1. DaanaltheNoob

    Need a pair of in-ears for under $50

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a pair of in-ears under $50, to complement my Creative Aurvana Lives.    I'd like them to:    - Sound good (I like bass, but not so much that it overpowers everything else. So, a good thump, without it taking over the rest of the song. I also like detail in my...
  2. VegasLakers

    Best IEM Under $50 For Noise Isolation And Rock

    I am looking for something under $50 that has good noise isolation and is good for Grindcore and punk rock music. Also listen to Rap. I listen to a lot of grind and music like it so it's important that the iem fits that style. I know the Klipsch are $30 at Amazon. Good at that price?
  3. edgargonzalez17

    [HELP] VSONIC GR06 one side more louder than the other

    Hi all,    a few days ago, i put my headphones on and notice that one side is significantly louder than the other, i bought them on january, what can i do? can it be fixed? its really annoying :/
  4. MastermindJapan

    The "What IEM thread" to end all "What IEM threads" (BUDGET EDITION)

    As per the title, pick your poison. Would be nice for you to rank them the top 3, with a little description of why you have chosen the particular IEM. List of options as follows; MH1 SHE35xx Monoprice 8320 JVC HA-FX40 XBA-1 VDS1(S) GR99 GR02 BE VC02 R1 M1 M5 Options selected...
  5. darkhorse108

    Seeking the best IEM under $50 for Acoustic, Folk, Jazz and Classical music

    Hey folks,   I'm very new to the world of IEM's - I had a pair of Sennheiser's that I thought were great. They're old now, and missing - so time to upgrade. I listen to mostly warm acoustic music, with vocals... I was pretty much sold on the Soundmagic E10's, then I heard about Vsonic. So...
  6. nightwalkere

    IEM under $75

    Im looking for a new IEM,under $75(USD) , preferably one that is more accurate, rather than bassy, Any suggestions?
  7. duke11235

    ~50 dollar Neutral Monitor IEMs with Good Isolation/Comfort

    I'm looking for a good set of budget IEMs with a tonally balanced, clear, and neutral sound. I'm planning on using these while doing homework, so I need good isolation and comfort. I've read about the ThinkSound MS01, but they are a little bit more than I want to spend. I'm also not planning...
  8. Crystal-Earwax

    Recommendations please: IEM'S between 90 and 130 bucks

    Any recommendations of IEM'S that has detachable cables, comply foam tips, good isolation, good bass but not to much, highs that are clear and don't sound rough. $90 to $130 only please.
  9. inza

    MY GR06 broke, what now?

    Hi, my beloved GR06 broke today after about one year of frequent use. I found out about them here so I thought I'd come back here and ask for advice. The sound in the left earpiece is really really weak. I can only hear it if I listen to only the left earpieace. Is there an easy, qucik way to...
  10. dcsquirrel

    Need a replacement

    So recently my favorite pair of headphones(http://www.amazon.com/V-Moda-CC-FZAU-NERO-gold-plated-Noise-Isolating-Headphones/dp/B004L9DBZ2/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1372458364&sr=1-1&keywords=v-moda+faze) broke after about 1.5 years of having them which was great considering the fact...
  11. slowpickr

    Looking for a Portable Headphone (<$100) with High Level Clarity & Detail

    If a backup singer farts, I want to be able to hear it.  Anything out there under $100 capable?  Need for wide ranging types of music (e.g. classical, country, rock, electronica, etc.).  Thanks!
  12. v2k2apj

    Best In-Ear under $50 (Sound clarity + Bass)

    Hello   I just bought Vsonic VC02 which has good sound clarity but lack big time in Bass.   I was looking for in-ear phone with good sound clarity like VC02 where I can understand wording & also with good bass..I prefer hearing Hip hop :)   Thank you!!
  13. IatomI

    I feel ashamed of making this thread, but i need help.

    Hello guys, i need help.   Now i know that probably 20,000 people asked this same question but What iems should i get for under 50 from amazon (must be amazon)   Now i want to make this more specific, i own ath-m50 and enjoy them but i feel like they are not as warm and mesmerizing is i...
  14. naveen

    I'm confused. Please Suggest an IEM which suits my needs.

    Hi I'm from India. I want to purchase an IEM, but the problem is there are no demo pieces in my city(HYDERABAD) to check which suits me the most. So please give me some suggestions in finding the right IEM. The maximum i can spend is $100.   Based on the following factors can u suggest me...
  15. TwinQY

    The Tip-Rolling/IEM Modification Thread

    Share your various concoctions, modifications, and other sundries that make sticking those things in your ear all the more pleasurable!   Whether it be slicing those silicone tips up into origami, acoustic filters of various colours and composition, or perhaps playing around with vents and the...
  16. Kimx2310

    Astrotec AM-800 a metal and wood IEM

    Just saw these on Lendmeurears and they seem really nice, really beautiful. Can't say i have heard anything from Astrotec but i'm really liking the metal and wood. Also they're only $50!    They're fairly new so couldn't find any mention of them anywhere, if anybody know how they sound...
  17. alexanderbont

    Best in-ear or iem under $50

    I was looking for a pair of in-ear or iem's for under $50 and i also have a fiio e6 i can use with it
  18. thedocdetroit

    Hifiman Re-400 vs VSonic GR02 vs VSonic VC02

    Does anyone know which one sounds he best? Which one has clearer bass? Which one has the better durability for gym usage?
  19. bluenoodle6

    Confusion with entry level vsonics

    Hey guys, new head-fi poster, but have come here for years for headphone recommendations.  I've searched around for an IEM for around 50 USD, give or take, and through these forums found vsonics to be a solid choice. I'm stuck on choosing a model though, because at that price I've seen the...
  20. txstwes

    Budget IEM Help PLZ!

    Hey youll, (need help finding some budget iem's <$100)                     Newbie here and I have a question, if anybody can help it would be greatly appreciated.  So I've read the review of the 200+ Iem's and I am trying to decide between the vsonic VC02's, the GR06's and the Astrotec...
  21. helfos

    What should I choose (VC02 vs GR06)?

    Hello,   first of all - I hope that I am writing into right section (if not i am apologize).   I read a tons of reviews but I cant still decide, what model of in ear headphones should i choose. I want to spend around 65$ (this number is from original price of Vsonic VC02 an GR06 in our...
  22. WickedEars

    Looking for an Etymotic sort of articulation!

    Hi everyone! I've been lurking around here for ages and finally decided to sign-up.   You see, my dear Etymotic HF5 ran away and I've been without portable music for nearly 3 weeks now (sadface). I didn't want to make an impulse buy so I've been biding my time. Now I feel like it's the right...
  23. A

    Choice between Vsonic and JVC for an affordable IEM

    Hi ..   Am thinking of buying a good pair of IEMs. Till now I have narrowed down to the vsonic gr02 BE or JVC HA-FX3X. Basically I am looking for something with good noise cancellation under $60. Other features that I am looking for are: 1. Soundstage (under $60 would be rare but...
  24. pjyi

    vsonic R04 vs. GR06 vs. VC02

    before i make my final decision i was wondering if anyone had a chance to try all of these although i read really good reviews on it, unfortunately i can't afford to buy GR07 :( so my choices narrowed down to these three i listen to all types of music especially male vocal, acoustic...
  25. Paranoidd

    VSonic VC02 vs VSonic GR02 BE

    I've read the 276 multi IEM review, because I needed some new in-ear headphones. I wanted some nice, but not too expensive earphones....   But now, here comes the dilemma...   Should I buy the more bassier and cheaper GR02, or should I buy the a bit expensiver but with less bass VC02's...