1. mglak51jk

    About these crazy new-ish Apple earpods

    I have a maddening love/hate relationship with these things. As ear-buds of course they have zero isolation-which is to be expected, and really doesn't work for living in NYC, yet when it's quiet, i really like them. I can hear details that I can't hear otherwise (even with the Etymotic...
  2. SmettMark

    Which IEM should I get?

    Hi guys, sorry for creating another thread, I changed my mind a bit about my preferences. This is what I'm looking for in the IEM:   -I listen mainly to vocals (mostly male), rock, heavy metal, and some soundtrack.   -I want the IEM to be mid-centric. I want the mids to be lush, thick...
  3. IatomI

    I feel ashamed of making this thread, but i need help.

    Hello guys, i need help.   Now i know that probably 20,000 people asked this same question but What iems should i get for under 50 from amazon (must be amazon)   Now i want to make this more specific, i own ath-m50 and enjoy them but i feel like they are not as warm and mesmerizing is i...
  4. bruisedheart17

    Brainwavz m2 compares with vsonic R04?

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me how Brainwavz m2 compares with vsonic R04? I have brainwavz m2 and love it!! But looking to upgrade. Thanks   Ps: I tried looking everywhere but couldnt find this comparison. Hope you guys can tell me!!
  5. Brainwavz M2 In-Ear Headphones

    Brainwavz M2 In-Ear Headphones

    Introducing the Brainwavz M2, the third Brainwavz to be released by us. The M2 is quite different from the Alpha and the Beta models, the M2 provides a more mature, detailed and refined sound, but above all the sound signature is fun and exciting, two words that will quickly be synonymous with...