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I feel ashamed of making this thread, but i need help.

  1. IatomI
    Hello guys, i need help.
    Now i know that probably 20,000 people asked this same question but
    What iems should i get for under 50 from amazon (must be amazon)
    Now i want to make this more specific, i own ath-m50 and enjoy them but i feel like they are not as warm and mesmerizing is i would like them to be so a warm vibrant iem would be nice.
    I also owned the fx101 jvc  Iems, they were clear but lacking the depth i wanted.
    Ive seen many headphones under the 50 that are recommended like
    brainwavz beta m1 and m2
    sound magic
    So which one do i get?
  2. goodvibes
    I haven't heard either but I'd probably consider a Vsonic. Either a VC02 or VSD1 depending on whether I preferred an more neutral or fun sound.
  3. ohaider
    I recommend you check out Joker's thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/multi-iem-review-302-iems-compared-1964ears-v6-stage-added-11-12-13-p-806
    He has them organized by price points and each IEM has an individual review - it helped me out a lot when I was deciding what I wanted.
  4. IatomI
    Their are so many options to read from.
    Im really decding between brainwavz m2 and soundmagic
    Someone please help me make decisdion with personal experience
  5. kookoo
    Which sound magic? I've only heard the PL50 which I can't recommend anymore since prices for them are heavily inflated.
    I'd say Vsonic VSD1 but that's not on your list.
  6. jailhouselounge
    Watch out of audeo pfe's 022 for around 50ish... Buy gray filters for it and you'll have a 100$+ sounding iem for cheap. On par with gr07 >:)
  7. IatomI
    KooKoo i looked at the Vsonic VSD1 and they seem to be loved by the community. Should i go for it?
  8. IatomI
    I ordered the vsonics, wish me luck, fingers crossed
  9. nick n
    good luck!
  10. kookoo
    Best of Luck.
    If you don't like them and you happen to be in Australia I'd buy them off you
  11. IatomI
    Thank you, should i have ordered the S or the original
    I listen to classical rock, metal and ocassionaly rap or techno

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