well, if that's he case, I think that the driver is blown. return it if you can, or just toss them into garbage bin...
  5. lin0003
    It's probably broken, but I wouldn't be too surprised since Skullcandy products seem t break really easily. 
  6. FrequencyBlue
    Bass leak on right earpiece, crackle (we call it driver flex) only on left side. Yep, its a sign not having a good seal, and proparly because of defective. You might want to return it
  7. Mooses9
    have you tried different tips? not saying they arent damaged or defected. but improper seal can cause issues like this. too large of a tip causing sound to leak out/bass to be distorted or more faint than the other side if you get a more proper seal with the other ear.
  8. Bassheadspl
    This problem can happen for numerous reasons. It could because of the left earbud driver is damaged from loud volume levels or a defect from the factory. Especially, if the left driver is the only one that 'CRACKLES' when pushed in your ear, then it sure a defect. Your best bet would be to replace them.
  9. Ivabign
    Warranty them - they have a lifetime warranty and they'll probably give you 50-60 bucks credit - problem is that it is just for more Skullcandy product..... 
    They don't request invoice information.... They are really good about it.
  10. Xeculus
    I second this. Personally I've had great experiences with their customer service. 
    My friend found a Titan a few years ago, sent them in on the excuse that they "didn't sound good anymore" and they sent him back a brand new pair, sealed in the box and all. 
    He convinced me to buy them, long before I found this site. I got mine before they rolled out their "Supreme Sound" stuff, so I asked them about it, and they told me to send mine in and they sent me the new ones just like that. 
    Just recently, the same friend's black Titan's paint was chipping so he sent them in AGAIN on the same excuse as before and they sent him another new pair. And this time he asked for the chrome colored one. 
    So yeah, definitely just contact them and mail it in. I don't even think you need the packaging or anything
    No longer a fan of their sound, but really, their customer service is just top-notch. 
  11. JK1
    If you want decent cheap earphones, then next time choose JVC. Most of their earphones, including cheap ones sound quite good for the price.
  12. Bassheadspl
    The JVC IEM earphones that i would strongly consider is the JVC fX1X. Cheap, durable and have tons of bass!
  13. JK1
    The HAFX1X is not one of my favorite cheap JVC earphones.. Its sound quality overall is not so good, and it is very large and many have fit problems with it. It has exaggerated upper bass but doesn't really put out deep bass. The JVC HAFX101 is quite an improvement over the HAFX1X at an even lower price. The JVC HAFX40 has great detail and strong bass. It is under $20. The sound quality overall is much better on the HAFX40 than on the HAFX101.
  14. lukEM22
    this happens to me a lot. They probably just arent inserted perfectly.

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